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H, T.
H, Thomas Hooker
Hooker, Thomas
Hooker, Thomas (Mr)
T. H, Thomas Hooker
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Crooke, Andrew (d. 1674)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Gewin, E.E. (1879-1961)
Gewin, Everard Egidius (1879-1961)
Haviland, John (fl. 1613-1638)
Hiddingh, Hendrik (17e E.)
Koelman, Jacobus (1631-1695)
Trumbull, J. Hammond (1821-1897)
Trumbull, James Hammond (1821-1897)
Williams, George Huntston (1914-)
Young, Robert -1643
Zwaag, W. van der (1926-2014)
Zwaag, Wieger (1926-2014)
Abstracts of two sermons
Application of redemption by the effectual work of the word, and spirit of christ, for the bringing home of lost sinners to god
application of redemption,...the first eight books..., The
arme twijfelende christen genadert tot Christus
Christians two chiefe lessons, viz. selfe-deniall and selfe-tryall
comment upon Christ's last prayer in the seventeenth of John, A : wherein is opened the union beleevers have with God and Christ, and the glorious priviledges thereof ...
Covenant of grace opened wherein these particulars are handled; viz. 1. what the covenant of grace is, 2. what the seales of the covenant are, 3. who are the parties and subjects fit to receive these seals. from all which particulars infants baptisme is fully proved and vindicated. being severall sermons preached at hartford in new-england
Danger of desertion: or a farvvell sermon of mr. thomas hooker sometimes minister of gods word at chainsford in essex; but now of new england
Descendants of Rev. Thomas Hooker, Hartford, Connecticut, 1586-1908, The
Poor doubting christian drawn to christ wherein the main lets and hindrances, which keep men from coming to christ, are discovered. with special helps to recover god's favour. by thomas hooker
Redemption: three sermons, 1637-1656; facsimile reproductions.
sober reply to the sober answer of Reverend Mr. Cawdrey ... 1653:, A
Soules humiliation
Soules implantation into the naturall olive
Soules ingrafting into christ
Soules preparation for Christ
Souls preparation for christ, or a treatise of contrition wherein is discovered how god breaks the heart and wounds the soul in the conversion of a sinner to himself
Sovles exaltation. a treatise containing the soules vnion with christ, on i cor. 6.17. the soules benefit from vnion with christ, on i cor. 1.30. the soules justification, on 2 cor. 5.21
Sovles ingrafting into christ
Survey of the summe of church-discipline wherein the way of the churches of new-england is warranted out of the word, and all exceptions of weight which are made against it, answered : whereby also it will appear to the judicious reader that something more must be said then yet hath been, before their principles can be shaken, or they should be unsetled in their practice
Twee uitmuntende praktikale tractaten
ware zielsvernedering en heilzame wanhoop, De
Works. Dutch. Selection
Writings in England and Holland, 1626-1633