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Baily, Francis
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Courcy, Alfred de (1816-1888))
Flamsteed, John (1646-1719)
Henderson, Thomas (1798-1844)
Herschel, John F. W. (1792-1871)
Herschel, John Frederick William (1792-1871)
La Caille, Nicolas Louis de (1713-1762)
Lalande, Joseph Jérome Le Français de (1732-1807)
Schnuse, C. H.
Schnuse, Christian Heinrich (1800-1878))
Schumacher, Heinrich Christian (1780-1850)
Wuhrer, Louis Charles
account of the Revd. John Flamsteed, the first Astronomer-Royal;, An
Account of the several life-assurance companies established in london containing a view of their respective merits and advantages
Appendix to The doctrine of life-annuities and assurances containing a paper read before the Royal Society, on a new method of calculating the value of life-annuities
Astronomical tables and formulæ together with a variety of problems explanatory of their use and application to which are prefixed The elements of the solar system
Catalogue of 9766 stars in the southern hemisphere
catalogue of stars of the British association for the advancement of science containing the mean right ascensions and North polar distances of eight thousand three hundred and seventy-seven fixed stars, reduced to January 1, 1850 together with their annual precessions, secular variations and proper motions, as well as the logarithmic constants for computing precession, aberration and nutation, The
catalogue of those stars in the Histoire céleste française of Jérôme Delalande, for which tables of reduction to the epoch 1800 have been published by Professor Schumacher., A
Doctrine of life annuities and assurances analytically investigated and practically explained
Étoiles Fixes divisées en Constellations Boréales et Australes d'après le Catalogue de Sir Francis Baily, President de la Societé Astronomique de Londres, Les
Experiments with the torsion rodfor determining the mean density of the Earth
Journal of a tour in unsettled parts of North America in 1796 & 1797
Memoir relative to the annular eclipse of the sun, which will happen on September 7, 1820
On a remarkable phenomenon that occurs in total and annular eclipses of the Sun
On the construction and use of some new tables for determining the apparent places of nearly 3000 principal fixed stars
On the method of determining the difference of meridians, by the culmination of the moon
Planisphère Céleste contenant les Principales Étoiles Visibles á l' Oeil Nu dans les Deux Hémisphères...d
Report on the new standard scale of the Royal Astronomical Society
rights of the stock-brokers defended against the attacks of the city of London, or, Arguments to shew that persons buying or selling stock only, by commission, do not come within the meaning of the word broker mentioned in the 6 Anne, c. 16 to which is added, a statement of the proceedings on this subject that have lately taken place in the Court of Requests, The
Tables for the purchasing and renewing of leases for terms of years certain and for lives ; with rules for determining the value of the reversion of estates after any such leases ; and for the solution of other useful problems ; adapted to general use. To which is added an appendix
Theorie der Lebensrenten, Lebensversicherungen, Witwenkassen und anderer ähnlichen Anstalten [...], Die
Théorie des annuités viagères et des assurances sur la vie, suivie d'une collection de tables relatives à ces matières.
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