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Glenn Hubbard, R.
Hubbard, Glenn
Hubbard, Glenn ((economist))
Hubbard, Glenn P.
Hubbard, R. G.
Hubbard, R. Glenn
Hubbard, R. Glenn P.
Hubbard, Robert
Hubbard, Robert Glenn
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Altshuler, Rosanne
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Calomiris, Charles W
Calomiris, Charles W.
Cogan, John F.
Cohen, Darrel
Columbia University / Graduate School of Business
Cummins, J.G.
Cummins, Jason G.
Devereux, Michael P
Devereux, Michael P.
Domowitz, Ian
Economides, N.
Economides, Nicholas
Engen, Eric M.
Fazzari, Steven
Fazzari, Steven M
Fazzari, Steven M.
Gentry, William M.
Gertler, Mark
Gertler, Mark L.
Glenn Hubbard, R.
Harris, T.S.
Harris, Trevor S.
Harvard University
Hassett, K.A.
Hassett, Kevin
Hassett, Kevin A
Hassett, Kevin A.
Himmelberg, C.P.
Himmelberg, Charles P.
Hubbard, Glenn R.
Hubbard, R Glenn
Hubbard, R. Glen
Hubbard, R. Glenn
Hubbard, R.G.
Hubbard, Robert Glenn
James R. Hines, Jr
Judd, Kenneth L
Judd, Kenneth L.
Kane, Tim
Kashyap, Anil
Kashyap, Anil K
Kashyap, Anil K.
Kemsley, D.
Kemsley, Deen
Kessler, Daniel P.
Kuttner, Kenneth N
Kuttner, Kenneth N.
Love, Inessa
National Bureau of Economic Research
National bureau of economic research Etats-Unis
Northwestern University Affiliation (see also from)
O'Brien, Anthony Patrick
Palia, D.
Palia, Darius
Palia, Darius N
Palia, Darius N.
Petersen, Bruce C
Petersen, Bruce C.
Reiss, Peter C.
Simon & Schuster
Skinner, J.
Skinner, Jonathan
Skinner, Jonathan S.
Slemrod, Joel
Stock, James H.
Weiner, R.J.
Weiner, Robert J
Weiner, Robert J.
Whited, Toni M
Whited, Toni M.
Zeldes, S.P.
Zeldes, Stephen P
Zeldes, Stephen P.
aid trap, The : hard truths about ending poverty
Are investment incentives blunted by changes in prices of capital goods?
Are there "bank effects" in borrowers' costs of funds? evidence from a matched sample of borrowers and banks
Assessing the effectiveness of saving incentives
Asymmetric information, corporate finance, and investment
Balance : the economics of great powers from ancient Rome to modern America
Benefits of control, managerial ownership, and the stock returns of acquiring firms
Business Cycles and Oligopoly Supergames: Some Empirical Evidence on Prices and Margins
Capital-market imperfections and investment
Coming home to America : dividend repatriations by U.S. multinationals
Competition in the mutual fund industry evidence and implications for policy
Contracting and Price Adjustment in Commodity Markets: Evidence from Copper and Oil.
Corporate financial policy, taxation, and macroeconomic risk
Corporate payouts and the tax price of corporate retentions : evidence from the undistributed profits tax of 1936-1938
Corporate Tax Integration : A View from the Treasury Departmen
Corporate Tax Integration: A View from the Treasury Department
Distributional implications of introducing a broad-based consumption tax
effect of medicare coverage for the disabled on the market for private insurance, The
effect of tax preferences on health spending, The
effect of the tax reform act of 1986 on the location of assets in financial services firms, The
effects of progressive income taxation on job turnover, The
effects of taxation on multinational corporations, The
Efficient contracting and market power : evidence from the U.S. natural gas industry
Entrepreneurship and household saving
Essentials for economics
Essentials of economics
Evaluating effects of tax preferences on health care spending and federal revenues
Executive pay and performance : evidence from the U.S. banking industry
Expanding the Life-Cycle Model: Precautionary Saving and Public Policy.
Federal government debt and interest rates
Federal government debts and interest rates
finan. impacts of social security, 1983?:, The
Financial factors in business fluctuations
financial impacts of social security, The : a study of effects on household wealth accumulation and allocation
Financial markets and financial crises
Financing constraints and corporate investment response to Kaplan and Zingales
Finite lifetimes, borrowing constraints, and short-run fiscal policy
Firm Heterogeneity, Internal Finance, and `Credit Rationing'
Firm Heterogeneity, Internal Finance, and 'Credit Rationing.'.
