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Wilkins, Charles
Wilkins, Charles (Sir)
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Language material
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Hastings, Warren
Hopkins, David (d. 1814)
Johnson, Francis (1796?-1876)
Meniński, Franciszek (1628-1698. [from old catalog])
Morley, Henry (1822-1894)
Parraud, I.-P. (17..-18)
Richardson, John (1741-1811)
Steingass, Francis Joseph (1825-1903)
Weigle, G.H.
Bhagavad-Gita and Hymn to Narayena, The : two classic texts edited for students of literature
Bhagavadgītā, ou Dialogues de Krishna et d'Arjuna, Le
Bhagavat-geeta, 1785., The
Bhâgavât-Gēēta, or Dialogues of Krĕĕshnă and Ărjŏŏn, The
Bhagavat-Geeta, or Dialogues of Krishna and Arjoon in eighteen lectures, The : Sanscrit, Canarese, and English in parallel columns
Bhaguat-geeta, ou Dialogues de Kreeshna et d'Arjoon; contenant un précis de la religion & de la morale des Indiens. Traduit du samscrit la langue sacrée des Brahmes, en anglois, par M. Charles Wilkins, Le ; et de l'anglois en françois, par M. Parraud, de l'académie des Arcades de Rome
Bhaguat-geeta ou Dialogues de Kreeshna et d'Arjoon, Le : contenant un précis de la religion et de la morale des Indiens
Bhăgvăt-Gēetā, or Dialogues of Krĕĕshná and Ărjŏŏn in eighteen lectures, with notes, The
Bhagvat Gîta, or Dialogues of Krishna and Arjun
comprehensive Persian-English dictionary, A : including the Arabic words and phrases to be met with in Persian literature : being Johnson and Richardson's Persian, Arabic, and English dictionary revised, enlarged, and entirely reconstructed
comprehensive Persian-English dictionary, including the Arabic words and phrases to be met with in Persian literature, A
Containing the miscellaneous pieces .... -
Dialogues de Kreeshna et d'Arjoon
dictionary, English, Persian and Arabic
dictionary Persian, Arabic and English, with a dissertation on the langages, literature and manners of Eastern nations, by John Richardson,... A new edition, with numerous additions and improvements, by Charles Wilkins,..., A
Dictionary, Persian, Arabic, and English : with a dissertation on the languages, literature, and manners of Eastern nations
Dissertations and miscellaneous pieces relating to the history and antiquities, the arts, sciences, and literature, of Asia
DNB : Wilkins (Sir Charles, né en 1749 ou 1750). Dictionnaire universel des traducteurs
Fables and proverbs from the Sanskrit : being the Hitopadesa
fifth report from the Select committee of the House of commons on the affairs of the East India company., The
grammar of the Sanskr^ita language, A
grammar of the Sanskrita language, 1983:, A
Hĕĕtōpădēs of Vĕĕshnŏŏ-Sărmā, in a series of connected fables, interspersed with moral, prudential, and political maxims;, The
Hitopadeśa. English.
Lettre de M. Hastings, à M. Nathaniel Smith, ecuyer
Mahābhārata Bhagavadgītā.
Oriental repertory...published in four numbers, from April, 1791 to January 1793 by Dalrymple
radicals of the Sanskrita language., The
Story of Dooshwanta and Sakoontalā, extracted from the Mahābhārata, a poem in the Sanskreet language..., The
vocabulary Persian, Arabic, and English abridged from the quarto edition of Richardson's dictionary as edited by Charles Wilkins, A