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Marrin, Albert
マリン, アルバート
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Heller, Johnny
Juvenile Collection (Library of Congress)
1812, the war nobody won
Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War
airman's war, The : World War II in the sky
airman's war: world war ii in the sky, the
America and Vietnam : the elephant and the tiger
Andrew Jackson and the American people
Aztecs and Spaniards : Cortés and the conquest of Mexico
Black gold : the story of oil in our lives
church of england in the first world war, the
Commander in Chief Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War
Cowboys, Indians, and gunfighters : the story of the cattle kingdom
D-Day and the invasion of Europe
Doctor Jenner and the speckled monster
Dr. Jenner and the speckled monster : the search for the smallpox vaccine
Empires lost and won, 1997:
Empires lost and won : the Spanish heritage in the Southwest
Flesh and blood so cheap : the Triangle fire and its legacy
Freedom's champion : FDR and America's crisis
George Washington & the founding of a nation
great adventure, The : Theodore Roosevelt and the rise of modern America
great adventure: theodore roosevelt and the rise of modern america, the
Inca & Spaniard : Pizarro and the conquest of Peru
last crusade; the Church of England in the First World War., The
Little monsters : the creatures that live on us and in us
Mao Tse-tung and his China
Napoleon and the Napoleonic wars
Nicholas Murray Butler
oh, rats!: the story of rats and people
Old Hickory : Andrew Jackson and the American people
Overlord D-Day and the invasion of Europe
Plains warrior : Chief Quanah Parker and the Comanches
Saving the buffalo
sea king: sir francis drake and his times, the
sea king, The : Sir Francis Drake and his times
sea rovers: pirates, privateers, and buccaneers, the
sea rovers, The : pirates, privateers, and buccaneers
secret armies: spies, counterspies, and saboteurs in world war ii, the
secret armies, The : spies, counterspies, and saboteurs in World War II
secrets from the rocks: dinosaur hunting with roy chapman andrews
Sir Norman Angell
Sitting Bull and his world
spanish-american war, the
Stalin : Russia's man of steel
Struggle for a continent : the French and Indian wars, 1690-1760
Terror of the Spanish Main : Sir Henry Morgan and his buccaneers
Thomas Paine : crusader for liberty : how one man's ideas helped form a new nation
Unconditional surrender : U.S. Grant and the Civil War
Vetonamu sensō
Victory in the Pacific
Virginia's general : Robert E. Lee and the Civil War
volcano beneath the snow, A : John Brown's war against slavery
War and the Christian conscience, 1971.
War and the Christian conscience: from Augustine to Martin Luther King, Jr.
War clouds in the West : Indians & cavalrymen, 1860-1890
war for independence: the story of the american revolution, the
war for independence, The : the story of the American Revolution
Yanks are coming, The : the United States in the first World War
yanks are coming: the united states in the first world war, the
Years of dust : the story of the Dust Bowl
ヴェトナム戦争 : 象vs虎
スターリン : 冷酷無残、その恐怖政治