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Berry, E. W.
Berry, Edward W.
Berry, Edward Wilber
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Clark, William Bullock (1860-1917))
Geological Survey of Canada
McLearn, F. H. (1885-1964)
McLearn, Frank Harris (1885-1964)
Miller, Benjamin Leroy (1874-1944))
Swartz, Frank M.
Tracy, F. C.
Watson, David Meredith Seares (1886-)
Wheeler, William Morton (1865-1937)
Woodward, Arthur Smith (1864-1944)
Additions to the Wilcox flora from Kentucky and Texas
Contributions to the mesozoic flora of the Atlantic coastal plain
Contributions to the paleobotany of middle and South America
Creation by evolution; a consensus of present-day knowledge as set forth by leading authorities in non-technical language that all may understand
Cretaceous lycopodium, A
eocene flora from transpecos Texas, An
Epidermal characters of frenelopsis ramosissima, The
Erosion intervals in the eocene of the Mississipi embayment. Shorter contribution to general geology, 1915.
flora of Green River age in the Wind River basin of Wyoming., A
flora of the Cheyenne Sandstone of Kansas, The
Flora of the Denver and associated formations of Colorado, by Frank Hall Knowlton. A posthumous work, edited by Edward Wilber Berry, The
flora of the Esmeralda formation in western Nevada, The
flora of the Woodbine Sand at Arthuss bluff, Texas, The
fossil higher plants from the Canal zone., The
fossil palm fruit from the middle Eocene of northwestern Peru, A
Geologic history indicated by the fossiliferous deposits of the wilcon group (eocene) at meridian, Mississipi
Geology of Beaver county, Oklahoma, by Chas. N. Gould and John T. Lonsdale. Fossil leaves from Beaver county, by E. W. Berry.
geology of the Corocoro copper district of Bolivia, The
Jurassic lagoons of Solnhofen, The
late tertiary flora from Bahia, Brazil, A
Limestones and marls of North Carolina
Lower cretaceous species of Schizaeaceae from Eastern North America, A
lower eocene Floras of Southeastern North America, by Edward Wilber Berry, The
lower lance florule from Harding County, South Dakota, A
new type of caddis case from the lower Eocene of Tennessee, A
origin of land plants, The
past climate of the North polar region, The
physical conditions indicated by the flora of the Calvert formation, The
physiography and geology of the coastal plain province of Virginia, The
pleistocene flora from the Island of Trinidad, A
Pleistocene plants from north Carolina
Preliminary contribution to the floras of the withemud and ravenscrag formations, by E. W. Berry, A
Revision of the fossil plants of the genus nageiopsis of Fontaine, A
Tertiary flora from the Rio Pichileufu, Argentina
Tertiary fossil plants from the Republic of Haïti
Tree ancestors : a glimpse into the past
Upper cretaceous floras of the Eastern Gulf region in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia