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Gregori, Vil'âm K.
Gregory, W. K.
Gregory, William K.
Gregory, William King
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American Museum of Natural History
Columbia University
Conrad, George Miles (1911-1964))
Hellman, Milo (1872-)
La Monte, Francesca Raimonde (1895-)
Osborn, Henry Fairfield (1857-1935)
Raven, Henry Cushier
Roigneau, Marcelle
Roigneau, Marcelle ([from old catalog])
Williston, Samuel W. (1851-1918)
Williston, Samuel Wendell (1851-1918)
Woodward, Arthur Smith (1864-1944; Sir))
anatomy of the gorilla, The : the studies of Henry Cushier Raven
Biographical memoir of Frank Michler Chapman, 1864-1945.
Biographical memoir of Henry Fairfield Osborn 1857-1935
Body-forms of theBlack Marlin (Makaira nigricans marlina) and Striped Marlin (Makaira mitsukurii) of New Zeland and Australia
Creation by evolution a consensus of present-day knowledge as set forth by leading authorities in non-technical language that all may understand
Development of occlusion
Èvolûciâ lica ot ryby do čeloveka
Evolution emerging : a survey of changing patterns from primeval life to man
Family tree of the vertebrates;
Fish skulls : a study of the evolution of natural mechanisms
Fossil anthropoids of the Yale-Cambridge India expedition of 1935
fossil teleost fish of the snapper family (Lutianidae) from the lower Oligocene of Florida, A
hall of the age of man, The
humerus from fish to man, The
In quest of gorillas
Introduction to human anatomy
Man's place among the anthropoids three lectures on the evolution of man from the lower vertebrates
Memorial of Bashford Dean
monotremes and the palimpsest theory, The
Notes on the principles of quadrupedal locomotion and of the mechanism of the limbs in hoofed animals
On the structure and relations of Notharctus, an American eocene primate
orders of mammals, The
origin and evolution of the human dentition, The
osteology of Luvarus Imperialis a Scombroid fish, The : a study in adaptive evolution
osteology of the reptiles, The
Our face from fish to man a portrait gallery of our ancient ancestors and kinsfolk together with a concise history of our best features
Paleocene faunas of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico
Pareiasaurs versus placodonts as near ancestors to the turtles
Present status of the problem of the origin of the Tetrapoda : with special reference to the skull and paired limbs
revision of the Mongolian Titanotheres, A
Studies in comparative myology and osteology; No. IV : A review of the evolution of the lacrymal bone of vertebrates with special reference to that of mammals
Theories of the origin of birds
world of fishes, The : a survey of their habits, relationships, and history, and a guide to the fish collections of the American Museum of Natural History
Biography: 2 l
Also published in Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, v. 27, February, 1910
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Columbia University