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R, W.
R, W. (Sir)
R, Walter Raleigh
R, Walter Raleigh (Sir)
Ralaeus, Walther
Raleagh, Gualtherus
Ralegh, ..
Ralegh, Gualtherus
Ralegh, W.
Ralegh, Walter
Ralegh, Walter (Sir)
Ralegh, Walther
Ralegh, Walthero
Ralegh, Waltherus
Raleĭ, Uolter
Raleigh, ..
Raleigh, Gualtherus
Raleigh, Sir Walter
Raleigh, Sir Walter (British historian, probably born 1552-1618)
Raleigh, W.
Raleigh, Walter
Raleigh, Walter (Sir)
Raleigh, Walterus
Raleigh, Walther
Ralej, U.
Rauleigh, Walter
Rauleigh, Walter (Sir)
Rawleigh, Walter
Rawleigh, Walter (Sir)
Rawley, Walter
Rawley, Walter (Sir)
Rėli, Uolter
Rhaleg, Walther
Sir Walter Raleigh
W. R, Walter Raleigh
W. R, Walter Raleigh (Sir)
ローリー, ウォルター
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Arber, Edward (1836-1912)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Hole, William
Hron, Zdeněk (1944-)
Hulsius, Lievin (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Keymis, Lawrence -1618
Latham, Agnes M. C.
Latham, Agnes Mary Christabel
Latham, Agnes Mary Christabel (1905-1996))
Linschoten, Jan Huyghen van (1563-1611)
Markham, Gervase (c. 1568-1637)
Nelhybel, Vaclav
Rouse, W. H. D.
Rouse, William Henry Denham
Rudick, Michael (1940- ))
Schomburgk, Robert Hermann (1804-1865)
Wotton, Henry Sir
Advice to a son : precepts of Lord Burghley, sir Walter Raleigh, and Francis Osborne
Americae pars 8. Continens primo, descriptionem trium itinerum ...
Americæ pars VIII. Continens primo, descriptionem trivm itinervm ... Francisci Draken, qvi circu navigato universo terrarvm orbe, postea copiis nauticis, ... in Indiam navigavit. Secvndo, iter ... Thomæ Candisch ... Tertio, duo itinera ... Gvaltheri Ralech ...
Americæ pars VIII, continens primo, descritionem trivm itinervm nobilissimi et fortissimi eqvitis Francisci Draken, qvi peragrato primvm vniverso terrarvm orbe, postea cum nobilissimo equite Iohanne Havckens, ad expugnandum ciuitatem Panama in Indiam nauigauit... Secvndo, iter... Thomæ Candisch ... Tertio, duo itinera... Gvaltheri Ralegh ... Qvibvs itineribvs describitvr avrifervm ... regnum Gviana... Primo qvidem anglicana lingua partim ab eqvitibvs ipsis, partim ab aliis... sparsim consignata, iam vero in unum corpum redacta & in latinum sermonem conversa, auctore M. Gotardo Artvs ...
arts of empire and mysteries of state discabinated., The
Book of the ocean's love to Cynthia
Brief memoir of Sir Walter Ralegh... reprinted with additions, by Samuel G. Drake,..., A
cabinet-council:, The
Choice of Sir Walter Ralegh's verse, selected with an introduction by Robert Nye, A
declaration of the demeanor and carriage of Sir W. Raleigh., A
declaration of the demeanour and cariage of sir W. Raleigh. Dutch, A
Demeanor and carriage
Description of the Land of Gosen, and Moses passage through the Deserts, A
Descriptionem trium itinerum ... Francisci Draken ..
descubrimiento del grande, rico y bello imperio de Guayana, El
discoverie of the large and bewtiful empire of Guiana, The
Discoverie of the large, rich, and bevvtiful empyre of Gviana
Discoverie of the large, rich, and bevvtifvl empyre of Gviana ... French. [from old catalog]
discoverie of the large, rich, and bevvtifvl empyre of Gviana, with a relation of the great and golden citie of Manoa (which the Spanyards call El Dorado) and of the prouinces of Emeria, Arromaia, Amapaia, and other countries, with their riuers, adioyning., The
discoverie of the large, rich, and bewtiful Empyre of Guiana, The
Discoveries of the world from their first originall unto ... 1555
discovery of Guiana and the journal of the second voyage thereto, The
discovery of Guiana, The : with related documents
discovery of the large, rich, and beautiful empire of Guiana, with a relation of the great and golden city of Manoa (which the Spaniards call el Dorado) etc. performed in the year 1595, The
Discovery of the large, rich and beautiful empyre of Guyana
doradas Colinas de Manoa, Las
Dorado, El : being a narrative of the circumstances which gave rise to reports, in the sixteenth century, of the existence of a rich and splendid city in South America, to which that name was given, and which led to many enterprices in search of it : including a defence of Sir Walter Raleigh, in regard to the relations made by him respecting it, and a nation of female warriors, in the vicinity of the Amazon, in the narrative of his expedition to the Oronoke in 1595
Drey sonderbare Reysen
Drie scheeps-togten na het goud-rijke koningrijk Guiana, in America geleegen, door den Engelsen ridder Walther Ralegh, gedaen in de jaren 1595. 1596. 1597... Eerst in Engels beschreven, door een der reysigers, en nu uyt die spraeck vertaald
Even such is time : motet for double choir
Excellent observations and notes. -
