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Pagano, U.
Pagano, Ugo
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writer of accompanying material
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Adalgiso, Amendola
AMENDOLA, Adalgiso
Barca, Fabrizio
Battistini, Alberto
Belloc, Filippo
Belloc, Marianna
Bowles, Samuel
Central European University Affiliation (see also from)
Centrum Analiz Społeczno-Ekonomicznych Fundacja Naukowa CASE.
Chichilnisky, G.
CONTI, Giuliano
D'Antoni, Massimo
Department of Economics. Central European University
Earle, John S.
Franzini, M. (1950-)
Franzini, Maurizio (1945-....))
Franzini, Maurizio (1950-)
Giorgio, Lunghini
Giuliano, Conti
Heal, G.
Iwai, Katsuhito
Landesmann, Michael A.
Lesi, Maria
Nicita, Antonio
Pagano, U
Pagano, U.
Pagano, Ugo
Rossi, Maria
Rossi, Maria Alessandra
Rowthorn, Robert
Ugo, Pagano
Università degli Studi di Siena / Facoltà di Economia "Richard M. Goodwin" / Dipartimento di Economia Politica
Università degli Studi di Siena Affiliation (see also from)
University of Cambridge
World Institute for Development Economics Research
Authority, co-ordination and disequilibrium: an explanation of the co-existence of markets and firms
cambridge journal of economics
Co-evolution of politics and corporate governance
crash of the knowledge economy, The
Crisis of Intellectual Monopoly Capitalism, The
Cultural Diversity, European Integration and the Welfare State
Cultural globalisation, institutional diversity and the unequal accumulation of intellectual capital
Democracy and Efficiency in the Economic Enterprise
Divergence of the Italian and Japanese Corporate Governance Models: The Role of Institutional Shocks, The
Diversità culturale e solidarietà economica
economia delle istituzioni e le istituzioni della scienza economica, L'
Economic Integration, Cultural Standardization and the Politics of Social Insurance
evolution of economic institutions: a critical reader, the
Incomplete Contracts, Intellectual Property and Institutional Complementarities
Information technology, organizational form, and transition to the market
Institutions and economic change
Interlocking complementarities and institutional change
international review of law and economics
Knowledge Enclosures, Forced Specializations and Investment Crisis
L\'economia delle istituzioni e le istituzioni della scienza economica
Legal persons: the evolution of fictitious species
Love, war and cultures: an institutional approach to human evolution
Marrying in the Cathedral: a Framework for the Analysis of Corporate Governance
National cultures and social protection as alternative insurance devices
Nationalism, development and integration: the political economy of Ernest Gellner
No institution is a free lunch: a reconstruction of Ronald Coase
Origin of Organizational Species, The
Ownership, technology and institutional stability
politics and economics of power, The
Politics-business interaction paths
Posiciones legales y complementariedades institucionales
Post-War Institutional Shocks: The Divergence of Italian and Japanese Corporate Governance Models
Primates’ fertilization systems and the evolution of the human brain
Primo rapporto della Commissione di studio sui programmi di dottorato di ricerca
Profit Maximization, Industrial Democracy and the Allocation of Labour.
Property Rights and Returns to Scale: Patents, Firms and Market Failure.
Property rights, asset specificity, and the division of labour under alternative capitalist relations
Property rights in the knowledge economy: an explanation of the crisis
Public markets, private orderings and corporate governance
structural change and economic dynamics
Technical assets and property rights
transición y la especiación del modelo japonés, La
Transition and the "speciation" of the Japanese model
Veblen, New Institutionalism and the diversity of economic institutions
Work and welfare in economic theory
Thesis (Ph.D.)