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Holzer, H.
Holzer, Harold
ホルザー, ハロルド
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Boritt, G. S. (1940-)
Boritt, Gabor S. (1940- ))
Cuomo, Mario Matthew
Gabbard, Sara Vaughn
Lincoln Forum
Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865))
Neely, Mark E. (1944- ))
Simon, John Y.
Symonds, Craig L.
Williams, Frank J. (1940- ))
高橋, 早苗 (1960-)
1863 : Lincoln's pivotal year
abraham lincoln, defender of freedom
Abraham Lincoln portrayed in the collections of the Indiana Historical Society
Abraham Lincoln, the writer : a treasury of his greatest speeches and letters
Battle of Hampton Roads : new perspectives on the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia
Best of Battles and leaders of the Civil War
Changing the Lincoln image, 1985:
Civil War, 1861-1865
civil war era, the
civil war in 50 objects, the
Civil War in fifty objects
confederate image: prints of the lost cause, the
Confederate image, The : prints of the lost cause
Dear Mr. Lincoln : letters to the president
emancipating lincoln: the emancipation proclamation in text, context, and memory
Emancipation Proclamation, The : three views : (social, political, iconographic)
emancipation proclamation: three views, the
Father Abraham : Lincoln and his sons
Hearts touched by fire : the best of Battles and leaders of the Civil War
Hope to the world : Lincoln on democracy
in lincoln's hand: his original manuscripts with commentary by distinguished americans.
Judging Lincoln
Lincoln and freedom : slavery, emancipation, and the Thirteenth Amendment
lincoln and new york
lincoln anthology: great writers on his life and legacy from 1860 to now, the
Lincoln anthology, The : great writers on his life and legacy from 1860 to now
lincoln as i knew him: gossip, tributes, and revelations from his best friends and worst enemies
Lincoln assassination conspirators, The : their confinement and execution, as recorded in the letterbook of John Frederick Hartranft
lincoln assassination conspirators: their confinement and execution, as recorded in the letterbook of john frederick hartranft, the
lincoln assassination: crime & punishment, myth & memory, the
Lincoln assassination, The : crime and punishment, myth and memory
Lincoln at Cooper Union : the speech that made Abraham Lincoln president
lincoln-douglas debates: the first complete, unexpurgated text, the
Lincoln-Douglas debates, The : the first complete, unexpurgated text
lincoln family album, the
lincoln forum: abraham lincoln, gettysburg, and the civil war, the
lincoln forum: rediscovering abraham lincoln, the
Lincoln Forum, The : Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg, and the Civil War
Lincoln forum, The : rediscovering Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln : how Abraham Lincoln ended slavery in America
lincoln image: abraham lincoln and the popular print, the
Lincoln image, The : Abraham Lincoln and the popular print
Lincoln in his own words
Lincoln in The times : the life of Abraham Lincoln, as originally reported in the New York times
lincoln mailbag: america writes to the president, the
Lincoln mailbag, The : America writes to the president, 1861-1865
Lincoln o demokracji : wybór przemówień, pism i rozmów Abrahama Lincolna, sporządzony na prośbę działaczy oświatowych polskiej Solidarności
Lincoln on democracy
Lincoln on war
lincoln portrayed: in the collections of the indiana historical society
Lincoln president-elect : Abraham Lincoln and the great secession winter 1860-1861
Lincoln revisited : new insights from the Lincoln Forum
Lincoln's pivotal year
Lincoln's White House secretary : the adventurous life of William O. Stoddard
Lincoln seen and heard
living Lincoln, The
Mine eyes have seen the glory : the civil war in art
New York Times complete Civil War, 1861-1865, The
Prang's civil war pictures : the complete battle chromos of Louis Prang with the full "descriptive texts"
president is shot! the assassination of abraham lincoln, the
president is shot!, The : the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Private soldiers and public heroes : an American album of the common man's Civil War ; from the pages of Civil War Times Illustrated
Rediscovering Abraham Lincoln
Rinkan minshu shugi ronshū
six months at the white house with abraham lincoln
Standing tall : the heroic image of Abraham Lincoln
State of the Union : New York and the Civil War ; foreword by Jeff Shaara, 2002
union image: prints of the civil war north, the
Union image, The : popular prints of the Civil War North
Union preserved, The : a guide to Civil War records in the New York State Archives
Washington and Lincoln portrayed : national icons in popular prints
Why Lincoln matters : today more than ever
Witness to War : the Civil War, 1861-1865
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