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Geisler, Norm
Geisler, Norman
Geisler, Norman L.
Geisler, Norman Leo
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Brooks, Ronald M. (1957-)
Brooks, Ronald Matthew (1957-)
Holden, Joseph M.
Howe, Thomas A.
Moreland, J.P. (1948-)
Moreland, James Porter (1948-)
Nix, William E.
Rhodes, Ron
Schultz, Samuel J.
Turek, Frank
Wal, E.J.
Wal, Emiel van der
Watkins, William D.
Answering Islam : the crescent in light of the cross
apologetics of Jesus, The : a caring approach to dealing with doubters
atheist's fatal flaw, The : exposing conflicting beliefs
Biblical errancy : an analysis of its philosophical roots
Bringing Your Faith To Work
Chosen but free
Christ: the theme of the Bible
Christian apologetics
Christian ethics
Christianity Under Attack
Come, Let Us Reason an Introduction to Logical Thinking
Conversational evangelism
Cosmos: Carl Sagan's Religion for the Scientific Mind
Creating God in the image of man?
Creation and the courts
Decide for yourself : how history views the Bible
Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, I
Essential Doctrine Made Easy
Ethics: alternatives and issues
False gods of our time
From God to us : how we got our Bible
Gambling : a bad bet
general introduction to the Bible, A
Genesis debate, The
If God, why evil? : a new way to think about the question
Ik heb te weinig geloof om een atheïst te zijn
In defense of the Resurrection
infiltration of the New Age, The
Integrity at work : finding your ethical compass in a post-Enron world
Introduction to philosophy : a Christian perspective
Is Rome the true church? : a consideration of the Roman Catholic claim
Knowing the truth about Creation : how it happened and what it means for us
Legislating morality is it wise? is it legal? is it possible?
life and death debate, The : moral issues of our time
Living loud : defending your faith
Love Is Always Right
Love your neighbor : thinking wisely about right and wrong
Making sense of Bible difficulties : clear and concise answers from Genesis to Revelation
Matters of life and death : calm answers to tough questions about abortion and euthanasia
Miracles and the modern mind : a defense of biblical miracles
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Perspectives : understanding and evaluating today's world views
Philosophy of religion
popular handbook of archaeology and the Bible, The
Popular survey of the new testament
Predestination and free will
Reasons for belief : easy-to-understand answers to 10 essential questions
Reasons for faith : making a case for the Christian faith : essays in honor of Bob Passantino and Gretchen Passantino Coburn
reincarnation sensation, The
Religion of the Force
Roots of evil
Signs and wonders
Systematic theology
Thomas Aquinas : an evangelical appraisal
To Drink or Not to Drink: A Sober Look at the Problem
To everyone an answer : a case for the Christian worldview : essays in honor of Norman L. Geisler
To Understand the Bible—Look for Jesus
Unshakable Foundations
Waarom kwaad als God bestaat?
What Augustine says
When critics ask : a popular handbook on Bible difficulties
When cultists ask, 1997:
When skeptics ask
Who Made God?
Why I am a Christian : leading thinkers explain why they believe
Why I Resigned from The Evangelical Theological Society}}
Worlds apart : a handbook on world views