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John Vachon
Vachon, John
Vachon, John (American photographer, 1914-1975)
Vachon, John Felix
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Bauman, Frank
Collier, John (1913-1992)
Lee, Russell (1903-1986)
Orvell, Miles
Rothstein, Arthur (1915-1985)
United States. Farm Security Administration
United States. Office of War Information
United States. Resettlement Administration
Vachon, Ann
Wolcott, Marion Post (1910-1990)
[Aerial view of an outdoor market, Warsaw, Poland]
[African American girl and boy outside a dilapidated cabin in the South]
[African American man talks with two white men, one of whom is a police officer, in the South]
[African American women caring for white children in the South]
[African Americans and segregation in the South]
Ambridge, Pennsylvania. January, 1941. An American steel town
Baltimore, Maryland, 1937-1939
Beaverhead County, Montana. 1942. Haying and cattle breeding
[Billy Graham greeting people at an outdoor market, London, England]
Butte, Montana. 1939-1942. Copper mining and copper mining community
Cavalier County, North Dakota. October, 1940. The Sauer family and their farm
Chicago, Illinois, 1940-1941. Recreational facilities available to Negroes on the South Side
Chicago, Illinois. April-July, 1941
Chicago, Illinois. June-July, 1941. Food distribution
[Crow Indian, kneeling, wearing prayer shawl and holding a feather fan and staff, sings as he shakes a traditional peyote rattle during ceremony; two other young men sit or kneel on either side of him, Crow Indian Reservation, Montana]
Cut-over region in northern Minnesota. 1937-1939. Comprehensive story
[Daniel K. Inouye, senator from Hawaii, half-length portrait, seated office]
Duluth, Minnesota. 1937-1941. Activity in and around Duluth-Superior Harbor
Eastern Venezuela--Mar. 1944--Drilling operations in the San Joaquin field
[Evangelist Billy Graham speaking at religious revival]
Farm Security Administration clients and homesteads, Southern Illinois. 1939-1940. FSA office, home and rehabilitation supervisors for Saline and Crawford Counties
Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information color slides and transparencies collection (Library of Congress)
Farm Security Administration rehabilitation program in Nebraska. 1936-1938
Farms in Wisconsin. 1937-1942. Farms in summer and winter
Forge Project, New Madrid County, Mo. May-Aug., 1938, May 1940. Prefabricated houses built for the U.S. Farm Security Administration ..., La
Forge project, New Madrid County, Mo. May-June, 1938, May, 1940. Remodeling interior of homes, La
Georgetown, Colo. 1939-1942. Allover views of a mining town in the mountains; streets, architectural details
Grand County, Colo. 1941-1942. Ranches in the Colorado River Valley
Greenbelt, Maryland. 1940-1942. Federal Housing project in a planned community
Grundy and other counties, Iowa. Sept.-Nov., 1939 and May, 1940. Farmers' cooperative elevator at Grundy Center
Grundy Center, Iowa. Sept.-Oct., 1939. April, 1940. Life in a small town
Grundy County, Iowa. Sept.-Oct., 1939, April, 1940. Fred Coulter's corn farm
Hobbs, New Mexico. November, 1942. Oil "boom" town
In Harlem, Fifth Avenue becomes a street of tenements, warehouses
Indianapolis, Indiana. 1938-1942. Annual automobile race, Decoration Day, 1938
Irwinville farms, a U.S. Resettlement Administration project, near Irwinville, Ga. 1935-1939. Homes and barns
John Vachon papers
John Vachon's America : photographs and letters from the Depression to the World War II
Kids at a ball game at Briggs Stadium, Detroit, Mich.
Land use projects in Wisconsin. June, 1937, and September, 1939. Planting trees on the Black River Falls project
Lincoln, Neb. 1936-1942
[Man selling cherries at an outdoor stand, Warsaw, Poland]
Marilyn, August 1953 : the lost Look photos by John Vachon
Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1937-1939. Street scenes, principally in the "gateway" district in the vicinity of the railroad station
Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1939-1941. Wholesale district, grain elevators, railroad and coal yards
Mountainous region of Central Colorado, west of Denver. 1941-1942
New Madrid County, Mo., May-Aug., 1938, May, 1940. White and Negro clients, and wives ...
