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Money-Ehrhardt, ..
Money, J.
Money, John,
Money, John William
マネー, ジョン
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Bouillot, Françoise (1954-....))
Ehrhardt, Anke A. (1940-)
Green, Richard (1936-...))
Harvard University
Musaph, H. (1915-1992)
Musaph, Herman (1915-1992)
Musaph, Herman (1915-1992))
Prometheus Books
Tucker, Patricia
Walker, H.T.
Williams, Gertrude Joanne
Wolman, Benjamin B.
Zubin, Joseph (1900-))
Adam en Eva in de maak : over man of vrouw zijn
Adam principle, The : genes, genitals, hormones & gender : selected readings in sexology
armed robbery orgasm, The : a lovemap autobiography of masochism
biographies of gender and hermaphroditism
breathless orgasm, The : a lovemap biography of asphyxiophilia
Contemporary sexual behavior: critical issues in the 1970s
destroying angel, The : sex, fitness & food in the legacy of degeneracy theory : graham crackers, Kellogg's corn flakes & American health history
disabled reader education of the dyslexic child., The
Êtes-vous un homme ou une femme ?
examination of some basic sexual concepts: the evidence of human hermaphroditism, an
Experience and identity Birmingham and the West Midlands 1760-1800
first person history of pediatric psychoendocrinology, A
Forensic sexology: paraphilic serial rape (Biastophilia) and lust murder (Erotophonophilia)
Gay, straight, and in-between the sexology of erotic orientation
Gendermaps : social constructionism, feminism, and sexosophical history
Genetics, hormones and behavior
Handbook of human sexuality ; John Money, consulting ed., 1993
Handbook of sexology
hermaphroditism: an inquiry into the nature of a human paradox
History and Ideology
John Money : a tribute
Kaspar Hauser syndrome of "psychosocial dwarfism", The : deficient statural, intellectual, and social growth induced by child abuse
Körperlich-sexuelle Fehlentwicklungen
Love and love sickness the science of sex, gender difference, and pair-bonding
Lovemap guidebook a definitive statement
Lovemaps : clinical concepts of sexual/erotic health and pathology, paraphilia, and gender transposition of childhood, adolescence, and maturity
Lovemaps fantasmes sexuels, "cartes" affectives et perversion
Man & woman, boy & girl the differentiation and dimorphism of gender identity from conception to maturity
Männlich, weiblich die Entstehung d. Geschlechtsunterschiede
Principles of developmental sexology
Procreation and Parenthood
psychologic study of man., The
Reading disability : progress and research needs in dyslexia
Reinterpreting the unspeakable
Selected personal and social issues
Sex errors of the body and related syndromes : a guide to counseling children, adolescents, and their families
Sex & Money
Sex research : new developments : [symposium held at the 3rd annual meeting of the New England Psychological Association in Boston, Nov. 9, 1963]
Sexual signatures : on being a man or a woman
Sin, science, and the sex police, 1998:
standardized road-map test of direction sense, A
Transsexualism and sex reassignment
Traumatic abuse and neglect of children at home
Unspeakable monsters in all our lives
Vandalized lovemaps : paraphilic outcome of seven cases in pediatric sexology
Venuses penuses : sexology, sexosophy and exigency theory
You Tarzan, me Jane : over werkelijke en vermeende (rol)verschillen tussen man en vrouw
"A thesis submitted by John [William] Money as a requirement for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Social Relations at Harvard University"--P. [ii]
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1952