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Walles, Johannes
Wallis, ..
Wallis, Joh
Wallis, Johannes
Wallis, John
Wallis, John (Doctor)
Wallis, John (Dr)
Wallisius, Ioannes
Wallisius, Iohannes
Wallisius, Joannes
Wallisius, Johannes
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Amman, Johann Konrad (1669-1724))
Archimedes, 287 (212 a.C.)
Beeley, Philip
Briggs, Henry (1561-1630)
Halley, Edmond (1656-1742)
Huygens, Christiaan (1629-1695)
Mayer, Uwe
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Scriba, Christoph J.
Sharp, A.
Sherwin, Henry
Stedall, Jacqueline A.
Abhandlung von der Sprache und wie Taubstumme darin zu unterrichten sind
Account of logarithms
algebra tractatus, De
answer to Dr. Sherlock's Examination of the Oxford decree. -, An
Archimedis Syracusani Dimensio circuli, et Eutocii Ascalonitae in hanc commentarius.
Arhirnēdous tou Syrakousiou Psammitēs, kai Kyklou metrēsis. Evtokiou Askalōnitou eis aftēn Ypomnēma.
arithmetic of infinitesimals, The : John Wallis 1656
Arithmetica Infinitorum, Sive Nova Methodus Inquirendi in Curvilineorum Quadraturam, aliaque difficiliora Matheseos Problemata
brief and easie explanation of the Shorter catechism presented by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, to both Houses of Parliament, and by them approved ..., A
Brief van Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695) aan John Wallis (1616-1703)
Brieven van Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695) aan John Wallis (1616-1703)
Brieven van Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687), geschreven aan John Wallis (1616-1703)
Brieven van John Wallis (1616-1703) aan Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695)
. @Claudii Ptolemaei Harmonicorum libri tres, ex codd. mss. undecim nunc primum graece editus, Johannes Wallis,... recensuit, edidit...
Commercium epistolicum. -
Correspondence of John Wallis (1616-1703)
correspondence of John Wallis, The
defence of the Royal Society. -, A
defense of infantbaptism. -, A
defense of the Christian Sabbath. -, A
Dimensio circuli
discourse of gravity and gravitation, A
doctrine of the blessed Trinity briefly explained in a letter to a friend., The
Due correction for Mr Hobbes.
Elenchus geometriæ Hobbianæ. Sive, Geometricorum, quæ in ipsius Elemtis philosophiæ, à Thoma Hobbes Malmesburiensi, proferuntur, refutatio.
fifth letter. -, A
Geometriæ professoris Saviliani exercitationes tres
Grammar of the English language : with an introductory grammatico-physical treatise on speech, or on the formation of all speech sounds
Grammatica lingua Anglicanae
Grammatica linguae anglicanae, cui praefigitur, de loquela sive sonorum formatione, tractatus grammatico-physicus. Et (nunc primum) subjungitur, Praxis grammatica.
Harmonīkōn biblia 3; Harmonicorum libri tres. Ex cod. mss. vndecim, nunc primum græce editus.
Harmonikōn biblia g'
history of the life and surprizing adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell
Insitutio logicae, ad communes usus accommodata.
Institutio logicæ ad communes usus accommodata. Per Johannem Wallis.
Ioannis Wallisii Grammatica lingvae Anglicanae. : Cvi praefigitvr de loqvela sive de sonorvm omnivm loqvelarivm formatione tractatvs grammatico-physicvs.
Jeremiae Horroccii ... Opera posthuma ...
Johann Conrad Ammans [...] Redende Taube, oder Abhandlung von der Sprache, worin nicht nur die menschliche Stimme und Kunst zu reden aus ihren Gründen und Usprüngen hergeleitet wird, sondern auch Mittel angegeben werden, wie Taube und Stumme die Sprache lernen, Uebelredende ihre Fehler verbessern, und man einen Redenden blos durch die Augen verstehen lernen könne : Nebst zweyen Auszügen aus D. Johann Wallis Schriften von dieser Materie.
Johannis Wallis ... De loquela, sive Sonorum formatione, tractatus grammatico-physicus.
Johannis Wallis geometriae professoris saviliani in celeberrima academia oxoniensi, Grammatica linguae anglicanae ...
Johannis Wallis S. T. D. geometriæ professoris Savaliani, in celeberrima Academia Oxoniensi, Opera mathematica : tribus voluminibus contenta.
Johannis Wallis S. T. D. Geometriae professoris Savaliani in celeberrimi Academia Oxoniensi, De algebra tractatus : historicus& practicus : anno 1685 Anglice editus; nunc auctus Latine : cum variis appendices ; partim prius Anglice, partim nunc primum editis.
