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Aebersold, J.
Aebersold, Jamey
Aebersold, Wilton Jameson
Jamey Abersold
Jamie Aebersold
Jazz and Rock Instructional
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Carter, Ron (1937-)
Coolman, Todd
Davis, Drummer
Davis, Steve
Galper, Hal
Goldsby, John (1958-)
Haerle, Dan
Hart, Christian
Levine, Mark (1938-)
Parker, Charlie (1920-1955)
Raney, Jimmy (1927-1995))
Reid, Rufus
Soph, Ed
Wheeler, Tyrone
13 Favorite standards : for all musicians! instrumentalists & vocalists : play-a-long book & recording set : for all levels
28 modern jazz trumpet solos
8 Jazz Originals : play-a-long book & recording set.
All-time standards : for all musicians, instrumentalists & vocalists.
Autumn leaves
Bass lines : exactly as recorded
Bebop & beyond : 8 great jazz tunes
Bebop jazz solos.
Benny Golson
Body and soul
Cedar Walton : nine jazz originals.
Chat qui pêche, Le : for orchestra, soprano, and jazz quartet
Classic songs from the Blue Note jazz era.
David Baker : eight classic jazz originals : play-a-long book & recording set
Eight classic jazz originals
Eight jazz classics
For you to play ... Benny Golson
For you to play... Cedar Walton
For you to play ... David Liebman
For you to play ... Horace Silver
For you to play... : ten favorite jazz standards
'Four & more' : play-a-long book & recording set : B3 organ and drums : for all instruments.
Giant steps : 6 challenging jazz songs in all 12 keys
got rhythm changes in all keys, I
Herbie Hancock for all instruments
Horace Silver
How to play jazz and improvise.
Indiana : and other American standards
Instrumental music.
Jamey Aebersold's jazz ear training.
Jazz and rock
Jazz : anyone can improvise
Jazz ear training
Jazz piano voicings
Jazz rhythm section 'work-out'
Jazz solos
John Coltrane : 8 jazz originals.
John Coltrane : for all musicians : play-a-long book & recording set
Lennie Niehaus plays the blues : solos/etudes in all keys.
Magic of Miles
Maiden voyage
Major and minor in every key
Major & minor in every key : learn to improvise jazz
Major & minor : learn to improvise jazz : in every key : play-a-long book & 2 cd set.
Millennium blues : blues with a twist for the third millennium! : play-a-long book & CD set for all instrumentalists.
Minor blues in all keys : for all instruments
new approach to jazz improvisation., A
Night and day
Nine classic jazz originals
Nothin' but blues jazz and rock
Only for the brave
Out of this world : play-a-long book & recording set
Payin' dues : nine tunes based on standards : play-a-long book & recording set
Play duets with Jimmy Raney : 10 original jazz duets for you to play
Rhythm section work-out
Rock and roll saxophone
Ron Carter bass lines : exactly as recorded : transcribed from Volume 35 Cedar Walton record of Jamey Aebersold's play-a-long series
Ron Carter : play-a-long book and 2 CD set for all instrumentalists.
'Round midnight : timeless jazz classics : melodies, chords, lyrics (sheet music style), transposed parts for all instrumentalists & vocalists.
Salsa, Latin jazz
Sammy Nestico : play-a-long book and recording set : for all instruments
scale syllabus, The : as played by David Liebman & Jamey Aebersold : for all musicians, instrumentalists & vocalists.
scale syllabus", The : for all musicians, instrumentalists & vocalists : as played by David Liebman & Jamey Aebersold.
Singers! It had to be you
Sonny Rollins.
Sound advice : play-a-long book and CD set : for all instrumentalists
St. Louis blues : traditional Dixieland classics : CD set : for all instrumentalists and vocalists
Stolen moments : for all instrumentalists
Street of dreams : play-a-long book & CD set for all instrumentalists & vocalists
Style and analysis : jazz drums
Sugar : melodies, chords, lyrics, transposed parts for all instrumentalists
Swing, swing, swing : melodies, chords, lyrics (sheet music style), transposed parts for all instrumentalists & vocalists : play-a-long book & recording set
Thelonious Monk : play-a-long book & recording set
Time to play music! : jazz and rock : play-a-long book & recording set
Todd Coolman bass lines : exactly as recorded
Tom Harrell : for all instruments.
Tom Harrell : play-along book & recording set
Tune up! : in all 12 keys!
Tunes you thought you knew : reharmonized standards
Turnarounds, cycles & II/V7's : play-a-long book & recording set : intermediate/advanced
Unforgettable standards
Wayne Shorter : jazz classics
What's new : play-a-long book and CD set : for all instruments and vocalists.
