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Hall, M. P.
Hall, Manly
Hall, Manly P.
Hall, Manly Palmer
Холла, Мэнли П
ホール, マンリー・P
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Language material
Nonmusical sound recording
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writer of accompanying material
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Hitchcock, Ethan Allen (1798-1870)
Knapp, J. Augustus
Philosophical Research Society
Saint-Germain, .. (comte de, ca 1707-1784?)
Sánchez, Jorge A.
Shaughnesy, Tim
Taylor, Thomas (1758-1835)
Troyes, France. Bibliothèque municipale. Mss. [from old catalog]
Yoshimura, Masakazu (1947-)
大沼, 忠弘 (1940-)
Adepts in the Eastern esoteric tradition
Astrological keywords
Buddhism and psychotherapy
Codex Rosae Crucis : a rare and curious manuscript of Rosicrucian interest, now published for the first time in its original form
Collected writings of Manly P. Hall.
D.O.M.A. manuscript
Encyclopedic outline of masonic, hermetic, qabbalistic, and rosicrucian symbolical philosophy being an interpretation of the secret teachings concealed within the rituals, allegories and mysteries of all ages
From a philosopher's scrapbook
Furīmēson no ushinawareta kagi
Great books on religion and esoteric philosophy
Growing up with grandmother
guru, by his disciple; the way of the East, The
Healing, the divine art
How to understand your Bible
initiates of the flame, The
Journey in truth
Lectures on ancient philosophy : an introduction to practical ideals
little world of PRS, The : a field tour of the Philosophical Research Society
Lost Keys of Freemasonry
Magic; a treatise on natural occultism.
Mahamaya, the mother of Buddha
Man the grand symbol of the mysteries
Melchizedek and the mystery of fire; a treatise in three parts
most holy trinosophia of the comte de St.-Germain, The
music of the comte de St. Germain, The : the favorite songs from the opera called L'incostanza delusa, to which is added Six sonatas for two violins with a bass for the harpsichord or violoncello
mysteries of Asia; the wonders of the golden dragon, the land of the living saints, the secrets of the Gobi desert, the sorcery of Tibet, the astronomer's city, the towers of silence, magic and sorcery of the Far East, The
Mystical christ; religion as a personal spiritual experience
Noble eightfold path
Nueva Atlántida
Of the thema mundi
On the eternity of the world
On the nature of the universe
Paracelsus, his mystical and medical philosophy
Philosophy of astrology
Philosophy of music.
Philosophy, religion, science journal
Phoenix an illustrated review of occultism and philosophy
Physica, metaphysica et hyperphysica
PRS journal.
Reincarnation; the cycle of necessity
Rosicrucians and magister Christoph Schlegel, The : hermetic roots of America
sacred magic of the Qabbalah, The : the science of the divine names
Search for reality
Secret destiny of america
Select theorems on the perpetuity of time
Self-unfoldment by disciplines of realization; releasing and developing the inward perceptions; practical instruction in the philosophy of disciplined thinking and feeling
Shōchō tetsugaku taikei.
Short talks on many subjects
Sketch for the history of the Dionysian artificers
space-born, The
stille weg, De
Story of astrology; the belief in the stars as a factor in human progress
story of Christmas., The
Studies in character analysis : phrenology, palmistry, physiognomy, graphology, Oriental character analysis
Studies in dream symbolism
symboliek van het menselijk lichaam, De
Talks to students on occult philosophy
theoretic arithmetic of the Pythagoreans, The
Très sainte trinosophie.
Twaalf wereldleraren
Twelve world teachers a summary of their lives and teachings
Unseen forces
Venerated teachers of the Jains, Sikhs, and Parsis
Very sincerely yours, Manly P. Hall; a collection of personal letters to students.
way of heaven, and other fantasies told in the manner of the Chinese. Illus. by K. Alexander., The
Ways of the lonely ones a collection of mystical allegories
ways of the lonely ones, when the sons of compassion speak, The
What the ancient wisdom expects of its disciples; a study concerning the mystery schools
wisdom of the knowing ones, The : Gnosticism, the key to esoteric Christianity
Words to the wise; a practical guide to the esoteric sciences
Энциклопедическое изложение масонской, герметической, каббалистической и розенкрейцеровской символической философии, 1992: