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D, J.
D, John Dury
Duraeus, Johannes
Duré, Jean
Duree, John
Durey, John
Durie, John
Dury, Jean
Dury, Johannes
Dury, John
J. D
J. D, John Dury
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D***, J.
Dury, John (1596-1680))
Hall, Joseph évêque d'Exeter et de Norwich Pseud. Mercurius Britannicus
Hartlib, Samuel (d. 1662.)
Morton, Thomas
Rivet, André (1572-1651)
Webster, Charles (1936-)
Westin, Gunnar (1890-1967)
William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
Wissemans, Henri
Wodenothe, Richard
Almanach de 25 000 adresses des principaux habitants de Paris pour l'année 1840.
analysis demonstrativa
Anonymi Theoria de consiliis ecclesiasticae pacis inter ecclesias christianas capessendis, cum paraenesi ad lectorem.
Axiomata communia quae procurandae et conservandae inter evangelicos concordiae judicata sunt observatu necessaria
Brevis disquisitio de doctrinis veri christianismi fundamentalibus
[Brief aan Georg Raumer]
[Brief aan Johannes Henricus Hummelius]
Brief van Johannes Duraeus (1596-1680) aan André Rivet (1572-1651)
Briève déduction du progrès de la négotiation pour l'union évangélique des Eglises protestantes, depuis l'an 1660 jusques à l'an 1664 ; [suivie de:] Une lettre qui a esté envoyée avec la Déduction précédente ... (en juin 1664)
Capita rerum quae fusius in cura paedagogica sunt tractanda
Carmen gratulatorium et votivum in quo serenissimum electorem Brandeburgicum alloquitur populus evangelicus
Carmina votiva, reverendis et clarissimis viris, D. Joanni Duraeo, theologo Anglo. Et D. Christophoro Luthardo, theologo Bernensi, in itinere, cum Geneva properarent, exhibita.
case of conscience resolved ... 1649., A
Concordiae inter evangelicos quaerendae consilia, quae ab ecclesiae Transsylvania evangelicae pastoribus et scholae Albae Juliacensis professoribus in synodo congregatis approbata fuerunt an. 1634 et tunc ipsorum nomine Johanni Duraeo transmissa, ad promovendam evangelicarum ecclesiarum unionem, cujus tum se praestabat sollicitatorem, nunc autem primùm publici juris siunt ab eodem ad instaurandum pristinos in eadem concordia quaerendâ conatus, & ad exploranda super hisce consiliis piè doctorum judicia
Conditiones quae ad concordiam sanciendam inter ecclesias evangelicas fuerunt propositae Joh. Duraeo ab Acad. Upsaliensis veneranda Facultate theologica ...
Considerations concerning the present Engagement, whether it may lawfully be entered into; yea or no?
considerations tending to the happy accomplishment of englands reformation in church and state
Consultatio theologica super negotio pacis ecclesiasticae promovendo, ...
Correspondence and papers of Dr. John Pell, mathematician, political agent of Cromwell to the protestant cantons of Switzerland and resident at Zurich (1654-1658) vol. 2, D-Z, ca 1624-1683
Correspondence with A. Boreel, 1646-1660
Dissertatio brevis de Mediis necessariis, quibus difficultates in opere irenico superari possunt, si adhibeantur
divina providentia, De
Educational tracts
english bible
Epistola ad J. Duraeum, qua est responsio ad Jo. Beverley de independentismo : independentium declaratio
epistolary discourse, an
Epitaphium memoriae Ephr. Jonath. Raumeri dum vivebat ... dicatum lugenter a Johanne Duraeo
Excerpta literarum de rebus ecclesiasticis et eruditione 1638
Exercitatio de via quaerendae pacis ecclesiasticis accomodata ad Geor. Cassandri consultationem
Exercitatio of schooling, or heads of lectures on education, 1646
Extractum ex Harmonia Confessionum oblatum ecclesiis reformatis, ut postea lutheranis offeratur
film marketing handbook a practical guide to marketing strategies for independant films, The
Flores poetarum Britannicorum sef blodeuog waith y prydyddion Bryttannaidd. O gasgliad J. D.
humble proposal, for advancing both the landed and the trading interests of the nation and more fully imploying the poor thereof, by a more general circulation of mony., An
Hypomnemata de studio pacis ecclesiasticæ.