When I fall in love : romantic ballads : play-a-long book and CD set : for all instrumentalists and vocalists.
Yesterdays : Jerome Kern's jazz classics : play-a-long book & recording set
You can play... Sonny Rollins
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Aebersold Loops, Volume 1
Jazz Ear Training
Vol.2 Nothin' But Blues
Volume 1: How to Play Jazz and Improvise
Volume 10: David Baker
Volume 100: St. Louis Blues
Volume 101: Andy Laverne: Secret of the Andes
Volume 102: Jerry Bergonzi: Sound Advice
Volume 103: David Sanborn
Volume 104: Free Play
Volume 105: Dave Brubeck
Volume 106: Lee Morgan - Sidewinder
Volume 11: Herbie Hancock
Volume 12: Duke Ellington
Volume 13: Cannonball Adderley
Volume 14: Benny Golson
Volume 15: Payin' Dues
Volume 16: Turnarounds, Cycles & II/V7s
Volume 17: Horace Silver
Volume 18: Horace Silver
Volume 19: Dave Liebman
Volume 2: Nothin' but Blues
Volume 20 - Jimmy Raney
Volume 21: Gettin' It Together
Volume 22: Favorite Standards
Volume 23: One Dozen Standards
Volume 24: Major and Minor
Volume 25: All-Time Standards
Volume 26: Scale Syllabus
Volume 27: John Coltrane
Volume 28: John Coltrane
Volume 29: Play Duets With Jimmy Raney
Volume 3: The II-V7-I Progression
Volume 30: Rhythm Section Workout (Keyboard & Guitar)
Volume 30: Rhythm Session Workout (Bass & Drums)
Volume 31: Bossa Novas
Volume 32: Ballads
Volume 33: Wayne Shorter
Volume 34: Jam Session
Volume 35: Cedar Walton
Volume 36: Bebop & Beyond
Volume 37: Sammy Nestico
Volume 38: Classic Songs From the Blue Note Era
Volume 39: Swing Swing Swing
Volume 4: Movin' On
Volume 40: Round Midnight
Volume 41: Body and Soul
Volume 42: Blues in All Keys
Volume 43: Groovin' High
Volume 44: Autumn Leaves
Volume 45: Bill Evans
Volume 46: Out Of This World
Volume 47: I Got Rhythm - Changes in All Keys
Volume 48: Duke Ellington - In a Mellow Tone
Volume 49: Sugar
Volume 5: Time to Play Music
Volume 50: The Magic of Miles Davis
Volume 51: Night & Day
Volume 52: Collector's Items
Volume 53: Clifford Brown
Volume 54: Maiden Voyage
Volume 55: Jerome Kern - Classics
Volume 56: Thelonious Monk
Volume 56: Thelonius Monk
Volume 57: Minor Blues in All Keys
Volume 58: Unforgettable Standards
Volume 59: Invitation
Volume 6: Charlie Parker: All "Bird"
Volume 60: Freddie Hubbard
Volume 61: Burnin'
Volume 62: Wes Montgomery
Volume 63: Tom Harrell
Volume 64: Salsa/Latin Jazz
Volume 65: Four & More
Volume 66: Billy Strayhorn - Lush Life
Volume 67: Tune Up
Volume 68: Giant Steps
Volume 69: Charlie Parker - Bird Goes Latin
Volume 7: Miles Davis
Volume 70: Killer Joe
Volume 71: East of the Sun
Volume 72: Street of Dreams
Volume 73: Oliver Nelson - Stolen Moments
Volume 74: Latin Jazz
Volume 75: Countdown to Giant Steps
Volume 76: David Baker - How to Learn Tunes
Volume 77: Paquito D'Rivera
Volume 78: Jazz Holiday Classics
Volume 79: Avalon
Volume 8: Sonny Rollins
Volume 80: Indiana
Volume 81: Contemporary Standards and Originals
Volume 82: Dexter Gordon
Volume 83: The Brecker Brothers
Volume 84: Dominant Seventh Workout
Volume 84: Dominant Seventh Workout (disc 1)
Volume 85: Tunes You Thought You Knew
Volume 86: Horace Silver - Shoutin' Out
Volume 86: Shoutin' Out
Volume 87: Benny Carter - When Lights Are Low
Volume 88: Millennium Blues
Volume 89: Darn That Dream
Volume 9: Woody Shaw
Volume 90: Odd Times
Volume 91: Players' Choice
Volume 92: Lennie Niehaus
Volume 93: What's New
Volume 94: Hot House
Volume 95: 500 Miles High
Volume 96: Latin Quarter
Volume 97: Standards With Strings
Volume 98: Antonio Carlos Jobim
Volume 99: Tadd Dameron: Soultrane