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Fewkes, J. W.
Fewkes, J. Walter
Fewkes, Jesse W.
Fewkes, Jesse Walter
Fewkes, (Jessie Walter
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Manuscript language material
Musical sound recording
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Brody, Jerry J.
ebrary, Inc
Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition (1886-1894)
Hofmann, Charles (1914- [from old catalog])
Schmeltz, J.D.E. (1839-1909)
Schmeltz, Johannes Diederich Eduard (1839-1909)
Stephen, A. M.
Stephen, Alexander MacGregor -1894
United States. Department of the Interior
United States. Dept. of the Interior
Aboriginal wooden objects from southern Florida (with three plates)
Aborigines of Porto Rico and neighboring islands, The
Aborigines of Puerto Rico and neighboring islands, The
Additional designs on prehistoric Mimbres pottery
Alósaka cult of the Hopi Indians, The
Ancestor worship of the Hopi Indians
Antiquities of the Mesa Verde national park, Cliff palace, by Jesse Walter Fewkes., ...
Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Park : Spruce-tree House
Antiquities of the Mesa Verde national park, Sprucetree house, ...
Antiquities of the Mesa Verde Natl. Park ... Cliff Palace.
archeological collection from Young's Canyon, near Flagstaff, Arizona, An
Archeological expedition to Arizona in 1895.
Archeological investigations in New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah (with 14 plates)
Archeology of the lower Mimbres Valley, New Mexico (with eight plates)
Brief van Jesse Walter Fewkes (1850-1930) aan Edward Burnett Tylor (1832-1917)
Brief van Jesse Walter Fewkes (1850-1930) aan Johannes Diederich Eduard Schmeltz (1839-1909)
Brieven van Jesse Walter Fewkes (1850-1930) aan Johannes Diederich Eduard Schmeltz (1839-1909)
[Collected papers...on the Tusayan Indians]
Contribution to Passamaquoddy folk-lore.
Contributions to Passamaquoddy folk lore
Contributions to the myology of Tachyglossa hystrix
Designs on prehistoric Hopi pottery
Designs on prehistoric pottery from the Mimbres Valley, New Mexico
Dolls of the Tusayan Indians
Engraved celts from the Antilles
Excavation and repair of Sun temple
few summer ceremonials at the Tusayan Pueblos, A
few summer ceremonials at Zuñi Pueblo, A
Fire worship of the Hopi Indians
General information regarding Casa Grande ruin
Great stone monuments in history and geography
group of tusayan ceremonials called katcinas, the
Hopi katcina songs [and six other songs by Hopi chanters.] [Sound recording]
Hopi katcinas drawn by native artists
Hopi snake ceremonies an eyewitness account selections from Bureau of American ethnology annual reports nos. 16 and 19 for the years 1894-95 and 1897-98
Hopi Snake Ceremonies : an eyewitness acount
Hovenweep national monument, The
Jesse Walter Fewkes collection of Passamaquoddy cylinder recordings
journal of American ethnology and archæology;, A
katcina altars in Hopi worship, The
kinship of a Tanoan-speaking community in Tusayan, The
Mesa Verde : ancient architecture : selections from the Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletins 41 and 51 from the years 1909 and 1911
Mesa Verde ; Antiquities of the Mesa Verde national park, Cliff palace
mimbres: art and archaeology., the
Mimbres, The : art and archaeology
Minor Hopi festivals
Music of the Hopi Indian
Natural history illustrations.
On a few California Medusae.
On excavations made in rocks by sea-urchins.
Pá-lü-lü-kon-ti, The : a Tusayan ceremony
Passamaquoddy Indian music and spoken word : the Jesse Walter Fewkes collection
Porto Rican elbow-stones in the Heye museum, with discussion of similar objects elsewhere;
Porto Rican stone collars and tripointed idols
Prehistoric Hopi pottery designs
prehistoric Mesa Verde peublo and its peoples., A
prehistoric Mesa Verde pueblo and its people, A
Prehistoric objects from a shell-heap at Erin Bay, Trinidad
Prehistoric ruins of the Gila Valley
Prehistoric villages, castles, and towers of southwestern Colorado.
Prehistorie villages, castles, and towers of southwestern Colorado, ...
Preliminary account of an expedition to the pueblo ruins near Winslow, Arizona, in 1896
preliminary account of archaeological field work in Arizona in 1897, A
Preliminary archaeological explorations at Weeden Island, Florida
Preliminary archeological explorations at Weeden Island, Florida
Preliminary report on a visit to the Navaho national monument, Arizona, ...
Preliminary report on an archeological trip to the West Indies
Provisional list of annual ceremonies at Walpi
Relations of aboriginal culture and environment in the Lesser Antilles
Report on the acalephæ
report on the present condition of a ruin in arizona called Casa Grande, A
Reports on the results of dredging, under the supervision of Alexander Agassiz, in the Caribbean Sea, in 1878, 1879, and along the Atlantic coast of the United States, during the summer of 1880, by the U.S. Coast Survey Steamer "Blake," commander J.R. Bartlett, U.S.N., commanding.
Selections from embryological monographs.
snake ceremonials at Walpi, The
snake cermonials at Walpi, The
study of certain figures in a Maya codex, A
Sun worship of the Hopi Indians.
theatrical performance at walpi., a
Tusayan Katcinas and Hopi altars
Tusayan migration traditions
Tusayan snake ceremonies
Tusyana katcinas
Tusyana migration traditions
Two summers work in Pueblo ruins
Two types of Southwestern cliff houses
use of idols in Hopi worship., The
Zoölogical excursions. 1, New invertebrata from the coast of California.