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Stigler, George
Stigler, George J.
Stigler, George Joseph
スティグラー, G. J
スティグラー, ジョージ・J
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Becker, Gary S
Becker, Gary S.
Blank, David M.
Boulding, Kenneth E. (1910-1993)
Boulding, Kenneth Ewart (1910-1993)
Culebras, Josefina
Freidland, Claire
Friedland, Claire
Friedman, Milton (1912-2006))
George J. Stigler, Chairman Universities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research
Kindahl, James K
Kindahl, James K.
Long, Clarence D.
Miyashita, Tōtarō (1923-)
Platas, Gonzalo
Rees, Albert
Sherwin, Robert A
Sherwin, Robert A.
Stigler, G J
Stigler, George
Stigler, George J
Stigler, George J.
Stigler, Geroge J
Stigler, Stephen M
Taylor, Edward (1884-1964))
Uchida, Tadao (1923-1986)
University of Chicago
Wolman, Leo
内田, 忠夫 (1923-1986)
宮下, 藤太郎 (1923-)
Adam Smith and Public Choice: A Reply to Anderson
Administered Prices and Oligopolistic Inflation
Adoption of the Marginal Utility Theory, The
Alfred Marshall's Lectures on Progress and Poverty.
Appendices to "Domestic Servants in the United States, 1900-1940"
Appendices to "Employment and Compensation in Education"
Appendix A: Engineering Earnings
APPENDIX A Transcriptional Editing of Raw Data
Appendix B: Census Data on Number of Engineers and Chemists, 1890-1950
APPENDIX B The Construction of the NBER Index Numbers
APPENDIX C Prices of Individual Commodities and Commodity Groups
Appendix C: Tables on Engineering Enrollments and Degrees
APPENDIX D Prices in Specffic Cycles
Appendix D: Projections of the Number of Engineering Degrees to 1970
APPENDIX E Antitrust Cases
Appendix E: Reconciliation of 1940 and 1950 Census Counts of Engineers
Appendix F: Tables on Years of School Completed for Engineers, 1940, and Age and Years of School Completed for Engineers and Scientists, 1950
Appendix G: Analysis of Rates of Transfer out of the Engineering Profession for Engineers with Varying Years of Experience
Appendix H: The Engineers Joint Council Surveys
Appendix I: Advertisements for Engineers
Babbage on Monopoly Price
Behavior of Industiral Prices, The
Business Concentration and Price Policy
Business Services, The
Buyer's Prices, Seller's Prices, and Price Flexibility: Reply.
Capital and Rates of Return in Manufacturing Industries
Characteristics of Servants, The
Charles Babbage (1791 + 200
Citation Practices of Doctorates in Economics., The
Classification and Characteristics of Service Industries, The
Commission on Financial Structure and Regulation: Its Organization and Recommendations: Discussion., The
Comparison of Indexes for Individual Commodities
Competition and the Rate of Return
Concluding Observations
Conference Handbook., The
Demand and Supply: Methods of Analysis
Demand and Supply of Scientific Personnel, The
Determinants of Participation in Presidential Elections: Comment.
Development of Utility Theory. I, The
Development of Utility Theory. II, The
Director's Law of Public Income Redistribution.
Dispersion of Price Movements, The
Division of Labor is Limited by the Extent of the Market, The
Does Economics Have a Useful Past?
Domestic Servants in the United States, 1900-1940
Economic Problems in Measuring Changes in Productivity
Economics of Carl Menger, The
Economics of Conflict of Interest, The
Economics of Information, The
Economics-The Imperial Science?
Economist as Preacher, The
Economists and the Problem of Monopoly., The
Effects of Economic Policies on Votes for the Presidency: Some Evidence from Recent Elections: Comment., The
Elementary and Secondary Education
Emergence of "the" Problem of Industrial Prices, The
Employment and Compensation in Education
Errata Statement for "Capital and Rates of Return in Manufacturing Industries"
Ethics of Competition: The Friendly Economists, The
Ethics of Competition: The Unfriendly Critics, The
Events, Ideology & Economic Theory: The Determinants of Progress in the Development of Economic Analysis. Edited by Robert V. Eagly. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1968. Pp. 207. $8.50.
Extent of the Market., The
Factors Affecting the Income of Servants
Factors in the Trend of Employment in the Service Industries
Factors Influencing the Demand for Engineers and Chemists
Flow of Investment and the Pattern of Rates of Return, The
Frank Hyneman Knight
General Economic Conditions and National Elections.
General View of the Technological Professions, A
Goals of Economic Policy., The
Growth of the Service Industries, The
Gustibus Non Est Disputandum., De
Henry Calvert Simons.
Higher Education
Historical Note on the Short Run: Marshall and Friedman, A
Historical Preface, A
History of Economics Society Distinguished Fellow
Imperfections in the Capital Market
Indexes for Commodity Groups and for All Commodities Included
Industrial Prices, as Administered by Dr. Means.
Introduction and Summary
Introduction to "Business Concentration and Price Policy"
Introduction to "Capital and Rates of Return in Manufacturing Industries"
Introduction to Privacy in Economics and Politics, An
Introduction to "Trends in Output and Employment"
Introductory material for "Capital and Rates of Return in Manufacturing Industries", including Preface
Journals of Economics., The
Kinky Oligopoly Demand Curve and Rigid Prices, The
Labor and Capital
Law Enforcement, Malfeasance, and Compensation of Enforcers
Law or Economics?
Legislative Tenure
Literature of Economics: The Case of Berle and Means., The
Literature of Economics: The Case of the Kinked Oligopoly Demand Curve., The
Marshall on Market Price
Marshall's Principles After Guillebaud
Nature of the Price Indexes, The
Nobel Lecture: The Process and Progress of Economics.
Notes on the History of the Giffen Paradox
Notes on the Theory of Duopoly
Number of Servants, 1900-1940, The
Opportunity Cost of Marriage: Comment.
Optimum Enforcement of Laws., The
Origin of the Sherman Act, The
Palgrave's Dictionary of Economics.
Pattern of Citation Practices in Economics, The
Perfect Competition, Historically Contemplated
Preview of the General Findings, A
Price and Non-Price Competition
Price Data: Procedures, Characteristics, and Limitations, The
Process and Progress of Economics, The
Production and Distribution in the Short Run
Professional Service Industries, The
[Professor Stigler Revisited]: Comment
Profits of Defense Contractors.
Public Regulation of the Securities Markets
Rate of Investment, The
Retail Trade
Ricardian Theory of Value and Distribution, The
Ricardo or Hollander? [Ricardian Growth Theory: A Resolution of Some Problems in Textual Interpretation].
Routine Personal Services
Schumpeter's History of Economic Analysis
Sketch of the History of Truth in Teaching., A
Smith's Travels on the Ship of State
Staff Reports: Wages, Employment, and Productivity
Studies in the history of production and distribution theories, 1870-1895
Successes and Failures of Professor Smith., The
Supply and Demand for Mathemeticians and Physicists
Supply of Engineers, The
Theory of Oligopoly
Theory of price
Trends in Employment in the Service Industries
Trends in Output and Employment
Trends in Output per Worker
Wages and Hours of Servants, The
Xistence of X-Efficiency., The
An expansion of this work was published in 1941 under title: Production and distribution theories, 1870 to 1895
On spine: Production and distribution theories, 1870-95
Thesis--University of Chicago