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Hamilton, Gulielmus
Hamilton, W.
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, William ((diplomat))
Hamilton, William (Sir)
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writer of accompanying material
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Briganti, Giuliano
Cadell, T. (1742-1802)
Cadell, Thomas (1742-1802)
Davis, John Anthony
Fabris, Pietro
Hancarville, Pierre d' (1719-1805; Beziehung beruflich; see also from)
Hancarville, Pierre-Francois Hughes d'
Hayes, Charles
Kirk, Thomas (1765?-1797)
Knight, Carlo
Pagano De Divitiis, Gigliola
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Sella, Gasparo
Soulavie, Jean Louis Giraud
Tischbein, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm
Yntema, Jacob (Amsterdam)
account of the earthquakes which happened in Italy, from february to may 1783. By sir William Hamilton, knight of the Bath, F. R. S. Read at the Royal society, july 3, 1783, An
account of the great eruption of mount Vesuvius, in the month of August 1779, An
Ægyptiaca, or Some account of the antient and modern state of Egypt, as obtained in the years 1801, 1802.
antichità etrusche, greche, e romane, 1766-1776 di Pierre Hugues d'Hancarville la pubblicazione delle ceramiche antiche della prima collezione Hamilton, Le
Antiquités Etrusques, Grecques et Romaines Tirèes du Cabinet de M. Hamilton Envoyè extraordinaire de S.M. Britanique en Cour de Naples
argonautics of Apollonius Rhodius, in four books by Francis Fawkes: the whole revised, corrected, and completed by his coadjutor and editor; who has annexed a translation of Coluthus's Greek poem on the rape of Helen, or the origin of the Trojan war; with notes., The
Bericht vom gegenwärt. Zustande des Vesuvs, und Beschreibung einer Reise in die Provinz Abruzzo und nach der Insel Ponza ... zu London vorgelesen den 4. May, 1786
Briefe über die nördliche Küste der Grafschaft Antrim. -
Campi Phlegræi
collection of antiquities from the cabinet of Sir William Hamilton, The
Collection of engravings from ancient vases
Des Ritters Wilhelm Hamiltons ... Nachrichten von den neuesten Entdeckungen in der I. C. 79 am 24 August durch den Ausbruch des Vesuvs verschüttetes Stadt Pompeji.
Détails historiques des tremblemens de terre arrivés en Italie depuis le 5 février jusqu'en mai 1783
discourse on the worship of Priapus
Discussions on philosophy and literature, education and University reform : chiefly from the Edinburgh review : corrected, vindicated, enlarged, in notes and appendices
fureurs du Vésuve ou l'autre passion de sir William Hamilton, Les
Hamilton a Napoli, c2003:
Hamilton letters, The : the Naples dispatches of Sir William Hamilton
Hamilton & Nelson papers ... 1756-[1815], The
Italia del secondo Settecento nelle relazioni segrete di William Hamilton, Horace Mann e John Murray, L'
Lettera sul Monte Volture a sua eccellenza il signor D. Guglielmo Hamilton
Letters concerning the northern coast of the county of Antrim : containing such circumstances as appear worthy of notice respecting the antiquities, manners and customs of that country...
Life of Martin Luther
Neuere Beobachtungen über die Vulkane Italiens und am Rhein. -
Observations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, and other volcanos in a series of letters addressed to the Royal Society
Oeuvres complètes de M. le chevalier Hamilton,... commentées par M. l'abbé Giraud-Soulavie
Outlines from the figures and compositions upon the Greek, Roman and Etruscan vases of the late Sir William Hamilton with engraved borders
Pitture de' vasi antichi cavate dalla collezzione del. sig. cav. Hamilton
Recueil de gravures d'après des vases antiques ... trouvés dans des tombeaux au royaume des Deux-Siciles, ... tirées du cabinet de M. le chevalier de Hamilton, avec des observations sur chacun des vases ...
Relation des derniers tremblemens de terre arrivés en Calabre et en Sicile ; trad. de l'anglois ; et enrichie de notes trad. de l'italien [de] G. Sella, 1784
Remarks on several parts of Turkey. - 1809 -
Riflessioni sul restituirsi dalla Francia i monumenti delle arti in forma d'una lettera da umiliarsi al Re Cristianissimo. Traduzione dall'inglese.
Schreiben des Ritters von Hamilton an die königliche Societät der Wiss*. -
short review of Mr. Hooke's Observations, &c. concerning the Roman senate, and the character of Dionysius of Halicarnassus, A
sir william hamilton, envoy extraordinary
Some Particulars of the present state of Mount Vesuvius, with the account of a journey into the province of Abruzzo and a voyage to the island of Ponza
Statua dell'Italia nel marmoreo sepolcro di Alfieri nella chiesa di Sta Croce di Firenze
Vases & volcanoes, c1996:
Vol. 4: Lectures on logic. Vol. 2 ; edited by H. L. Mansel and John Veitch
Voyage a la côte septentrionale du comté d'Antrim en Irlande, et à l'île de Raghery. Contenant l'histoire naturelle de ses productions volcaniques, & plusieurs observations sur les antiquités & mœrs de ce pays. Par M. Hamilton ...traduit de l'anglois. Auquel on a ajouté l'Essai sur l'oryctographie du Derbyshire. Par M. Ferber. Traduit de l'allemand.
Waarneemingen over de vuurbergen in Italie, Sicilie, en omstreeks den Rhyn, als mede over de aardbeevingen, voorgevallen in Italie, 1783.
William Hamilton diario segreto napoletano (1764-1789)
worship of Priapus, The : an account of the fête of St. Cosmo and Damiano celebrated at Isernia in 1780 in a letter to Sir Joseph Banks ...