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Srinivasan, T.
Srinivasan, T. N.
Srinivasan, Thirukodikaval N.
Srinivasan, Thirukodikaval Nilakanta
Thirukodikaval N. Srinivasan
Thirukodikaval Nilakanta Srinivasan
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Park, Samuel C. (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
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Archana, Vani
Bardhan, P K
Bell, Clive
Bhagwati, J.
Bhagwati, J. N.
Bhagwati, Jagdish
Bhagwati, Jagdish N
Bhagwati, Jagdish N.
Bhagwati, Jagdish N. (1934-)
Braverman, Avishay
Brecher, Richard A.
Brown, Donald J.
Buiter, Willem
Buiter, Willem H.
Dawkins, Christina
Desai, Ashok
Dinopoulos, Elias
Frankena, Mark
H. Wan, Jr
Kletzer, K.
Kletzer, Kenneth
Konno, Hiroshi
Levhari, David
Levy, Philip I
Manne, Alan S.
Mercenier, J.
Mercenier, Jean
Narayana, N. S. S.
Panagariya, Arvind
Panchamuki, V. R.
Parikh, K. S.
Parikh, Kirit
Parikh, Kirit S.
Quibria, M.G
Ramaswami, V K
Ramaswami, V. K.
Ranis, Gustav
Raut, L K
Raut, L.
Raut, L.K.
Robinson, J.A.
Robinson, James A.
Sah, Raaj Kumar
Schultz, T.P.
Singh, Nirvikar
South Asian Studies Council (Yale University)
Srinivasan, T-N
Srinivasan, T. N.
Stanford Research Institute International Development Center Affiliation (see also from)
Sung Yun-Wing
T.N, Srinivasan
Tendulkar, Suresh D.
Udry, Christopher
Université de Montréal. Centre de recherche et développement en économique
Wallack, Jessica Seddon
Wan, Henry Y Jr
Whalley, John
Yale University / Economics Department / Economic Growth Center
Yale University Affiliation (see also from)
Yale University. Economic Growth Center
Advances in econometrics and quantitative economics : essays in honor of Professor C.R. Rao
Agrarian reforms in developing rural economies characterized by interlinked credit and tenancy markets
Agricultural Backwardness under Semi-Feudalism-Comment.
Agriculture and trade in China and India. Executive summary : policies and peformance since 1950
Agriculture and trade in China and India : policies and performance since 1950
Agriculture, growth, and redistribution of income : policy analysis with a general equilibrium model of India
Alternative Fiscal Policies for Targeted Growth
Alternative policy rankings in a large, open economy with sector-specific, minimum wages
Appendix A: Definition of Concepts and Delineation of Phases
Appendix B: Indian Terms and Units
Appendix C: Abbreviations Frequently Used
Applied general equilibrium and economic development : present achievements and future trends
Approximations to Finite Sample Moments of Estimators Whose Exact Sampling Distributions are Unknown.
As the Century Turns: Analytics, Empirics and Politics of Development
bhagwati jagdish n india
bhagwati jagdish n lectures on international trade
China and India: economic performance, competition and cooperation: an update
Comments on "From 'Hindu Growth' to Productivity Surge: The Mystery of the Indian Growth Transition"
Comments on Hsiao and Hsiao: "The Chaotic Attractor of Foreign Direct Investment--Why China? A Panel Data Analysis"
Comments on "Shadow Pricing and Macroeconomic Analysis. Some lllustrations from Pakistan"1 by Squire et al.
common external tariff of a customs union: Alternative approaches, The
Common External Tariff of a Customs Union, The : Alternative Approaches
Concluding Remarks
Costs and Benefits of Being a Small, Remote, Island, Landlocked, or Ministate Economy., The
Costs of Hesitant and Reluctant Globalization: India, The
Credit and sharecropping in agrarian societies
Cropsharing Tenancy in Agriculture: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis.
Cropsharing Tenancy in Agriculture: Rejoinder.
Data base for development analysis Data base for development analysis: An overview
Destitution: A Discourse
Determinants of Export Decision of Indian Firms: A Primary Data Analysis
Devaluation, the Price Level and Economic Activity
Developing Countries and the Multilateral Trading System after Doha
Developing countries and the multilateral trading system : from the GATT to the Uruguay Round and the future
Developing Countries in the World Trading System : From GATT, 1947, to the Third Ministerial Meeting of WTO, 1999
Development, duality, and the international economic regime : essays in honor of Gustav Ranis
Development, Poverty, and Basic Human Needs: Some Issues
Dimensions of the Liberalization Episode, The
Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the WTO: A Brief History and an Evaluation from Economic, Contractarian and Legal Perspectives, The
Distributional consequences of rural food levy and subsidized urban rations
Domestic Distortions, Tariffs, and the Theory of Optimum Subsidy: Some Further Results.
