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Seaborg, G. T.
Seaborg, Glenn
Seaborg, Glenn T.
Seaborg, Glenn Theodore
Siborg, G.
Siborg, G. T.
Siborg, Glenn
Siborg, Glenn T.
Сиборг, Г
Сиборг, Г. Т
Сиборг, Гленн Т.
جلين سيبروج،
سيبروج، جلين،
シーボーグ, グレン・T
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American chemical society symposium 1999 New Orléans (La. (see also from)
Hyde, Earl K.
Katz, Joseph J. (nar. 1912)
Katz, Joseph Jacob (1912-)
Katz, Joseph Jacob (nar. 1912)
Loeb, Benjamin S. (1914-)
Loveland, Walter D.
Loveland, Walter David
Perlman, Isadore
Rigd, David W.
University of California, Berkeley, May 1937
Valens, Evans G.
Wilkes, Daniel W.
Виноградов, А. П. (1895-1975)
Виноградов, Александр Павлович (1895-1975)
Родин, С. С
كوريس، وليام
根津, 弘幸
Actinide elements. Edited by Glenn T. Seaborg,... and Joseph J. Katz,... Also included, The : Index for the "Transuranium elements", Division 4. Vol. 14, I... [Foreword by Lewis L. Strauss.]
actinide series
Âdernye modeli i tâželye âdra ; Dvaždy magičeskie âdra
Adventures in the atomic age, 2001:
Adventures in the atomic age : from Watts to Washington
Akuchinido no kagaku
Čelovek i atom
Chemia aktynowców
Chemical Properties of Elements 99 and 100 (Einsteinium and Fermium)
chemist in the White House, A : from the Manhattan Project to the end of the cold war
chemistry of the actinide elements..., The
Chimija aktinidnych èlementov
Comprehensive inorganic chemistry
Człowiek i atom ; z ang. przeł. Zbigniew Rek. - Warszawa, 1975
Delenie âder
Delenie jader
Detailed radioactivity properties
Education and the atom an evaluation of Government's Role in science education and information, especially as applied to nuclear energy
elements beyond uranium, 1990:, The
Elements of the Universe, by Glenn T. Seaborg and Evans G. Valens
Éléments transuraniens artificiels ["Man-made transuranium elements"], par Glenn T. Seaborg,... Traduit par M. [Marc] de Trentinian,... et A. [Armande] de Trentinian..., Les
Èlementy vselenoj
Environment and society in transition
First Weighing of Plutonium, The
Fission phenomena
Formas y polaridades de la moleculas
Genso towa nanika
Himiâ aktinidnyh èlementov
interaction of fast neutrons with lead, The
Iskusstvennye transuranovye èlementy
Izotopy toriâ, protaktiniâ i urana ; Estestvennaâ i iskusstvennaâ radioaktivnost'
Izotopy torija, protaktinija i urana
Jinkō chō uran genso
Kennedy, Khruschev, and the Test Ban
Kennedy, Khrushchev and the test ban ; with the assistance of Benjamin S. Loeb ; foreword by W. Averell Harriman, 1981
Least-squares adjustment of the atomic contents
Maitriser le futur : progrès scientifique, conséquences sociales et implications politiques
Man and atom.
Man-made transuranium elements.
Metody sinteza tâželyh âder
Metody sinteza tjaželych jader
Modern alchemy selected papers of Glenn T. Seaborg
Modern nuclear chemistry
My career as a radioisotope hunter
New Element Americium (Atomic Number 95), The
New Element Berkelium (Atomic Number 97), The
New Element Californium (Atomic Number 98), The
New Element Curium (Atomic Number 96), The
New York times, Feb. 27, 1999:
Nuclear chemistry
Nuclear milestones : a collection of speeches
nuclear properties of the heavy elements., The
Origin of elements in the solar system : implications of post-1957 observations
Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy: A Collection of Speeches
plutonium story, The : the journals of professor Glenn T. Seaborg, 1939-1946
Principles of atomic and molecular structure. W. N. Lipscomb. Theoretical and applied nuclear chemistry. P. R. O'Connor. The Actinide series. G. T. Seaborg
Prvky vesmíru
scientist speaks out a personal perspective on science, society and change, A
Shapes and polarities of molecules Formas y polaridades de las moléculas
Stemming the tide : arms control in the Johnson years
synthetic elements, The
Systematics of nuclear structure and radioactivity
Table of isotopes, 1953:
Tablica izotopov
Theoretical and applied nuclear chemistry
Transurane : synthetische elemente
Transuranium Elements: a Half Century
transuranium elements and nuclear energy, 1948., The
Transuranium Elements – Present Status: Nobel Lecture, The
Transuranium elements : products of modern alchemy
Transuranium elements , research papers, edited by Glenn T. Seaborg,... Joseph J. Katz,... and Winston M. Manning,... Part I, The : Papers 1.1 to 6.39. [Part II : Papers 6.40 to 22.80. Foreword, by David S. Lilienthal. Plutonium project record by Arthur H. Compton. Introduction, by Robert S. Mulliken.]
transuranium elements, The : research papers
Transuranovye èlementy
Transuranowce : pierwiastki wytworzone przez człowieka
Uplatnění radioizotopů ve světě
Искусственные трансурановые элементы
Человек и атом
Элементы Вселенной
Ядерные свойства тяжелых элементов
الانسان و الذرة
元素とは何か : 新化学入門
Thesis (Ph. D. in Chemistry)--University of California, Berkeley, May 1937