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Erickson, Millard
Erickson, Millard J.
Erickson, Millard John
エリクソン, ミラード・J
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Aguro, Tsutomu (1954-)
Hedberg, Phyllis
Heflin, James L. (1943-)
Itō, Yoshimi (1933-)
McMaken, Sandra
Taylor, Justin (1976-)
Uda, Susumu (1933-)
伊藤, 淑美 (1933-)
宇田, 進 (1933-)
安黒, 務 (1954-)
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Christian theology
Concise dictionary of Christian theology
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Does it matter if God exists? : understanding who God is and what he does for us
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evangelical mind and heart, The : perspectives on theological and practical issues
God in three persons : a contemporary interpretation of the trinity
God the Father almighty : a contemporary exploration of the divine attributes
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Kirisutokyō shingaku.
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Man's need and God's gift : readings in Christian theology
New dimensions in evangelical thought : essays in honor of Millard J. Erickson
new evangelical theology, 1968., The
New life, The : readings in Christian theology
Old wine in new wineskins : doctrinal preaching in a changing world
Postmodernizing the faith : evangelical responses to the challenge of postmodernism
Reclaiming the center : confronting evangelical accommodation in postmodern times
Relativism in contemporary Christian ethics
Responsive faith
Salvation : God's amazing plan
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