Domestic Resource Costs, Effective Rates of Protection, and Project Analysis in Tariff-Distorted Economies.
DUP activities and economic theory
Durability of Consumption Goods: Competition Versus Monopoly.
Dynamics of Endogenous Growth.
Economic analysis of the Soviet-type system. : (ed.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1976. vii + 372 pp., author & subject indexes, Cloth, $37.50
Economic liberalization and economic development: India
Economic liberalization in China and India: Issues and an analytical framework
Economic policy and state intervention : selected papers of T.N. Srinivasan
Editors' foreword
Editors' note
Education in a `job ladder' model and the fairness-in-hiring rule
Education in a 'Job Ladder' Model and the Fairness-in-Hiring Rule
Eight lectures on India's economic reforms
Employment and India's development and reforms
Endogenous Fertility, Technical Change and Growth in a Model of Overlappin Generations.
Evaluation of Projects at World Prices under Trade Distortions: Quantitative Restrictions, Monopoly Power in Trade and Nontraded Goods., The
Export Policy and Economic Performance
Export Policy and Performance, 1951-66
Exports of manufactures from developing countries : William R. Cline, (Brookings Institution, Washington D.C., 1984) pp. xv+229
External evaluation of IMF economic research activities : report
External Sector in Development: China and India, 1950-89.
Federalism and economic development in India: An assessment
Federalism and economic reform international perspectives
Fiscal Policy in India: Lessons and Priorities
Food aid : a cause, or symptom, of development failure, or an instrument for success?
Food Aid During Conflict: Discussion
Foreign Capital, Inflation, Sterilization, Crowding-Out and Growth: Some Illustrative Models
Foreign Trade Regimes and Economic Development: India
Frontiers in applied general equilibrium modeling
future of secularism, The
Gains from Trade Liberalization, The
general equilibrium theory of effective protection and resource allocation, The
General equilibrium theory, project evaluation, and economic development
General equilibrium trade policy modeling
Global exchange and poverty : trade, investment and migration
Global trading system, the WTO, and the developing countries
Globalization, Growth, and the Poor
Growth, sustainability, and India's Economic Reforms
handbook of development economics 1991
Human Development : A New Paradigm or Reinvention of the Wheel?
Import Control Policy: Criteria for Allocation and Effects
Income Distribution and the Macroeconomy: Some Conceptual and Measurement Issues
India in the global and regional trade : determinants of aggregate and bilateral trade flows and firms' decision to export
India in the Global and Regional Trade - Determinants of Aggregate and Bilateral Trade Flows and Firms’ Decision to Export
India in the Global and Regional Trade: Determinants of Aggregate and Bilateral Trade Flows and Firms’ Decision to Export
India's economic growth and global integration : experience since reforms and future challenges
India's Reform of External Sector Policies and Future Multilateral Trade Negotiations
india ww 1979 80
Indian agricultural policy: An applied general equilibrium model
Indian Federalism, Economic Reform and Globalization
Inequality in the Distribution of Personal Income in the World: How it is Changing and Why.
Interlinked Transactions in Rural Markets: An Empirical Study of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Punjab.
International factor movements, commodity trade and commercial policy in a specific factor model
International trade and development theory, Columbia studies in economics : Ronald E. Findlay, 7 (Columbia University Press, New York and London, 1973). pp. x+230
International Trade and Factor Movements in Development Theory, Policy, and Experience
Introduction to Applied general equilibrium analysis and economic development, Jean Mercenier and T.N. Srinivasan (eds.), the University of Michigan Press (forthcoming)
Introduction to : Applied General Equilibrium Analysis and Economic Development; Jean Mercenier et T.N. Srinivasa (eds.) the University of Michigan Press (Forthcoming).
Investment Criteria and Choice of Techniques of Production
Investment, Innovation and Growth
Issues Relating to the Growth Effects ol India's Foreign Trade Regime
Lectures on International Trade, 2nd Edition
Liberalization and Export Performance
Liberalization Efforts Prior to 1966
Liberalization Episode: Evaluation and Lessons, The
Long-Run Growth Theories and Empirics: Anything New?
Long-term consequences of population growth: Technological change, natural resources, and the environment
Malnutrition, some measurement and policy issues
Muddles over Outsourcing, The
Net vs. Gross Devaluation in June 1966
Nondiscrimination in GATT/WTO: was there anything to begin with and is there anything left?
