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Èrdëš, P.
Erdoes, Paul
Erdös, P.
Erdős, Pál
Erdös, Paul
Erdös, Paul L.
Erdős, Paul (mathématicien)
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Bollobás, Béla
Bolyai János Matematikai Társulat
Hajnal, András (1931-....))
Jarnik, Vojtěch (1897-1970))
Lovász, László (1948-)
Rado, Richard (1906-1989))
Rényi, Alfréd
Sós, Vera T.
Spencer, Joel H. (1946- ))
Surányi, János (1918-2006))
Turán, Pál (1910-1976))
Turán, Paul
Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yerushalayim
University of Notre Dame Affiliation (see also from)
Vesztergombi, Katalin
Analytic and elementary number theory a tribute to mathematical legend Paul Erdös
art of counting, The : selected writings
Bemerkung über lineare Kongruenzen, Eine
Bizonyos számtani sorok tőrzsszámairól
boy who loved math; the improbable life of paul erdős, the
Budapest phil. Diss. - Sárospatak
Collected papers of Paul Turán.
Colloquium on Combinatorial Theory and Its Applications, Balatonfüred, Hungary, 1969. Combinatorial theory and its applications, v. 1, 1970:
Combinatorial set theory partition relations for cardinals
Combinatorics, Paul Erdős is Eighty.
distribution of values of a certain class of arithmetic functions at consecutive integers, The
Erdős centennial
Four papers on probability
Gráfok előírt fokú pontokkal
Infinite and finite sets.
Introduction à la théorie des nombres Quelques problèmes de la théorie des nombres
Lagrange's theorem and thin subsequences of squares
Lattice points
man who loved only numbers, The : b the story of Paul Erdős and his search for mathematical truth
Monochromatic and zero sum sets of nonincreasing diameter
my brain is open
Old and new problems and results in combinatorial number theory
On a classical problem of probability theory
On a problem of I. Schur annals of mathematics, vol. 43, No. 3, July, 1942 ; (received June 11, 1941) ; to the memory of I. Schur
On a property of families of sets
On cantor's series with convergent
On chromatic number of infinite graphs
On divergence of random power series
On extremal properties of the derivates of polynominals
On set-systems having large chromatic number and not containing prescribed subsystems
On some of my favourite problems in various branches of combinatorics
On sums and products of integers
On the central limit theorem for samples from a finite population
On the graph of large distances
On the length of the longest head-run
On the minimal number of vertices representing the edges of a graph
On the statistical theory of partitions
On the strenght of connectedness of a random raph
On the structure of inner set mappings
On two problems of information theory
Period. math. Hung.
Probabilistic methods in combinatorics
problem on well ordered sets, A
Problems and results on polynomials and interpolation
Professional mail surveys
Ramsey és Van der Waerden tételével kapcsolatos kombinatorikai kérdésekről
Ramsey remainder
Recent trends in combinatorics
Selectivity of hypergraphs
Size Ramsey numbers involving matchings
Some applications of graph theory and combinatorial methods to number theory and geometry
Some arithmetical properties of the corvergents of a continued fraction
Some asymptotic formulas on generalized divisor functions I.
Some extremal problems on infinite graphs
Some further statistical properties of the digits in Canton's series
Some problems concerning the structure of random walk paths
Some remarks on set theory, 7.
Some unsolved problems
Studies in pure mathematics : to the memory of Paul Turán
Sur la décomposition de l'espace euclidien en ensembles homogènes
Theory of graphs proceedings of the colloquium held at Tihany, ... Sept. 1966.
to Paul Erdoes on his 60th birthday
To prove and conjecture excerpts from three lectures
Topics in the theory of numbers
Towards a theory of geometric graphs
Über die arithmetischen Mittelwerte der Lagrangeschen Interpolationspolynome
Über diophantische Gleichungen der Form n! x y und n! m! x
Über Folgen ganzer Zahlen
Valogatott fejezetek a szamelméletbol
Veroâtnostnye metody v kombinatorike