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Bal'fur, A. Dž
Balfour, A. J.
Balfour, A. J. (Earl of)
Balfour, Arthur
Balfour, Arthur J.
Balfour, Arthur James
Balfour, Arthur James Balfour
Balfour, Arthur James Balfour (1. earl of)
Balfour, Arthur James Balfour (1st Earl of)
Balfour, Arthur James Balfour (conte di)
Balfour, Arthur James Balfour (Earl of)
Balfour, Arthur James (Earl Balfour)
Balfour, Arthur James (Earl of)
Balfour, Arthur James (erlas)
Balfour, Lord
Balfur, Arthur James
Whittingehame, Arthur James Balfour (comte)
באלפור, ארתור ג'מס
בלפור, ארטור דזשיימס
בלפור, ארתור ג'מס
בלפור, ארתור ג׳מס בלפור (הרוזן הראשון)
בלפור, לורד
بالفور، ارثور جيمس بلفور
بلفور، ارثور جيمس بلفور
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Dugdale, Blanche E. C.
Dugdale, Blanche Edgar C.
Dugdale, Blanche Elizabeth Campbell (1880-1948)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1902-1905 : Balfour) (see also from)
Larnaude, Ferdinand (1853-1942))
Lodge, Oliver Sir, 1851-1940
Myers, F. W. H. (1843-1901)
Myers, Frederic William Henry (1843-1901)
Needham, Joseph (1900-1995)
Ridley, Jane
Royal Commission appointed to inquire into the recent changes in the relative values of the precious metals
Simon, John (1873-1954 vicomte)
Sokolow, Nahum (1859-1936)
Veer, W. de (1865-)
Veer, Willem (1865-)
Veer, Willemde
Address by the Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, M. P., Mansion house, London, August 3, 1893.
After a year speech delivered... at the London Opera House...
Against home rule; the case for the union
Alsace-Lorraine et l'avenir de l'Europe. Discours prononcé à la Chambre des Communes par Mr. Balfour,... le 30 juillet 1917, L'
ano depois, Um
Arthur James Balfour as philosopher and thinker : a collection of the more important and interesting passages in his non-political writings, speeches and addresses, 1879-1912
Aspects of home rule, selected from the speeches of the Arthur James Balfour, Rt. Hon.
Association anglaise pour l'avancement des sciences. Réflexions sur la théorie nouvelle de la matière, par l'honorable M. Balfour,... Traduction par L. Vossion. ("Revue scientifique" du 1er juillet 1905.)
Balfour's message : the obstacles to peace.
Balfour, Viviani and Joffre; their speeches and other public utterances in America, and those of Italian, Belgian and Russian commissioners during the great war; with an account of the arrival of our warships and soldiers in England and France under Admiral Sims and General Pershing, April 21, 1917-July 4, 1917
bases de la croyance, Les
bloqueio britânico, O
britische Blockade, Die
British blockade., The
case against socialism, The : a handbook for speakers and candidates
Chapters of autobiography
constitution des États-Unis, La
Constitution of the United States
cotton crisis., The
Decadence : Henry Sidgwick memorial lecture
defence of philosophic doubt, 1879:, A
defence of philosophic doubt; being an essay on the foundations of belief, A
Defence of philosophic doubt... by Arthur James Balfour,..., A
defence of philosophical doubt being an essay on the foundations of belief, A
Economic notes on insular free trade, by... Arthur James Balfour,... 6th impression
Engelsche blockade, De
Engelsche marine en de oorlog, De : (augustus 1914-1915)
Erklärungen der Alliierten, Die : die Antwort der alliierten Regierungen auf die Note des Präsidenten Wilson, die belgische Antwortnote, und die Depesche des Staatssekretärs des Äußern, Balfour, an den britischen Botschafter in Washington.
Essays and addresses.
Essays speculative and political, by the Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour,...
