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Ham, Ken
Ham, Kenneth A.
Ham, Kenneth Alfred
ハム, ケン
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Gitt, Werner (1937-)
Hillard, Todd A.
Hodge, Bodie
Malott, Cindy
Sarfati, Jonathan
Usami, Masami (1931-)
Ware, A. Charles
Werkgroep In Genesis
Wieland, Carl
宇佐神, 正海 (1931-)
101 signs of design : timeless truths from Genesis
20 most-asked questions about creation, evolution & the book of Genesis answered
22 questions from kids on sin, salvation and the Christian life
All God's children : why we look different
Already compromised : Christian colleges took a test on the state of their faith and the final exam is in
Already gone : why your kids will quit church and what you can do to stop it
Ansāzu bukku : Sōzō shinkaron soshite sōseiki ni tsuite yoku tazunerareru 20 no shitsumon to sono kotae
Answer book for teens : your questions, God's answers
answers book for kids. 22 questions from kids on sin, salvation and the Christian life, The
answers book, The : detailed answers at layman's level to 12 of the most asked questions on creation/evolution
Begin : a journey through scriptures for seekers and new believers
Charlie and trike in the Grand Canyon adventure
Colin Gunn & Joaquin Fernandez present
complete Creation Museum adventure, The : a field trip in a book
D is for dinosaur : a rhyme book and more
Darwin's plantation : evolution's racist roots
Demolishing contradictions, volume 2
Demolishing supposed Bible contradictions : exploring forty alleged contradictions
Demolishing supposed Bible contradictions. exploring forty alleged contraditions
Did Eve really have an extra rib? : and other tough questions about the Bible
Dinosaurs for kids
Dinosaurs of Eden : a biblical journey through time
Evolution - Die große Täuschung 1. Mose 1-11 - der Schlüssel zur Verteidigung des Glaubens
Fragen an den Anfang die Logik der Schöpfung
Genesis and the decay of the nations, 1991:
Gibt es wirklich einen Gott?
Grand Canyon adventure
How do we know the Bible is true?
Indoctrination : public schools and the decline of Christianity in America
is for Adam, A : the gospel from genesis
It's designed to do what it does do
Itsuwari no kōzu : Shinka
Journey through the Creation Museum : prepare to believe.
Kyōryū ga yattekita : Kyōryū no nazo to seisho
Kyōryū ni hontō wa nani ga okottano
leugen, De : evolutie
lie, evolution, The
mensonge, l'évolution la Genèse, la clé pour défendre votre foi, Le
My creation Bible :
N is for Noah trusting God and his promises
New Answers Book 2, The
new answers book 4, The : over 25 questions on creation/evolution and the bible
One hundred and one signs of design
One race, one blood : a biblical answer to racism
Public schools and the decline of Christianity in America
Raising godly children in an ungodly world : leaving a lasting legacy
Revised and expanded answers book
revised & expanded answers book, The : the 20 most-asked questions about creation, evolution & the book of Genesis answered!
Shinkaron itsuwari no kōzu
Six days : the age of the earth and the decline of the church
True account of Adam and Eve
updated & expanded answers book.
Waarom is er lijden en dood?
War of the world views
War of the worldviews audiobook
War of the worldviews : powerful answers for an evolutionized culture
Warum? Antworten auf die Frage nach Leid und Tod
What really happened to the dinosaurs? 1990:
Why won't they listen : the power of creation evangelism
アンサーズブック : 創造、進化論、そして創世記についてよく尋ねられる20の質問とその答え
偽りの構図 : 進化
恐竜がやってきた!! : 恐竜の謎と聖書