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Randisi, Bob
Randisi, Robert J.
ランディージ, ロバート・J
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Carter, Nick (see also from)
Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress)
Cutter, Tom (1951-; see also from)
Cutter, Tom (see also from)
Deaver, Jeffery (1950-)
Kelton, Elmer
Kimura, Jirō (1949-)
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Meek, Joseph (1951-; see also from)
Meek, Joseph (see also from)
Private Eye Writers of America
Randall, Joshua (1951-; see also from)
Randall, Joshua (see also from)
Roberts, J. R. (1951-; see also from)
Sisters in Crime
Wallace, Marilyn
Weston, Cole (see also from)
Yamamoto, Yayoi (1949-)
木村, 二郎 (1949-)
菊地, よしみ (1951-)
Beaten to a pulp : a Miles Jacoby novel
Blood of angels
Blood on the arch : a Joe Keough mystery
Boot Hill : an anthology of the west
bottom of every bottle, The
Bounty on a baron
Bullets and lies : a Talbot Roper novel
Cold blooded
Crow Bait
dead of Brooklyn, The : a Nick Delvecchio novel
Deadly allies Private Eye Writers of America/Sisters in Crime collaborative anthology
Death express
Denver draw
disappearance of Penny, The
Double the bounty
East of the arch
Eight sure-bet stories of gambling and crime
Everybody kills somebody sometime
Eye for justice, An : the third Private Eye Writers of America anthology
Eye in the ring
Eyes have it, The : the first Private Eye Writers of America anthology
eyes still have it, The : the Shamus award-winning stories
First cases : First appearances of classic private eyes: volume 2
First cases. new and classic tales of detection
First cases. the early years of famous detectives
Frontier justice, c1991:
Full contact, 1984:
Funeral for a friend
funeral of Tanner Moody, The
ghost with blue eyes, The
Greatest hits : original stories of assassins, hit men, and hired guns
guilt edge and other stories, The
ham reporter, The : a novel of Bat Masterson in twentieth-century New York
Hard look
Hey there (you with the gun in your hand)
High stakes : 8 sure-bet stories of gambling and crime
In the shadow of the arch
Invitation to a hanging
Judgment at Firecreek
Justice for hire : the fourth Private Eye Writers' of America anthology
Koroshi no gureitesuto hittsu
Lancaster's orphans
lawman, The
Leaving Epitaph : the sons of Daniel Shaye
Lethal ladies II
Luck be a lady, don't die
masks of Auntie Laveau, The : a Gil and Claire Hunt mystery
Mayhem in the midlands : anthology of mysteries
Mean streets : the second Private Eye Writers of America anthology
Mearī doa o shimete
Miracle of the jacal
money gun, The
Most wanted : a lineup of favorite crime stories
Murder is the deal of the day : a Gil and Claire Hunt mystery
Mystery street
Nájemní zabijáci
No exit from Brooklyn : a Nick Delvecchio mystery
offer, The : a novel of suspense
Pearl River Junction
Picasso flop, The
Plains murder
Private eye novel
Private Eye Writers of America presents
Reluctant Pinkerton, The : A Talbot Roper Novel
Same time, same murder : [a Gil and Claire Hunt mystery]
Separate cases
shamus game, The : 14 new stories of detective fiction
Shamus winners, The : America's best private eye stories.
sons of Daniel Shaye, The : leaving Epitaph
sons of Daniel Shaye, The : Pearl River Junction
Steinway collection, The
Steinway Connection
Tantei wa nemuranai
Tanteitachi no hokori
Texas bluff
The Steinway collection.
Tin star
Turnback creek
Under the gun, 1990:
Vengeance Creek
Writing the private eye novel, 1997:
Writing the private eye novel : a handbook
You're nobody 'til somebody kills you