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Andongni H. Kedesiman
Cordesman, A. H.
Cordesman, Anthony
Cordesman, Anthony H.
Kedesiman, Andongni H.
Kūrdismān, Antūnī
Kūrdsmān, Antūnī
أنتوني كوردسمان
أنتوني هـ. كوردسمان،
كوردزمان، أنتوني،
كوردسمان، أنتوني
كوردسمان، أنتوني هـ.،
كوردسمان، أنطوني،
安东尼 H. 科德斯曼
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Language material
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Al-Rodhan, Khalid R.
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Center for strategic and international studies Washington, D.C.
Frederiksen, Paul S.
Hashim, Ahmed
Hess, Ashley
Kleiber, Martin
Mausner, Adam
Sullivan, William D.
Wagner, Abraham R.
ابو غزالة، محمد عبد الحليم
مركز دراسات الوحدة العربية، بيروت
Afghan and Falklands conflicts, The
Afghan national security forces : what it will take to implement the ISAF strategy
After the storm, 1993
After the storm the changing military balance in the Middle East
Arab-Israeli conflicts, 1973-1989, The
Arab-Israeli military balance and the art of operations, The : an analysis of military lessons and trends and implications for future conflicts
Arab-Israeli military forces in an era of asymmetric wars
Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and the UAE challenges of security
challenge of biological terrorism, The
changing dynamics of energy in the Middle East, The
Chinese military modernization and force development : a Western perspective
Chinese military modernization : force development and strategic capabilities
Cyber-threats, information warfare, and critical infrastructure protection : defending the U.S. homeland
Cyber-threats, information warfare, and critical infrastructure protection : defending the US homeland
Deterrence in the 1980s, 1982-
Energy Developments in the Middle East
evolving military balance in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia., The
global oil market, c2006:, The
global oil market, The : risks and uncertainties
great Iraqi missile mystery the military importance of the ababil, al samoud II, al fatah, badr 2000, and al huysayn, The
Gulf and the search for strategic stability, The : Saudi Arabia, the military balance in the Gulf, and the trends in the Arab-Israeli military balance
Gulf and the West, The : strategic relations and military realities
Gulf military forces in an era of assymetric wars
Gulf military forces in an era of asymmetric wars
ʻIrāq taḥta al-iḥtilāl, al- : tadmīr al-dawlah wa-takrīs al-fawḍá
If we fight Iraq Iraq and the conventional military balance
If we fight Iraq the lessons of the fighting in Afghanistan
Imbalance of power : an analysis of shifting U.S.-Soviet military strengths
"instant lessons" of the Iraq War, The : main report
Iran and Iraq : the threat from the northern Gulf
Iran dilemmas of dual containment
Iran-Iraq war and western security 1984-87: strategic implications and policy options, The
Iran's developing military capabilities
Iran's military forces and warfighting capabilities the threat in the Northern Gulf
Iran's military forces in transition conventional threats and weapons of mass destruction
Iran's weapons of mass destruction : the real and potential threat
Iranian weapons of mass destruction : the birth of a regional nuclear arms race?
Iraq and the United States : creating a strategic partnership
Iraq and the war of sanctions conventional threats and weapons of mass destruction
Iraq's insurgency and the road to civil conflict
Iraq's military capabilities in 2002 : a dynamic net assessment
Iraq sanctions and beyond
Iraq war strategy, tactics and military lessons, The
IRAQ WAR, THE : Strategy, Tactics, and Military Lessons
Iraqi armed forces on the edge of war
Iraqi force development : conditions for success, consequences of failure
Iraqi intelligence and security forces and capabilities for popular warfare
Iraqi security forces : a strategy for success
Israel and Syria : the military balance and prospects of war
Israeli-Palestinian war escalating to nowhere, The
Jordanian arms and the Middle East balance
Korean military balance, The : comparative Korean forces and the forces of key neighboring states
Kuwait recovery and the security after the Gulf War
lessons and non-lessons of the air and missile campaign in Kosovo, The
lessons of Afghanistan war fighting, intelligence, and force transformation, The
lessons of modern war, The
Lessons of the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah war
military balance in the Middle East, The
Munāhaḍat iḥtilāl al-ʻIrāq, 2005:
NATO's central region forces : capabilities, challenges, concepts
North African military balance, The : force developments in the Maghreb
nuclear balance, The
Pakistan - Violence Versus Stability : a National Net Assessment : a Report of the CSIS Burke Chair in Strategy
Peace and war : the Arab-Israeli military balance enters the 21st century
Perilous prospects : the peace process and the Arab-Israeli military balance
Salvaging American defense the challenge of strategic overstretch
Saudi Arabia enters the 21st century
Saudi Arabia enters the twenty-first century : the military and international security dimensions
Saudi Arabia : guarding the desert kingdom
Saudia Arabia guarding the desert kingdom
Strategic threats and national missile defenses : defending the U.S. homeland
Terrorism, asymmetric warfare, and weapons of mass destruction : defending the U.S. homeland
Terrorism, asymmetric warfare, and weapons of mass destruction : defending the US homeland
Threats and Non-threats from Iran
tragedy of arms, A : military and security developments in the Maghreb
Transnational threats from the Middle East : crying wolf or crying havoc?
U.S. forces in the Middle East resources and capabilities
United States forces in the Middle East
US defence policy: resources and capabilities
US defense policy
WAR AFTER THE WAR Strategic Lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan, THE
war after the war, The : strategic lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan
Weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East regional trends, national forces, warfighting capabilites, delivery options, and weapons effects
Western strategic interests in Saudi Arabia
Winning in Afghanistan : creating effective Afghan security forces
Withdrawal from Iraq : assessing the readiness of Iraqi security forces
Yilake zhan zheng : zhan lüe, zhan shu ji jun shi shang de jing yan jiao xun
الاحتلال الامريكي للعراق : المشهد الاخير
الدروس المستفادة من حرب العراق
‏العراق تحت الاحتلال :‏ ‏تدمير الدولة وتكريس الفوضى /‏
القدرات العسكرية الايرانية
بعد العاصفة : التغيرات فى التوازان العسكرى بالشرق الاوسط
حرب العراق
دروس الحرب الحديثة
عراق تحت الاحتلال
مناهضة احتلال العراق : دراسات ووثائق أمريكية وعالمية
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