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Newall, Peter Shead Hersey (American artist, 1862-1924)
Newell, P. S.
Newell, Peter
Newell, Peter S.
Newell, Peter Shead Hersey
Newell, Peter Sheaf Hersey
Peter Shead Hersey Newall
Peter Shead Hersey Newell
Creation class: 
Language material
Creation role: 
designer of binding
Related names: 
Brooks, Hildegard (b. 1875.)
Carroll, Lewis (1832-1898)
Century Company
García, Diego
Gardner, Martin (1914-2010)
Harper & Brothers
Henry Holt and Company
Juvenile Collection (Library of Congress)
Newell, Peter (1862-1924)
Nikly, Michelle (1946-...)
Pérez de Villar, Amelia (1964-)
Polentz, Wolfgang von
20-Mule-Team brigade, The : being a story in jingles of the good works and adventures of the famous "Twenty-Mule-Team"
Alice in womenland or The feminine mistake
Alice's adventures in Wonderland, and Through the looking-glass, and what Alice found there
amateur circus at Nutley], [The
April fools and April showers
backwoods Santa Claus exchanging Christmas things for turkeys, A
bear runs away with the dancing hog, The
bottomless Christmas pocket, or a growing doll, A
enchanted type-writer. -, The
Far from the maddening girls
Favorite fairy tales; the childhood choice of representative men and women
fool's cap and a plate of ice cream, A
Goodly advice and timely
hole book, The
hunting of the snark, and other poems and verses, The
important member, An
kingdom of Why, The : being the strange story of Lucile's adventures with the sapient sage, the foolish idea, the striped jester, and other folk, creatures, kings, beasts, bogies, wizards and witches who dwell in that wonderful land
Lan' sakes, Allsbury Ferguson, ef dat statoo [i.e. statue] hain't turned clean roun! ...
larky furnace, The : and other adventures of Sue Betty
libro del agujero, El
libro esplosivo, Il
libro sbilenco, Il
livre en pente, Le
livre fusée, Le
livro do buraco, O
livro inclinado subir a ladeira é difícil, na verdade mas quando é para descer - ah, que velocidade!, O
luckless bull-frog lost his voice while talking in his sleep, and now he'll never fish it out -- his voice it is so deep, A
matter of direction, A
More annotated Alice : Alice's adventures in wonderland and Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there
Mother Goose's menagerie
Mr. Munchausen. -
naps of Polly Sleepy head, The
naps of Polly sleepyhead, The
Peace - at any Price. -
Peter Newell Mother Goose; the old rhymes reproduced in connection with their veracious history, The
Peter Newell's pictures and rhymes.
petites siestes de Polly, Les
Pictures and rhymes
pisolini di Polly, I ; traduzione di Marco Graziosi
Polly nella ragnatela del gatto ; traduzione di Marco Graziosi
Pollys Traumabenteuer
Pursuit of the House-Boat. -, The
Pussy & the Fool's-Cap III
Rakete, Die
rocket book, The
[Roman presenting gift to woman in modern dress watched by crowd of people dressed in costumes from other ages]
Scars and stripes
schiefe Buch, Das
siestas de Polly, 2013, Las
slant book, The
Sonny's father : in which the father, now become grandfather, a kindly observer of life and a genial philosopher, in his desultory talks with the family doctor, carries along the story of Sonny
Stars and stripes. -
Swim? not a bit, stranger, but I reckon if ye'd drap me down in the middle of this yhur river, I reach land ...
Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there
Topsys & turvys
Twenty-Mule Team brigade
very low pulse, A
wasp in a wig, The
young philosopher, A