Informatio de progressu studii irenici Ecclesiis communicanda : Ann. 1663, in Augusto
Irenicorum Tractatuum Prodromus. -
Irenicum Duraeanum de articulis fidei fundamentalibus, et consensu ac dissensu inter Lutheranos ac reformatos
Irenicum, in quo casus conscientiae praecipui, de viis quaerendae & constituendae inter ecclesias evangelicas religiosae pacis, breviter proponuntur & deciduntur, ad exploranda super iis piè doctorum judicia, vel ad obtinendum super eorum decisione eorundem consensum
Israels call to march out of Babylon unto Jerusalem opened in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, Novemb. 26, 1645, being the day of publique humiliation
John Durie in Sweden. 1636-1638 : Documents and letters
jvst re-proposals to humble proposals
letter from a physician at Bath to Dr. Heberden, Fellow of the College of Physicians in London. Wherein are set forth the nature, symptoms, and cure of the malignant sore-throat; with a hint or two concerning the efficacy of the bark on some important occasions, A
Letter of John Dury to the Lord Commissioner [Bulstrade] Whitelocke, on the union of all protestant Churches, Cassel, 15 April, 1656
letter to Dr. John Friend, on the bill now depending, for the inspection of drugs and medicinal compositions, A
Logica germanice
model of church-government. -, A
Monsieur de Châteaubriand dévoilé
Negotiations about church unity, 1628-1634 : John Durie, Gustavus Adolphus, Axel Oxenstierna
objections against the taking of the engagement answered
Observations on the justice and policy of regulating the trade in corn
Oratio pro statu ecclesiæ fluctuantis, quæ ex quavis regione periclitatur
originall of bishops and metropolitans
pacis ecclesiasticae rationibus inter evangelicos usurpandis et de theologorum fundamentali consensu in Colloquio Lipsiensi inito, trium Ecclesia Anglicana venerabilium episcoporum, Joh. Davenantii, Tho. Mortoni, Jos. Halli Sententiae, De
Petition to the honourable House of Commons in England
Praecognita, pro iis quibus Harmonia confessionum communicabitur
Prodiorthosis consultationum irenicarum inter Dannhauerum, Boebelium et Duraeum
Reformed librarie-keeper, 1650
Reformed school
Samuel Hartlib and the advancement of learning;
scuola riformata, La ; traduzione, introduzione e note a cura di Antonella Cagnolati
seasonable discourse upon the earnes request of many, briefly shewing these particulars: 1. What the grounds and method of our reformation ought to be in religion and learning., A : 2. How even in these times of distraction, the worke may be advanced. By the knowledge of orientall tongues and jewish misteries. By an agency for advencement ofuniversall learning
Soirèe Beethoven : La Musique de Beethoven dansèe par Miss Isadora Duncan
State papers and letters relating chiefly to the affairs of the Swiss evangelical cantons and Piedmont and to Cromwell's efforts in 1656-1657, to detach the cantons from France and to create throughout Europe an universal protestant league, 2 vol. 1632-1714
summarie platform of the heads of a body of practicall divinity which the ministers of the protestant churches abroad have sued for, and which is farther enlarged in a treatise intituled, an earnest plea for gospel-communion, a
summarie view of the government both of the Old and New Testament
Tigrotin un vrai Zouave : Essai héroï-comique, en VI chants
Tracts by John Dury, 1656
Two copies of letters concerning the place and office of a librarie-keeper
unchanged, constant, and single-hearted peace-maker drawn forth into the world, the
vrai chrestien, le
Why I am a Czechoslovak soldier A letter received in America from a Czechoslovak soldier serving with the Czechoslovak Army in Great Britain