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Colbert, E. H.
Colbert, Edward H.
Colbert, Edwin H.
Colbert, Edwin Harris
Colbert, Ned
Harris Colbert, Edwin
コルバート, E. H
コルバート, エドウィン・H
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American Museum of Natural History
Columbia University
Heberer, Gerhard (1901-1973)
Kay, Marshall
Kitching, James William
Morales, Michael
Obata, Ikuo (1929-)
Tasumi, Motoo (1934-)
VanderHoof, Vertress Lawrence (1904-)
亀山, 竜樹 (1922-1980)
小畠, 郁生 (1929-)
田隅, 本生 (1934-)
Age of reptiles, The
ancestral crocodilian Protosuchus, The
Animals on the march
Aspects of vertebrate history : essays in honor of Edwin Harris Colbert
Carnivora of the tung gur formation of Mongolia
Climate and evolution
Colbert's Evolution of the vertebrates a history of the backboned animals through time
Digging for dinosaurs
Digging into the past : an autobiography
dinosaur book, The : the ruling reptiles and their relatives
dinosaur world, The
Dinosaurs, an illustrated history
Dinosaurs : their discovery and their world
Distributional and phylogenetic studies of Indian fossil mammals
Edwin H. Colbert, fossil hunter, c1988
Evolution der Wirbeltiere, Die : eine Geschichte der Wirbeltiere durch die Zeiten
Evolution der Wirbeltiere Eine Geschichte d. Wirbeltiere durch d. Zeiten, Die
Evolution of the vertebrates. 4th ed.
Evolution of the vertebrates : a history of the backboned animals throuhg time
evolution of the vertebrates|colbert's evolution of the vertebrates: a history of the backboned animals through time
fossil-hunter's notebook, A : my life with dinosaurs and other friends
Fossils of the Connecticut Valley; the age of dinosaurs begins
Getting acquainted with science
great dinosaur hunters and their discoveries, The
Hypsognathus a triassic reptile from New Jersey
Korubāto sekitsui dōbutsu no shinka
Kyōryū no hakken
Kyōryū wa dō kurashiteitaka
Labyrinthodont amphibians from Antarctica
little dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch, The
Lystrosaurus from Antarctica
mammal-like reptile Lycaenops, The
mastodont tooth from Szechwan, China, A
Men and dinosaurs; the search in field and laboratory
Millions of years ago : prehistoric life in North America
Miocene vertebrates from Florida. Miocene land mammals from Florida
New adaptations of Triassic reptiles, 1967
new and unusual aquatic reptile from the Lockatong Formation of New Jersey (Late Triassic, Newark Supergroup), A
new fossil whale from the Miocene of Peru, A
origin of the dog; wild dogs and tame, past and present, The
origin of the earth
outline of vertebrate evolution, An
Petrified Forest through the ages, The : 75th anniversary symposium, November 7, 1981
Pleistocene geology and early man in Java
Pleistocene mammals from the limestone fissures of Szechwan, China
Pleistocene vertebrates and mollusks of the region
primitive ornithischian dinosaur from the Kayenta Formation of Arizona, A
principles of classification and a classification of mammals, The
pseudosuchian reptile from Arizona, A
Research on early man in Burma
Samayoeru tairiku to dōbutsutachi
Scaloposaurian reptiles from the Triassic of Antarctica, 1981
Sebecus, representative of a peculiar suborder of fossil Crocodilia from Patagonia
Sebecus representative of a peculiar subordes of fossil crocodilia from Patagonia
Sekitsui dōbutsu no shinka
Siwalik mammals in the American Museum of natural history
Stratigraphy and life history
Studies of Cenozoic vertebrates of western North America ...
Studies of the phytosaurs machaeroprosopus and rutiodon
study of Orycteropus gaudryi from the Island of Samos, A
Temperature tolerances in the American alligator and their bearing on the habits evolution and extinction of the dinosaurs
Triassic cynodont reptiles from Antarctica
Triassic dinosaur Coelophysis, The
triassic gliding reptile Icarosaurus, The
Triassic metoposaurid amphibians
Triassic reptile, Poposaurus., The
Triassic reptile Procolophon in Antarctica, The
Wandering lands and animals : the story of continental drift and animal populations
William Diller Matthew, paleontologist. Edwin H. Colbert.
William Diller Matthew paleontologist the splendid drama observed
world of dinosaurs., The
year of the dinosaur, The
さまよえる大陸と動物たち : 絶滅した恐龍たちの叙事詩
恐竜の発見 : よみがえる前世紀動物
"American museum novitates, numbers 796, 797, 798, 799, 800."
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Columbia University, 1935