Nuclear reactor strategies : Sensitivity analysis of the Hafele -- Manne model
On a Two Sector Model of Growth
On Inferring Resource-Allocational Implications Feom DRC Calculations in Trade-Distorted Open Economics
On Reanalyzing the Harris-Todaro Model: Policy Rankings in the case of Sector-Specific Sticky Wages
On the choice between capital and labour mobility
On the uses and abuses of economy-wide models in development policy analysis
On transfer paradoxes and immiserizing growth: Part I : Comment
On transfer paradoxes and immiserizing growth : Part II
Optimal Intervention to Acheive Non-Economic Objectives.
Optimal Savings under Uncertainty.
Optimal Subsidies and Taxes When Some Factors Are Traded
Optimal Trade Policy and Compensation Under Endogenous Uncertainty: The Phenomenom of Market Disruption
Optimal trade policy and compensation under endogenous uncertainty: The phenomenon of market disruption
Outward-Orientation and Development: Are Revisionist Right?
Outward-Orientation and Development: Are Revisionists Right
Overview: 1950-70, An
political economy of trade, finance, and development, The : selected essays of T.N. Srinivasan
Political Response to the Devaluation, The
Population growth and economic development
Post-Uruguay Round Issues for Asian Developing Countries
Poverty and undernutrition in South Asia
Price Normalization and Equilibria in General Equilibrium Models of International Trade Under Imperfect Competition.
Privatisation, Regulation, and Competition in South Asia
Productivity and Economic Growth in South Asia and China
Quid pro quo foreign investment and welfare : A political-economy-theoretic model
Ranking of Policy Interventions Under Factor Market Imperfections: The Case of Sector-Specific Sticky Wages and Unemployment, The
Rationing, Spillover, and Interlinking in Credit Markets: The Case of Rural Punjab.
Recent Theories of Imperfect Competition and International Trade: Any Implications for Development Strategy?
Regionalism and the (Dis)advantage of Dispute-Settlement Access.
Regionalism and the World Trade Organization : Is Non-Discrimination Passe?
Reintegrating India with the world economy
Rejoinder, A
Revenue Seeking: A Generalization of the Theory of Tariffs-A Correction.
Revival and Expansion of Export Subsidies during 1966-70
Rewarding the profligate and punishing the prudent and poor: Some recent proposals for debt relief
Rural poverty in South Asia
Rural works programs in India: Costs and benefits
Saving among Young Households. Evidence from Japan and Italy: Comment.
Savings and the Foreign Trade Regime
scheduling the operations of bhakra system
Shadow Prices for Project Selection in the Presence of Distortions: Effective Rates of Protection and Domestic Resource Costs.
Smuggling and trade policy
Some thoughts on the Brady plan: Putting a fourth leg on the donkey?
Srinivasan Comments on Nordhaus
Static Allocational and Efficiency Impact on Growth
Strengthening the international financial architecture
Studies in development planning : Hollis B. Chenery et al., eds., (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1971, ix + 422 pp.)
Tax evasion: A model
Technological Progress, Factor Endowments and Structural Change:A Note
Theories of Long-Run Growth: Old and New.
Theory of Effective Protection and Resource Allocation, The
theory of wage differentials: Production response and factor price equalisation, The
Theory of Wage Differentials: Production Response and Factor Price Equalization, The
Toward WTO 2000: a Seattle odyssey; commentary
Trade and development: essays in economics;
Trade and Human Rights
Trade and Poverty in the Poor Countries
Trade, finance, and investment in South Asia
Trade, growth, and development : essays in honor of Professor T.N. Srinivasan
Trade, growth, and poverty reduction : least-developed countries, landlocked developing countries, and small states in the global economic system
Trade, investment and migration
Two-Country, Three Commodity, Dynamic Model of International Trade, A
Value Subtracted, Negative Shadow Prices of Factors in Project Evaluation, and Immiserising Growth: Three Paradoxes in the Presence of Trade Distortions.
Value Subtracted, Negative Shadow Prices of Factors in Project Evaluation and Immiserizing Growth: Three Paradoxes in the Presence of Trade Distortions
Washington Consensus a Decade Later: Ideology and the Art and Science of Policy Advice., The
Washington Consensus a Decade Later, The : Ideology and the Art and Science of Policy Advice
welfare consequences of directly-unproductive profit-seeking (DUP) lobbying activities, The : Price versus quantity distortions
WTO and The Developing Countries.
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