fight about the iles of Açores., The
Five courtier poets of the English Renaissance
Fr. Baconis de Verulamio Sylva sylvarum, sive Hist. natvralis, et Novus atlas
general history of the world being an abridgment of Sir Walter Raleigh. With a continuation from the best historians to the present times. In four volumes, The
Gold aus Guyana die Suche nach El Dorado 1595
historia of the world ..., The
Historie of the world, in five bookes. 1, Intreating of the beginning and first ages of the same, from the Creation unto Abraham. 2, Of the times from the birth of Abraham to the destruction of the temple of Salomon. 3. From the destruction of Jerusalem, to the time of Philip of Macedon. 4. From the raigne of Philip of Macedon, to the establishing of that kingdome in the race of Antigonus. 5. From the settled rule of Alexanders successors in the East, untill the Romans... made conquest of Asia and Macedon, by Sir Walter Ralegh,..., The
historie of the world, The : in five books
history of the world, in five books., The
introduction to a breviary of the history of England with the reign of King William 1, An
Judicious and select essayes and observations
Kurtze Wunderbare Beschreibung. Deß Goldreichen Königreichs Guianae in America oder newen ... 1599. (VD16 ZV 12931)
last fight of the "Revenge" at sea under the command of Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Grenville on the 10-11th of September 1591;, The
letters of Sir Walter Ralegh, The
Life of Sir Walter Raleigh
Lord shall raise me up, The : for four-part chorus of mixed voices : a cappella
Marlowe à Donne, De : Dr. Faustus (scène finale)
Maxims of state. -
Near East]., [The
Nieuwe Caerte van het wonderbaer ende goudrijcke landt Guiana, gelegen onder de Linie Aequinoctiael tusschen Brasilien ende Péru. nieuwelick besocht door Sir Water Ralegh Ridder van Engelandt in het jaer 1594, 95 ende 1596...
Observations touching Trade and Commerce with the Hollander and other Nations, as it was presented to king James ...
Oceánova láska k Cynthii
Old English valour; being an account of a remarkable sea-engagement, anno 1591.
passionate shepherd to his love, The
poems of Sir Walter Ralegh a historical edition, The
poems of Sir Walter Raleigh, The
Prerogative of Parliaments in England: proved in a dialogue between a councellor of state and a justice of the peace.
prerogative of parliaments in England, The : proved in a dialogue between a counsellor of state and a justice of peace
Private lives of Elizabeth and Essex, film. Musique de Eric W. Korngold et Sir Walter Raleigh. Partie conductrice d'orchestre, The
Puritan Bookshelf.
Reise Herrn Frantzen Drakens...
Relation de la Guiane
Remains of Sir Walter Raleigh.
Remains viz. Maxims of the State ...
report of the truth concerning the last sea-fight of the Revenge, A
report of the truth of the fight about the Iles of the Acores (the last fight of the Reuenge), 1591 [and] The discouerie of the large, rich, and bewtiful empyre of Guiana, 1596., A
Selected prose and poetry.
Selected writings
Selections from his writings in prose & verse
Shestʹ romansov na slova angliĭskikh poėtov, c1972:
Sir Walter Ralegh's Discoverie of Guiana
Sir Walter Ralegh : the British dominion of the West
Sir Walter Raleigh--selections from his Historie of the world, his Letters, etc.
Sir Walter Raleigh: selections from his writings and letters
Songs opp. 4, 21, 46 & 62 [SR] c2012:
[Southern Asia].
Sylva sylvarum sive Hist. naturalis : et Nova Atlantis
Sylva sylvarum, sive Historia naturalis, in decem Centurias distributa
Trial of Sir Walter Raleigh, kt.
tryal of Sir Walter Raleigh, kt., The : with his speech on the scaffold.
Verissima descriptio auriferi et praestantissimi regni Guiana. -
VVarachtighe ende grondige beschryvinghe van het groot en gout-rijck coningrijck van Guiana, gelegen zijnde in America, by noorden de groote rivier Orelliana, vanden vijfden graet by zuyden
Waerachtighe ende grondighe beschryvinge van het groot ende goudt-rijck coninckrijck van Guiana gheleghen zijnde in America, by noorden de groote riviere Orelliana .... Midtsgaders de beschryvinge vande omliggende rijcke landtschappen Emeria, Arromaia en Topago. Ontdeckt ende beschreven inden jaere 1595 ende 1596
Walter Ralegh, the history of the world
Warachtighe ende grondige beschryvinghe van ... Guiana
works of Sir Walter Ralegh, kt., now first collected. To which are prefixed the lives of the author, The
Works of Sir Walter Ralegh,... political, commercial and philosophical, The : together with his letters and poems. The whole never before collected toge ther, and somnever yet printed. To which is prefix'd a new account of his life, by Tho. Birch,...
Works... to which is prefix'd a new account of his life..., The