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Rhoe, Thomas
Rhoe, Thomas (Sir)
Roe, T. (Sir)
Roe, Thomas
Roe, Thomas (Sir)
Row, Thomas
Row, Thomas (Sir)
Rowe, Thomas
Rowe, Thomas (Sir)
ca 1581-1644
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Bellenger, François (1688-1749))
Foster, William (1863-1951)
Fryer, John
Gardiner, Samuel Rawson (1829-1902)
Knolles, Richard (1550?-1610)
Meturas, Gaspard (15..-168.?; libraire))
Plutarchus (ca 45-post 120))
Richardson, Samuel (1689-1761))
Richardson, Samuel (Londen)
Totnes, George Carew Earl of, 1555-1629
[[camden society]] miscellany
compendious relation of the proceedings ... of the imperial diet at ratisbon and journal of several proceedings of the order of the garter
Della Valle, P. The travels of Sig. Pietro della Valle, 1665
Description of East India conteyninge th. Empire of the Great Mogoll. -, A
'discourse upon the resolution taken in the valteline
Embassy of sir thomas roe to the court of the great mogul, 1615-1619 as narrated in his journal and correspondence
entertaining account of all the countries of the known world: describing the different religions, habits, tempers, customs, traffick, and manufactures, of their inhabitants ..., An
generall historie of the Turkes, The : from the first beginning of that nation to the rising of the Othoman familie : with all the notable expeditions of the Christian princes against them, together with the liues and conquests of the Othoman kings and emperours
Journael, van de Reysen ghedean door ... Thomas Roe. -
'journal of the mission to the mogul empire
'negotiations in his embassy to the ottoman porte, 1621–28, vol. i
[[notes and queries]], iv. ser. v. 9
quatuor colloquia
Relations de divers voyages cvrievx, qui n'ont point esté publiees; ov qui ont esté traduites d'Hacluyt, de Purchas, & d'autres voyageurs anglois, hollandois, portugais, allemands, espagnols; et de quelques Persans, Arabes, et autres auteurs orientaux. Enrichies de figures de plantes non décrites, d'animaux inconnus à l'Europe & de cartes geographiques de pays dont on n'a point encore donné de cartes. Premiere partie [-deuxième partie].
Sir Thomas Roe his speech in Parliament wherein he sheweth the cause of the decay of coine and trade in this land, especially of merchants trade. And also propoundeth a vvay to the House how they may be increased
Speech in Parliament wherein he sheweth the cause of the decay of coyne and trade in this land, especially of merchants trade
swedish intelligencer, 'the
Travels in India in the seventeenth century
'true and faithful relation ... concerning the death of sultan osman ...
Vies des hommes illustres omises par Plutarque...: Annibal; par M. Dacier; Enée, Tullus Hostilius, Aristomenes, Tarquin l'Ancien, L. Junius Brutus, Gelon, Cyrus, Jason, traduits de l'anglais... par M. l'abbé Bellenger., Les
Vies des hommes illustres, traduites de plusieurs langues, par différens auteurs, pour servir de supplément aux oeuvres de Plutarque.
voleur d'éternité la vie aventureuse de William Petty, érudit, esthète et brigand, Le