O'Neal and Collier, A Vision Shared (1976)
Oil fields in Southern Illinois. February-May, 1940. Oil boom in White and Marion Counties originally a farming section
Omaha, Nebraska. November, 1938 and September, 1941
[Painted wooden statue depicting an African American man holding a fishing pole]
Photographs of bas-reliefs, 1937-38, by various artists in the employ of the U.S. government
photographs of John Vachon, The
Poland, 1946 ; London, 1995
Poland, 1946 : the photographs and letters of John Vachon
Poland, nineteen forty-six
Reinbeck and Marshalltown, Iowa. Sept., 1939, April, 1940. Processing hybrid seed corn
Rockville, Maryland. September, 1941. Students at the Congressional School of Aeronautics
[Rocky Marciano seated in the corner of a boxing ring]
[Rocky Marciano with medicine ball]
Rosslyn, and other places in Virginia. Sept., 1937. Street scenes, backyards and Negro houses in Rosslyn
Sikeston, Mo., May 1940 Coca-cola strike
St. Louis, Mo. 1936-1940. The old Cathedral
St. Paul, Minnesota. 1937-1939. Terraced part of city on the north bank of the Mississippi River
Tygart Valley homesteads, near Elkins, West Virginia. 1936-1939. A subsistence homestead project of the U.S. Resettlement Administration
Vegas It's a brightly lighted, booming, gambling, marrying-and-divorcing town ..., Las
[Vincent Riccio, social worker with the New York City Youth Board, three-quarter view, standing looking at graffiti (the name of a youth gang, Baltic Dukes) painted on a brick wall]
Wabash farms, Southwestern Indiana. 1938-1940. Wabash farms, a U.S. resettlement Administration project
Washington, D.C. April, 1943. Victory garden sites on Fairlawn Avenue, SE
Washington, D.C. April-November, 1937. Slum area near the U.S. Capitol
Washington, D.C. December, 1941. Christmas rush in the Greyhound bus terminal
Washington, D.C. December, 1942. Theater guild production of The Russian People
Washington, D.C. Feb. 1943. Captain "Eddie" Rickenbacker at a press conference, with officials of the U.S. Office of Education and with high school students
Washington, D.C. July, 1942. Swedish journalists, on tour in the United States, attending Secretary of State Hull's press conference
Western Venezuela, Feb. 1944, Lake Maracaibo shore line
Western Venezuela--Feb. 1944--Pulling out drill pipe--Drilling operations on Lake Maracaibo
[Willie Mays and other New York Giants baseball players riding on a bus; Willie is about to place an autographed baseball and a pen in the hand of an outstretched arm of another passenger]
[Willie Mays and other New York Giants baseball players sitting on a bench in the locker room]
[Willie Mays, half-length portrait, sitting on bench in dugout, facing right, touching chin with left hand, wearing baseball uniform]
[Willie Mays, half-length portrait, sitting on bench in dugout, facing slightly right, wearing baseball uniform]
[Willie Mays, half-length portrait, wearing baseball uniform, standing, facing left, in the New York Giants baseball team locker room]
[Willie Mays talking with another African American baseball player in the New York Giants baseball team locker room]
[Willie Mays, three-quarter length portrait, facing front, wearing baseball uniform, sitting on box with a box of baseballs, in the New York Giants baseball team locker room]
[Willie Mays, wearing baseball uniform, sitting on table in training room the New York Giants baseball team locker room, with his right foot being examined by the trainer as another player looks over the trainer's shoulder]
Wisdom, Montana. Spring-Summer, 1942. Largest town, population 385 in the Big Hole Basin, a trading center in ranching country
[Woman selling produce from her pushcart, Warsaw, Poland]
[Woman with a basket of eggs at a market, Warsaw, Poland]
[Women selling and purchasing clothing at a market, Warsaw, Poland]
[Women selling poultry at a market, Warsaw, Poland]
[Women selling produce at a market, Warsaw, Poland]
[Women selling produce from with a pushcart, Warsaw, Poland]