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Fitch, Henry S.
Fitch, Henry Sheldon
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Echelle, Alice F.
Echelle, Anthony A.
Greene, Harry W. (1945-)
Henderson, Robert W.
MacGregor, Ronald L.
Maslin, T. Paul
Pisani, George R.
Rodgers, Thomas Lathan (1909-))
Seigel, Richard A.
University of California, Dec
University of Kansas. Natural History Museum
Aspects of reproduction and devolopment in the prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster)
Autecology of the copperhead
biogeographical study of the ordinoides artenkreis of garter snakes (genus Thamnophis), A
Breeding cycle in the ground skink, Lygosoma laterale
camparison of growth and rattle strings in the three species of rattlesnakes, A
Clutch and litter size in New World reptiles
comparison of growth and rattle strings in three species of rattlesnakes, A
Demographic Study of the Ringneck Snake (Diadophis punctatus) in Kansas, A
Ecological observations on the woodrat, Neotoma floridana
Ecological Study of the Carter Snake, Thasmophis sirtalis, An
ecological study of the collared lizard (Crotaphytus collaris), An
Ecology and Exploitation of Ctenosaura similis
Ecology of the opossum on an natural area in northeastern Kansas
Field Observations on Rare or Little Known Mainland Anoles
Field Study of Costa Rican Lizards, A
field study of the growth and behavior of the fence lizard., A
field study of the Kansas ant-eating frog, Gastrophryne olivacea, A
field study of the slender glass lizard, "Ophisaurus attenuatus", in northeastern Kansas, A
forest habitat of the University of Kansas Natural History Reservation, The
Further study of the garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis, in Northeastern Kansas
Home ranges, territories, and seasonal movements of vertebrates of the natural history reservation
Kansas snake community, A : composition and changes over 50 years
Life history and ecology of the five-lined skink, Eumeces fasciatus
Life history traits of the western diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox) studied from roundup samples in Oklahoma
Litter size in New World reptiles
Narural History of the Racer Coluber Constrictor
Natural history and systematic account of the Pacific Coast alligator lizards (genus Gerrhonotus)
Natural history of the racer Coluber constrictor
Natural history of the six-lined racerunner (Cnemidophorus sexlineatus)
Observations on Rattle Size and Demography of Prairie Rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis) and Timber Rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) in Kansas
Observations on the Mississippi kite in southwestern Kansas
Occurrence of the garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis, in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains
Population structure and biomass of some common snakes in Central North America
Population Structure and Survivorship in Some Costa Rican Lizards
Reproductive cycles in tropical reptiles
Reproductive cycles of lizards and snakes
Sexual size differences in reptiles
Sexual Size Differences in the Mainland Anoles
Sexuel Size Differences in the Genus sceloporus
Spiders of the University of Kansas natural history reservation and Rockefeller experimental tract
Spiders of the University of Kansas Natural History Reservetion and Rockefeller Experimental Tract
Structure, Movements and Reproduction in three Costa Rican Bat Communities
Sympatry and interrelationships in Costa Rican anoles
Temperature responses in free-living amphibians and reptiles of northeastern Kansas
University of Kansas Natural History Reservation in 1965, The
Variation in clutch and litter size in New World reptiles
Variation in the Central American Iguanid Lizard, Anolis Cupreus, With the Desoription of a New Subspecies
Variation in the skinks (Reptilia: Lacertilia) of the skiltonianus group
Vertebrate ecology and systematics : a tribute to Henry S. Fitch
Thesis (M.A.)--University of California, Dec. 1932