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Walles, Johannes
Wallis, ..
Wallis, Joh
Wallis, Johannes
Wallis, John
Wallis, John (Doctor)
Wallis, John (Dr)
Wallisius, Ioannes
Wallisius, Iohannes
Wallisius, Joannes
Wallisius, Johannes
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Manuscript language material
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Amman, Johann Konrad (1669-1724))
Archimedes, 287 (212 a.C.)
Beeley, Philip
Flamsteed, John (1646-1719))
Halley, Edmond (1656-1742)
Huygens, Christiaan (1629-1695)
Mayer, Uwe
Newton, Isaac (1642-1727))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Scriba, Christoph J. (1929-)
Sharp, A.
Sherwin, Henry
Stedall, Jacqueline A.
Account of logarithms
Aetonensis, clavis mathematicae denuo limata sive Potius fabricata
Arithmetica infinitorum
Arithmétique des infinis : une nouvelle méthode de rechercher dans la quadrature des curvilignes et les autres problèmes plus difficiles des mathématiques
Brieven van Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687), geschreven aan John Wallis (1616-1703)
Commercium epistolicum. -
Defense of infant-baptism in answer to a letter (here recited) from an anti-pædo-baptist
Defense of the christian sabbath in answer to a treatise of mr. tho. bampfield pleading for saturday-sabbath
Dimensio circuli
Doctrine of the blessed trinity, briefly explained in a letter to a friend
Due correction for Mr Hobbes.
fifth letter. -, A
Grammar of the English language : with an introductory grammatico-physical treatise on speech (or on the formation of all speech sounds)
Grammatica linguae Anglicanae
... @Harmonicorum libri tres. Ex codd. mss. undecim nunc primum graece editus. Johannes Wallis,... recensuit, edidit, versione et notis illustravit et auctarium [de Veterum harmonica ad hodiernam comparata] adjecit
Harmonikōn biblia g'
History of Sandford and Merton.
Institutio logicæ ad communes usus accommodata
Johannis Wallis Opera mathematica
Johannis Wallisii... Elenchus geometriae Hobbianae. Sive, geometricorum, quae in ipsius Elementis philosophiae, à Thoma Hobbes Malmesburiensi proferuntur, refutatio.
Johannis Wallisii STD. In celeberrima academia Oxoniensi geometriæ professoris Saviliani Exercitationes tres. De cometarum distantiis investigandis. De rationum & fractionum reductione. De periodo Juliana.
John Wallis : writings on music
Kyklu metrēsis
Life of faith in two sermons to the university of oxford, at st. mary's church there, on the 6th of january 1683/4 and june the 29th following
loquela, sive sonorum formatione, tractatus grammatico-physicus., De
Mathematical Tables contrived after a most Comprehensive Method ...
Mechanica : sive, de motu, tractacus geometricus. Authore Johanne Wallis... Pars prima [-tertia].
Numeri ad lunae theoriam Horroccianam
Oeuvres de Fermat
Opera mathematica. Pars 1
Opera posthuma
Operum mathematicorum volumen tertium
Prose works. Selections
Redende Taube, oder Abhandlung von der Sprache
Sermons; now first printed from the original manuscripts of John Wallis, D.D Some time savilian professor of geometry in the University of Oxford, keeper of the archives, member of the Royal Society, and chaplain in Ordinary to King Charles II. To which are prefixed, memoirs of the author, with some original anecdotes; and a recommendatory introduction, by the Rev. C.E. De Coetlogon, M.A.
Surdus loquens
Table of Logarithms of the numbers from 1 to 101000 ...
Tables of Natural and logarithmic Sines, Tangents and Secants ...
temporis aequatione diatriba, De
Thomas Hobbes quadratura circuli ... 1669:
Tractatus duo, prior de Cycloide et corporibus inde genitis, posterior, epistolaris, in qua agitur de cissoide et corporibus inde genitis et de curvarum tum linearum @ , tum superficierum @, Johannis Wallisii,...
Treatise of algebra both historical and practical, shewing the original, progress and advancement thereof... Of the "cono-cuneus", being a body representing in part a "conus", in part a "cuneus", A : Of angular sections and other things relating thereunto and to trigonometry : Of the angle of contact : the inceptives of magnitudes and the composition of motions : Of combinations, alternations and aliquot parts