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Comfort, Ray
Comfort, Raymond Marshall
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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Cameron, Kirk (1970-)
Cebula, Robert
Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)
Gunther, Richard (1953-)
Hohnstadt, Cedric
Wesley, John (1703-1791)
Zaremba, Piotr
101 annoying things about air travel
101 annoying things about other drivers
101 of the dumbest things people have done : comfort for those who do dumb things
101 things children can do to annoy their parents
America, America, 1994:
America, America : the healing of a nation
Bride of heaven, pride of hell
Changing hearts and minds about life's hot-button issues
Comfort, the feeble-minded : consolation for people who do dumb things : an autobiography
Conquer your fear, share your faith : evangelism made easy --
defender's guide for life's toughest questions, The : preparing today's believers for the onslaught of secular humanism
Einstein, God, and the Bible : forever dispelling the myth of an atheistic Albert Einstein
Everyday evangelism, c1995:
Everyday evangelism : witnessing that works
evidence Bible, The : irrefutable evidence for the thinking mind-- : the New Testment
Evolution : a fairy tale for grown ups
Evolution: A Fairy Tale for Grownups
God doesn't believe in atheists
God speaks : finding hope in the midst of hopelessness
Hell's Best Kept Secret
Hell's best kept secrets, c2002:
Hitler, God, and the Bible
Hollywood be thy name
How to know God exists : scientific proof of God
How to live forever-- without being religious
How to win souls and influence people
Jak to robił Jezus? : wezwanie do powrotu do biblijnej ewangelii
Jake's fortune
Jaws without teeth
Journal of the Rev. John Wesley.
Kp. Najlepiej strzeżony sekret piekła
Luther gold
Made in heaven : the indiscriminate stealing of God's amazing design
Militant evangelism
Moody gold
Najlepiej strzeżony sekret piekła : [wydanie poszerzone wraz ze studium]
Nøglen til effektiv evangelisation
Nothing created everything : the scientific impossibility of atheistic evolution
On the origin of species
One hundred and one annoying things about air travel
One hundred and one annoying things about other drivers
One hundred and one of the dumbest things people have done
One hundred one things children can do to annoy their parents
origin of species, The
Out of the comfort zone : the authorized autobiography
Overcoming insomnia : practical help for those who suffer from sleep deprivation
Overcoming panic attacks
Ray Comfort's 101 things children can do to annoy their parents
school of biblical evangelism, The : 101 lessons : how to share your faith simply, effectively, biblically-- the way Jesus did
Scratch and sniff
Sixfold gold
Spurgeon gold
Threefold gold
ultimate deception, The
Way of the Master, The
Wesley gold
What did Jesus do?
What your nose shows
World religions in a nutshell
You can lead an atheist to evidence, but you can't make him think : answers to questions asked by angry atheists
You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think: Answers to Questions from Angry Skeptics
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Way of the Master, The