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Brandon Morris, Richard
Morris, Richard B.
Morris, Richard Brandon
מאריס, ריצ'רד ברנדון
מוריס, ריצ'רד ברנדון
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
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writer of accompanying material
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Columbia University
Commager, Henry Steele (1902-1998))
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
Hamilton, Alexander (1757-1804)
Jay, John (1745-1829)
Kavenagh, W. Keith
Morris, Jeffrey Brandon (1941-)
Otis, James (1725-1783)
Smith, Charles Edward
Snyder, Louis L. (1907-1993 ))
Trevelyan, George Otto (1838-1928)
Woodress, James
Woodress, James Leslie
סנידר, לואיס לאו (1907-)
סנידר, לואיס לאו (1907-1993)
Alexander Hamilton and the founding of the Nation [through his Writings selected and] edited by Richard B. Morris
America at 200 : essays
American revolution reconsidered, The
American revolution, The : a short history
american revolution the Eve of conflict, the winning of Independence, the
Ancient and medieval times
autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The
Basic documents in American history.
basic ideas of Alexander Hamilton, The
beginnings of America, 1607-1763. [selections], The
Bicentennial edition 5th edition
Boom and bust : the twenties and thirties, 1920-1939; [selections]
Civilization in Europe. Part I. Ancient and medieval times. Part II. Modern times in Europe, by J. Salwyn Schapiro,... and Richard B. Morris,...
Defense of the British soldiers (4 min 27 s)
Democracy on trial : the First World War, 1914-1920
Early American views on Negro slavery : from the letters and papers of the founders of the Republic
emerging nations and the american revolution., the
encyclopaedia of the modern world, An : a concise reference history from 1760 to the present
Encyclopedia of American history. Rev. and enlarged ed. Richard B[randon] Morris
Encyclopedia of the modern world
Era of the American revolution, studies inscribed to Evarts Boutell Greene, edited by Richard B. Morris, The
Expanding horizons : America joins the world powers, 1876-1914
forging of the Union, 1781-1789, The
Foundations of colonial America : a documentary history.
framing of the federal Constitution, The
Freedom and reform : essays in honor of Henry Steele Commager
George Greenville - 14 Jan. 1766 (2 min 04 s)
George Washington, 1986:
Global conflict : the United States in World War II, 1937-1946
Government and labor in early America, 1981:
Government and labor in early America, by Richard B. Morris
Great presidential decisions : state papers that changed the course of history from Washington to Reagan
Guide to the principal sources for early American history, 1600-1800, in the city of New York, by Evarts B. Greene and Richard B. Morris. 2nd edition..., A
Harper encyclopedia of the modern world : a concise reference history from 1760 to the present
Heritage U.S.A
Heritage USA
Hier hielt die Welt den Atem an
history of a nation
history of the American worker, A
Introduction (1 min 24 s)
James Otis - Writs of assistance (3 min 44 s)
Jeunes nations et la révolution américaine, Les
John Jay, the nation and the court
john jay: unpublished papers, 1743-1780.
Joseph Warren oration on the massacre (5 min 02 s)
Life history of the United States. the New World, The
Life of George Washington
making of a nation 1775-1789, The
Making of a revolutionary: 1745-1780, The
Middle Atlantic colonies
Modern times in Europe
new American nation series, The
Những tài liệu căn bản về lịch sử Hoa Kỳ
Northeastern colonies
Nous, peuple des Etats-Unis : Hamilton, Madison, Jay et la constitution ; traduit de l'americain par Nina Godneff
Patrick Henry- House of Burgess (2 min 08 s)
peacemakers the geat powers and American independence, The
peacemakers: the great powers and american independence., the
peacemakers, The : the great powers and American independence
Perspectives on early American history : essays in honor of Richard B. Morris
Prehistory to 1774 : the New World
Richard B. Morris and American history in the twentieth century, c2004:
Select cases of the Mayor's Court of New York City 1674-1784
Seven who shaped our destiny : the Founding Fathers as revolutionaries
Significant documents in United States history
Southern colonies
spirit of 'seventy-six, The : the story of the American Revolution as told by participants
spirits of seventy-six, The : the story of the American Revolution as told by participants
studies in the early history of american law, with special reference to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Studies in the history of American law, with special reference to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, by Richard B. Morris,...
times that tried men's souls, 1770-1783, The
Townshend's comment (33 s)
treasury of great reporting, A : "literature under pressure" from the sixteenth century to our own time
Turbulent times : America in the nuclear age, 1946-1962 : [selections]
U.S.A. : the history of a nation
U.S. Department of Labor Bicentennial history of the American worker, The
Unpublished papers...
westward movement, 1832-1889, The
William Pitts reply - 14 Jan. 1766 (5 min 07 s)
Winning of the peace, The : 1780-1784
Witness at the Creation. Hamilton, Madison, Jay, and the Constitution
Witnesses at the creation : Hamilton, Madison, Jay, and the Constitution
כאן רגש העולם : גדולי העתונאים מספרים על המאורעות שזיעזעו את העולם <1793-<1961
כאן רגש העולם : גדולי העתונאים מספרים על המאורעות שזיעזעו את העולם 1961-1793
Published also as Studies in history, economics and public law, ed. by the Faculty of political science of Columbia university, no. 316
Thesis--Columbia University, 1930