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Geisler, Norm
Geisler, Norman
Geisler, Norman L.
Geisler, Norman Leo
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Brooks, Ronald M. (1957-)
Brooks, Ronald Matthew (1957-)
Holden, Joseph M.
Howe, Thomas A.
Moreland, J.P. (1948-)
Moreland, James Porter (1948-)
Nix, William E.
Rhodes, Ron
Schultz, Samuel J.
Turek, Frank
Wal, E.J.
Wal, Emiel van der
Watkins, William D.
Answering Islam : the crescent in light of the cross
Any Absolutes? Absolutely!
Apologetics in the New Age : a Christian critique of pantheism
apologetics of Jesus, The : a caring approach to dealing with doubters
Baker encyclopedia of Christian apologetics
battle for the resurrection, The
Believe… in the Resurrection of the Flesh, I
Biblical errancy : an analysis of its philosophical roots
Big Book of Christian Apologetics, The: An A to Z Guide
Bringing Your Faith To Work
Chosen but free : a balanced view of God's sovereignty and free will
Christian apologetics, c1976:
Christian ethics : contemporary issues and options
Christian Ethics: Options and Issues
Christianity Under Attack
Come, let us reason : an introduction to logical thinking
Conversational evangelism
Conviction Without Compromise'' (Harvest House }}
Cosmos: Carl Sagan's Religion for the Scientific Mind
Counterfeit Gospel of Mormonism, The
Creating God in the image of man?
Creation and the courts
Creation & the courts : eighty years of conflict in the classroom and the courtroom : with never before published eyewitness testimony from the Scopes II Trial
Creator in the Courtroom—Scopes II, The
Dating of the New Testament, The
Decide for yourself : how history views the Bible
Defending inerrancy : affirming the accuracy of Scripture for a new generation
Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, I
Essential Doctrine Made Easy
Ethics: alternatives and issues
False gods of our time
From God to us : how we got our Bible
G3n3sis debate, The : three views on the days of creation
Gambling : a bad bet
general introduction to the Bible, 1968., A
Genesis debate, The
If God, Why Evil?
Ik heb te weinig geloof om een atheïst te zijn
In defense of the Resurrection
Integrity at work : finding your ethical compass in a post-Enron world
Introduction to philosophy : a Christian perspective
Is man the measure? : an evaluation of contemporary humanism
Is Rome the true church? : a consideration of the Roman Catholic claim
Is Your Church Ready?
Knowing the truth about Creation, 1989:
Legislating morality : is it wise? is it legal? is it possible?
life and death debate, The : moral issues of our time
Living loud : defending your faith
Making sense of Bible difficulties : clear and concise answers from Genesis to Revelation
Matters of life and death : calm answers to tough questions about abortion and euthanasia
Miracles and the modern mind : a defense of biblical miracles
nieuwe manier van denken over de vraag: Waarom kwaad als God bestaat?, Een
Official Webpage}}
Options in contemporary Christian ethics, c1981:
Origin science : a proposal for the creation-evolution controversy
Perspectives : understanding and evaluating today's world views
Philosophy of religion
popular survey of the New Testament, A
popular survey of the Old Testament, A : Norman L. Geisler.
Predestination and free will
Predestination & free will : four views of divine sovereignty & human freedom
Reasons for belief : easy-to-understand answers to 10 essential questions
Reasons for faith : making a case for the Christian faith : essays in honor of Bob Passantino and Gretchen Passantino Coburn
reincarnation sensation, The
Religion of the Force
Roman Catholics and Evangelicals : agreements and differences
roots of evil, The
Signs and wonders
Systematic theology : in one volume
Thomas Aquinas : an evangelical appraisal
To Understand the Bible—Look for Jesus
Vida en radical : defiende tu fe
What Augustine says
When critics ask : a popular handbook on Bible difficulties
When cultists ask, 1997:
When cultists ask : a popular handbook on cultic misinterpretations
When skeptics ask : a handbook on christian evidences
Why I am a Christian : leading thinkers explain why they believe
World's Apart
Worlds apart : a handbook on world views