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Bruchac, Joe
Bruchac, Joseph,
Green Corn Moon
ブルチャック, ジョセフ
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
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Bruchac, James
Caduto, Michael J.
Comport, Sally Wern
ebrary, Inc
Fadden, John Kahionhes
Heufkens, Richard
Jacob, Murv
Maciołek, 1963-
Maciołek, Marek
Plettenburg, Hermanna W.M.
Plettenburg, Manda
Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences
Van Thienen, Manuel (1953-...)
Witalec, Janet (1965- ))
Witherup, William
Wood, Carol
石川, 雄午 (1974-)
Above the line : new poems
boy who lived with the bears and other Iroquois stories, The
Code talker : a novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two
Dawn land : a novel
dromen van Jesse Brown, De
earth under Sky Bear's feet, The : Native American poems of the land
Entering Onondaga : poems
Faithful hunter
Flying heads and stone giants [dt.].
Fox song
ghost & I, The : scary stories for paticipatory telling
girl who helped thunder and other Native American folktales, The
girl who married the Moon, The : tales from Native North America
Gluskabe and the four wishes
good message of Handsome Lake, The
heart of a chief, The
Hidden roots
Indiaanse wijsheid
Indian mountain, 1971.
Iroquois stories. Date. Not Canadian.
Iroquois stories : heroes and heroines, monsters and magic
Joseph Bruchac
journal of Jesse Smoke, The : a Cherokee boy
Keepers of life : discovering plants through native American stories and earth activities for children
Keepers of the animals : Native American stories and wildlife activities for children
Keepers of the earth : native American stories and environmental activities for children
Keepers of the night : native stories and nocturnal activities for children
land van de dageraad, Het
Last stop, The : writings from Comstock Prison
last summer, The ; a collection of short stories
Lasting echoes : an oral history of Native American people
Légendes abénaquises
Light from another country, The : poetry from American prisons
Long memory and other poems
Long River : a novel
Many nations : an alphabet of Native America
maple thanksgiving, The
March toward the thunder
Native American animal stories
Native American games and stories
Native American gardening : stories, projects, and recipes for families
Native American literature : a catalog
Native American poetry
native American sweat lodge, The : history and legends
Native Americans in children's literature
native North American literary companion, The
Native stories from Keepers of life, The
Native stories from keepers of the animals, The
Native wisdom
New voices from the longhouse : an anthology of contemporary Iroquois writing
Next world, The : poems
North country : an anthology of contemporary writing from the Adirondacks and the Upper Hudson Valley
On second thought, c1995:
Our land
Our stories remember American Indian history, culture, & values through storytelling
poetry of pop, The
Raccoon's last race : a traditional Abenaki story
Raven tells stories : an anthology of Alaskan native writing
Remembering the dawn poems
return of Skeleton Man, The
Roots of survival : Native American storytelling and the sacred
Sacajawea : the story of Bird Woman and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Sagesse des Indiens d'Amérique
Seeing the circle
Sie nannten ihn Slon-he die Geschichte des Sitting Bull
Skeleton man
Smoke rising : the Native North American literary companion
Songs from this Earth on turtle's back : contemporary American Indian poetry
soudaine solitude, Une : entretiens avec Joseph Bruchac et Manuel Van Thienen ; suivi d'un choix de textes
Steinerne Riesen und fliegende Köpfe : abenteuerl. Geschichten d. Irokesen
story of the Milky Way, The : a Cherokee tale
Strážci Země : příběhy domorodých kmenů Severní Ameriky
suivis d'un choix de textes
Survival this way : interviews with American Indian poets
Teacher's guide to Keepers of the earth : native stories and environmental activities for children
There are no trees inside the prison
Thirteen moons on turtle's back : a Native American year of moons
Trail of Tears, The
Turkey Brother, and other tales: Iroquois folk stories
Turtle meat and other stories
Turtle's race with Beaver : a traditional Seneca story
verhaal Aarde, Het : inheemse volken aan het woord over milieu en ontwikkeling
Vindörnen, 1986:
waters between, The : a novel of the dawn land
When the Chenoo howls : native American tales of terror
Whisper in the dark
Wietrzny Orzeł i inne opowieści Abenaków
Wind Eagle and other Abenaki stories
winter people, The
Wolf mark
Words from the house of the dead; an anthology of prison writings from Soledad
Words from the house of the dead : prison writings from Soledad : a facsimile version of a book, 6:15 unlock--a kite from Soledad, handmade by prisoners & smuggled out
zweethut van de Indianen, De : verhalen en achtergrond
それでもあなたの道を行け : インディアンが語るナチュラル・ウィズダム
Thesis (M.A.)--Syracuse University, 1966