Fundamental tax reform and corporate finance
Fundamental tax reform and corporate financial policy
Globalization and global disinflation : commentary
Growing in Debt: The 'Farm Crisis' and Public Policy
Healthy, wealthy, and wise : 5 steps to a better health care system
How Different Are Income and Consumption Taxes?
importance of precautionary motives in explaining individual and aggregate saving, The
Inequality and tax policy
Inflation and the user cost of capital : does inflation still matter?
Interest rate spreads, credit constraints, and investment fluctuations : an empirical investigation
Internal finance and firm investment
Internal finance and investment: evidence from the undistributed profits tax of 1936-1937
Internal Finance and Investment: Evidence from the Undistributed Profits Tax of 1936-37.
Internal net worth and the investment process : an application to U.S. agriculture
International adjustment under the classical gold standard : evidence for the U.S. and Britain, 1879-1914
International Finance and Firm Investment.
International Stockpiling Agreements as Responses to Commodity Shocks
Intertemporal Stability of the Concentration-Margins Relationship., The
Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivities Are Useful: A Comment On Kaplan And Zingales
Investment, Financing Decisions, and Tax Policy.
Investment under Uncertainty: Keeping One's Options Open
Investor protection, ownership, and the cost of capital
Is There a `Credit Channel' for Monetary Policy?
Is there a 'credit channel' for monetary policy?
Long-Term Contracting And "Multiple-Price" Systems Theory and Application to the Copper Market.
magic mountain, The : a guide to defining and using a budget surplus
Market Structure and Cyclical Fluctuations in U.S. Manufacturing: Reply.
Money, banking, and the financial system
Money, the financial system, and the economy
mutual fund industry, The : competition and investor welfare
Natural Gas Contracts in a Deregulated Market: Evidence from the United States.
Nominal Contracting and Price Flexibility in Product Markets
Oligopoly Supergames: Some Empirical Evidence on Prices and Margins.
Pension Wealth and Individual Saving: Some New Evidence.
Personal Taxation, Pension Wealth, and Portfolio Composition.
Political Economy of Branching Restrictions and Deposit Insurance: A Model of Monopolistic Competition among Small and Large Banks., The
political economy of branching restrictions and deposit insurance, The : a model of monopolistic competition among small and large banks
Precautionary saving and social insurance
'Precautionary' Saving Revisited: Social Security, Individual Welfare, and the Capital Stock
Price Flexibility, Credit Availability, and Economic Fluctuations: Evidence from the United States, 1894-1909.
Price Flexibility, Credit Rationing, and Economic Fluctuations: Evidence from the U.S., 1879-1914
re-examination of the conglomerate merger wave in the 1960s, A : an internal capital markets view
Re-Examination of the Conglomerate Merger Wave in the 1960s: An Internal Capital Markets View, A
Regulation and Long-term Contracting in U.S. Natural Gas Markets.
'robert glenn hubbard
Seeds of destruction : why the path to economic ruin runs through Washington, and how to reclaim American prosperity
share price effects of dividend taxes and tax imputation credits, The
Social Security and Household Portfolio Allocation
Social Security and Individual Welfare: Precautionary Saving, Borrowing Constraints, and the Payroll Tax.
Social Security and Individual Welfare: Precautionary Saving, LiquidityConstraints, and the Payroll Tax
Studies in international taxation
Studyguide for Essentials of economics by R. Glenn Hubbard : study guide
"Success taxes," entrepreneurial entry, and innovation
Supply Shocks and Price Adjustment in the World Oil Market.
Tax Policy and Entrepreneurial Entry
Tax policy and investment
Tax reforms and investment a cross-country comparison
Tax Sensitivity of Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Firm-Level Panel Data, The
tax sensitivity of foreign direct investment, The : evidence from firm-level panel data
Taxation, corporate capital structure and financial distress
Taxing multinational corporations
Taxing multinationals
Three essays on government debt and asset markets
Transition costs of fundamental tax reform
Uncertain Lifetimes, Pensions, and Individual Saving
Uncertain Lifetimes, Social Security, and Individual Saving
Understanding the determinants of managerial ownership and the link between ownership and performance
Understanding the Determinants of Mangerial Ownership and the Link Between Ownership and Performance
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1983