Flotte und der Krieg (Aug. 1914 bis Aug. 1915), Die
foundations of belief, The : being notes introductory to the study of theology
Fourth of July in London., The
freedom of the seas. - [1916], The
General Subject of the lectures "The nineteenth Century". Inaugural address delivered in the Senate House, Cambridge, on Thursday, August 2, 1900, by the right hon. A. J. Balfour,...
Geschichte des Zionismus. Bd. 1.
historical event, An : the enrolment as honorary liverymen of the Stationers Company of the Earl of Balfour, Sir James Barrie, and of Rudyard Kipling at Stationers' Hall, 3rd July, 1925.
History of zionism (1600-1918), by Nahum Sokolow, with an introduction by the Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour,... [and M. Stéphen Pichon]
History of Zionism : 1600-1918 : in two volumes.
Honra e gloria -alocução proferida no Juramento de Bandeira dos recrutas de Infantaria Nº 35...
Idée de Dieu et l'esprit humain. Traduction de J.-L. Bertrand, Arthur James Balfour. L'
In a Persian oil field, a study in scientific and industrial development, by J. W. Williamson,... With a prefatory letter from... the Earl of Balfour,...
Installation de M. Arthur-James Balfour... : Institut de France, Académie des sciences morales et politiques, séance du samedi 14 juin 1919
James M. Beck, solicitor general des États-Unis
Letters of Arthur Balfour and Lady Elcho, The : 1885-1917
Life in a Scottish country house, 1989:
Mare liberum (de vrije zee) : interview door the RT. Hon. Arthur J.Balfour, M.P., first Lord of the Admiralty, aan een Amerikaanschen journalist verleend
Matheus de Magalhães
Mr. Balfour's poodle
Na één jaar oorlog
Nach einem Jahre
Nationality and home rule
Native races and peace terms a memorial from the Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, January 22, 1917.
navy and the war (August, 1914, to August, 1915)., The
Neskolko myslej o novoj teorìi veŝestva
Notre camarade Tommy. -
Opinions and argument from speeches and addresses of the Earl of Balfour, K.G, O.M., F.R.S. : 1910-1927.
Passages in his non-political writings, speeches and addresses: 1879-1912
Presidential addresses to the Society for psychical research, 1882-1911
Questionings on criticism and beauty
Recrutement et formation de la main-d'oeuvre qualifiée et du personnel technique en Grande-Bretagne et en Allemagne Société des Nations ; Section économique et financiere ; Conférence économique internationale Geneve, mai 1927 ; Documentation
Réflexions sur la théorie nouvelle de la matière, par l'honorable M. Balfour,... Traduction par L. Vossion. ("Revue scientifique" du 1er juillet 1905.)
religion of humanity., The : An address delivered at the Church Congress, Manchester, October 1888.
reponse de M. Balfour au Comte Hertling, La
Report of the Royal Commission appointed to inquire into the recent changes in the relative values of the precious metals : with minutes of evidence and appendices : presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty
Retrospect : an unfinished autobiography 1848-1886
Salisbury-Balfour correspondence letters exchanged between the Third Marquess of Salisbury and his nephew Arthur James Balfour 1869-1892
Science, religion and reality
Speeches on Zionism
Theism and humanism : being the Gifford lectures, delivered at the Univ. of Glasgow
Theism and humanism, being the Gifford lectures delivered at the University of Glasgow, 1914
Theism and humanism... by... Arthur James Balfour,...
Theism and thought : a study in familiar beliefs, being the second course of Gifford lectures delivered at the University of Glasgow, 1922-23
"To a victorious conclusion!" The Prime minister's appeal to the nation;
Trons grundvalar
Una difesa del mandato sulla Palestina.
Unsere heutige Weltanschauung : moderne Theorie der Materie
Volkswirtschaftliche Randbemerkungen über den britischen Freihandel Economic notes on insular free trade.
works of George Berkeley, D.D., bishop of Cloyne;, The
בלפור אין ארץ ישראל
בלפור בארץ ישראל : נאומים