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Clayson, Alan
クレイソン, アラン
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Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
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Hendrix, Jimi (1942-1970)
Koshitani, Masayoshi (1950-)
Leigh, Spencer (1945-)
Ootaguro, Tomoyuki
Pan Books
Quinn, Paul
Ryan, Jacqueline (1947-)
Sutcliffe, Pauline
大田黒, 奉之
藤本, 眠魚
越谷, 政義 (1950-)
American version of dave dee (5 min 56 s), The
Aspects of Elvis : tryin' to get to you
At the end of his tether (6 min 13 s)
Back in the high life : a biography of Steve Winwood
Backbeat : Stuart Sutcliffe : the lost Beatle
Beat merchants, 1996:
Beat merchants : the origins, history, impact, and rock legacy of the 1960's British pop groups
Beat merchants : the origins, history, impact and rock legacy of the 1980's british pop groups
Beggars banquet
beste van de rock, Het
Bright lights (4 min 48 s)
building-up and the winding down (5 min 31 s), The
Built in a wilderness and designed to dazzle' (5 min 28 s), '
Call up the groups! 1985:
Call up the groups! : the golden age of British beat, 1962-1967
Call up the groups! : the golden age of British beat 1962-67
CD guides:rock.
Charlie Watts
Christmas on earth continued (7 min 53 s)
crowd ranging from frightened grannies to wailing babes-in-arms (4 min 03 s), A
Death discs : ashes to smashes : an account of fatality in the popular song
Edgard Varèse
exotic bird of paradise in crushed velvet plumage (7 min 17 s), An
Flight to London' (2 min 31 s), '
Fretboard fireworks (4 min 01 s)
fusion of industrial pragmatism with fertile imagination (5 min 25 s), A
Gaining the experiences (5 min 41 s)
George Harrison : 1943-2001
Girls were throwing themselves at him like there was no tomorrow (12 min 18 s)
Going off the wall (6 min 19 s)
Hamburg : the cradle of British rock
He looked as if he'd never make it onto the stage (3 min 49 s)
He would describe the sound in colors (6 min 22 s)
Its just the way it is (8 min 19 s)
Jacques Brel : la vie bohème
Jimi Hendrix as it happened classic interviews with both Hendrix himself and those close to him
Jimmie james the blue flames (5 min 07 s)
John Lennon
Jōji harisun : Utsukushiki jinsei
Just so far out, man (11 min 26 s)
Keith Richards.
Kīsu richāzu no furyō tetsugaku : Naze rōringu sutōnzu wa kaisanshinainoka
little box of Beatles:George Harrison.
little box of Beatles:John Lennon.
little box of Beatles:Paul McCartney.
little box of Beatles:Ringo Starr.
Making music into religion (10 min 58 s)
Maurice jones (6 min 31 s)
Mick Jagger.
Mikku jagā no seikō tetsugaku : Sekkusu bijinesu & rokkunrōru
most alone feeling in the world (5 min 31 s), The
most exciting performer I ever heard (5 min 07 s), The
most talented act since the Rolling stones (5 min 39 s), The
Only the lonely : Roy Orbison's life and legacy
Only the lonely : the life and artistic legacy of Roy Orbison
ono yōko to iu ikikata woman
Ono yōko to yū ikikata woman
Paul McCartney
quiet one.
Ringo Star : straight man or joker?
Ringo Starr : straight man or joker?
Ringo sutā
Rolling Stones album file & complete discography, The
Rolling Stones, The : Beggars banquet
Seruju gensubūru seiai no kamen
Sky church music (5 min 05 s)
Something heavy had happened (11 min 56 s)
things I used to do (3 min 45 s), The
Troggs files, The : rock's wild things
View from the exterior.
walrus was Ringo, The : 101 Beatles myths debunked
wasp in his pants (7 min 32 s), A
Weird in ovations (3 min 23 s)
What a gas, just blowing, blowing, blowing... (10 min 24 s)
Yādobāzu : Densetsu o koeta densetsu
Yardbirds, The : the band that launched Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page
young man who could make a profound impression (3 min 54 s), A
young satchmo with sharp fangs and a phallic axe (4 min 23 s), A
キース・リチャーズの不良哲学 : なぜローリング・ストーンズは解散しないのか
ジョージ・ハリスン : 美しき人生
ミック・ジャガーの成功哲学 : セックス、ビジネス&ロックンロール
ヤードバーズ : 伝說を超えた伝說
リンゴ・スター : 遅れてきたビートル