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Houghwout Jackson, Robert
Jackson, R. H.
Jackson, Robert
Jackson, Robert H.
Jackson, Robert Houghwout
Jackson, Robert Houhgwout
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Jackson, Justice (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
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International Conference on Military Trials (1945 : London, England)
International Conference on Military Trials, London, 1945
International Military Tribunal
Küsel, Herbert
United States. Department of State
United States. Office of Inter-American Affairs
United States. Supreme Court
Willkie, Wendell L. (1892-1944)
Willkie, Wendell Lewis (1892-1944)
America's town meeting of the air.
Anklage Grundlegende Rede, vorgetragen im Namen d. Vereinigten Staaten v. Amerika
case against the Nazi war criminals opening statement for the United States of America by Robert H. Jackson and other documents, The
challenge of international lawlessness, The
[Christmas greetings from Robert H. Jackson]
derecho por encima de las naciones, El
Dispassionate justice; a synthesis of the judicial opinions of Robert H. Jackson
Enjuiciamiento de los criminales de guerrasegunda partepresentacion de la denuncia en nombre de los Estados Unidos de América ante el Tribunal Militar Internacional, Nürnberg, Alemania
Full faith and credit, the lawyer's clause of the Constitution.
Grundlegende Rede vorgetragen im Namen der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika
How can government and business work together?
Ich habe nur noch den Wunsch, Scharfrichter oder Henker zu werden Briefe an Justice Jackson zum Nürnberger Prozess
International Conference on Military Trials
Mr. Justice Jackson: four lectures in his honor
nuremberg trial and aggressive war, the
Nürnberg case as presented by Robert H. Jackson, The : together with other documents
Nürnberger Prozess, Der : die Anklagereden des Hauptanklagevertreters der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, Robert H. Jackson
Nürnberger Prozess die Anklagereden des Hauptanklagevertreters der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, Der
Opening address for the United States.
our constitution
procès de Nuremberg, Le
R.H. Jakuson hōkokusho : 1945-nen 6-gatsu kara 8-gatsu made no Rondon ni Okeru Gunji Saiban ni Kansuru Kokusai Kaigi.
R.H.ジャクソン報告書 : 1945年6月から8月までのロンドンにおける軍事裁判に関する国際会議.
[Recorded portions from the Nuremberg Trial]
Report of Robert H. Jackson, United States Representative to the International Conference on Military Trials, London, 1945. A documentary record of negotiations of the representatives of the United States of America, the Provisional Government of the French Republic, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, culminating in the agreement and charter of the International Military Tribunal.
Robert H. Jackson memorial tribute
Robert Houghwout Jackson papers
Staat und Moral Zum Werden. e. neuen Völkerrechts
Staat und Moral : zum Werden eines neuen Völkerrechts : die drei Anklagereden von R.H. Jackson
struggle for judicial supremacy, The : a study of a crisis in American power politics
Supreme Court in the American system of government, The
That man : an insider's portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Trial of German war criminals. Opening address by Robert H. Jackson ... together with a copy of the Indictment against the said German war criminals ...
Trial of war criminals : Documents
World affairs
world of promises, A