Johannis Wallis S. T. D. Geometriae professoris Savaliani in celeberrimi Academia Oxoniensi, Operum mathematicarum volumem tertium quo continentur Claudii Ptolemaei, Porphyrii Manuelis Brynennii Harmonica : Archimedis Arenarius & Dimensio circuli; cum Eutocii commentario : ... : accedunt Epistolae nonnulae, rem mathematicam spectantes et Opuscula quadam miscellanea.
Johannis Wallis S.T.D., geometriæ professoris Saviliani, in celeberrima Academia Oxoniensi Opera mathematica.
Johannis Wallisii [...] Elenchvs Geometriæ Hobbianæ, Sive, Geometricorum, quæ in ipsius Elementis Philosophiæ, a Thoma Hobbes Malmesburiensi proferuntur, Refutatio.
Johannis Wallisii ... Operum mathematicorum, pars prima, 1657.
Johannis Wallisii, Ss. Th. D. Geometriae Professoris Saviliani in Celeberrima Academia Oxoniensi, Arithmetica Infinitorvm, Sive Nova Methodus Inquirendi in Curvilineorum Quadraturam, aliaq[ue] difficiliora Matheseos Problemata.
Johannis Wallisii STD. In celeberrima academia Oxoniensi geometriæ professoris Saviliani Exercitationes tres. De cometarum distantiis investigandis. De rationum & fractionum reductione. De periodo Juliana.
John Wallis's grammar of the English language
loquela, sive Sonorum formatione, tractatus grammatico-physicus, De
Mathematical Tables contrived after a most Comprehensive Method ...
Mechanica: sive, De motu, tractatus geometricus ...
method of teaching deaf and dumb persons to read
motu, tractatus geometricus, De
necessity of regeneration, The : in two sermons to the University of Oxford
Numeri ad lunae theoriam Horroccianam
Observationes coelestes
October 1668-1671
Opera mathematica
Opera posthuma; viz. Astronomia Kepleriana, defensa & promota.
Operum mathematicorum pars prima
Operum mathematicorum volumen tertium
. @Porphyrii in Ptolemaei harmonica commentarius
Prose works.
Redende Taube, oder Abhandlung von der Sprache
Sermons; now first printed from the original manuscripts of John Wallis, D.D Some time savilian professor of geometry in the University of Oxford, keeper of the archives, member of the Royal Society, and chaplain in Ordinary to King Charles II. To which are prefixed, memoirs of the author, with some original anecdotes; and a recommendatory introduction, by the Rev. C.E. De Coetlogon, M.A.
Sherwin's Mathematical Tables contrived after a most Comprehensive Method : containing, Wallis's Account of logarithms, Halley's and Sharp,s Ways of constructing them; with Newton's Contraction of Brigg's Logarithms, viz. a Table of Logarithms from 1 to 101000 ... and Tables of natural and logarithmic Sines, Tangents, Secants and Versed-sines, to every minute of the Quadrant.
Sonorum formatio: ut et Jo: Conradi Amman Surdus loquens
sonorum formatione, De
supernatural philosopher: or, The mysteries of magick, in all its branches, clearly unfolded., The : Containing 1. an argument proving the perception which mankind have, by all the senses, of damons, genii, or familiar spirits ... All exemplified in the history of the life and surprizing adventures of mr. Duncan Campbell ...
Surdus loquens
Table of Logarithms of the numbers from 1 to 101000 ...
Tables of Natural and logarithmic Sines, Tangents and Secants and Versed-sines
temporis aequatione diatriba, De
Thomas Hobbes quadratura circuli ... 1669:
Tractatus 2, prior de cycloide et corpor. inde genitis, posterior de cissoide et corpor. inde genitis et de curvarum tum linearum euthnusie, tum superficium platusmo
Tractatus duo. Prior, De cycloide et corporibus inde genitis. Posterior, Epistolaris; in qua agitur, De cissoide, et corporibus inde genitis: et De curvarum, tum linearum eythynsei, tum superficierum platysmo.
Tractatus duo, prior de Cycloide et corporibus inde genitis, posterior, epistolaris, in qua agitur de cissoide et corporibus inde genitis et de curvarum tum linearum @ , tum superficierum @, Johannis Wallisii,...
Tractatus II, prior de cycloide et corpor. inde genitis, posterior de cissoide et corpor. inde genitis et de curvarum tum linearum euthnusei, tum superficium platusmōi
treatise of algebra, both historical and practical. Shewing the original, progress, and advancement thereof, from time to time; and by what steps it hath attained to the heighth at which it now is. With some additional treatises, I. Of the Cono-cuneus ... II. Of angular sections; and other things relating thereunto, and to trigonometry. III. Of the angle of contact ... IV. Of combinations, alternations, and aliquot parts., A