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Monkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan
Sambasivan Swaminathan, Monkombu
Swaminathan, M. S.
Swaminathan, Monkombu Sambasivan
スワミナサン, モンコンブ. S
スワミナタン, M. S
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writer of accompanying material
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Balaji, V.
Chaudhary, Shalloo
Craft Education and Research Centre Affiliation (see also from)
Howard, H. W.
Institut français de Pondichéry, Département d'écologie
Kochhar, S. L.
M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (Chennai, India)
Medrano, Pedro
National Institute of Advanced Studies (Bangalore, India)
Prakken, Roelof
Raghavan, V. (1931- ))
Raghavan, Valayamghat (1931-...)
Sinha, Suresh Kumar
西川, 芳昭 (1960-)
age of algeny, genetic destruction of yield barriers and agricultural transformation., the
Agricultural evolution, productive employment, and rural prosperity
Agrobiodiversity and farmers' rights
allele mining for stress tolerance genes in oryza species and related germplasm.
Atlas of endemics of the Western Ghats (India) distribution of tree species in the evergreen and semi-evergreen forests
Atlas of major flowering trees in India
bio-diversity: an effective safety net against environmental pollution.
Biodiversity: Promoting Efficiency in Conservation and Equity in Utilisation
Building a national food security system
Century of hope
cgiar statement on un treaty.
Challenges and opportunities of the new millennium
chopra vl, bhaskaran, cytological aberrations observed in barley embryos cultured in irradiated potato mash.
chromosome diminution and evolution of polyploid species in triticum. chromosoma.
chromosome spreading induced by vegetable oils.
Climate change and sustainable food security
Common Property Resources : Concepts and Country Experiences, Sridhar Krishna and Sumitra Acharya (eds)
convocation address.
Cytogenetics of crop plants. -
cytological behaviour of some inter-specific hybrids in the genus solanum, sect. tuberarium.
cytology and genetetics of the potato (Solanum tuberosum) and related species, The
cytology and genetics of the potato (Solanum tuberosum) and related species, The
cytology of haploid plants of solanum demissum., the
dna in medicine. agricultural production.
Dr. M.S. Swaminathan.
ecology and equity: key determinants of sustainable water security.
ecology of hope., the
Ecotechnology and rural employment : a dialogue
effect of linear differentiation of chromosomes on the proportionality between chromosome length and dna content.
effects of pre- & post-treatments with s-2-aminoethylisothiouronium bromide hydrobromide on the frequency of chromosome aberrations & chlorophyll mutations induced by x-rays in barley.
Eko tekunorojī to kiga no kokufuku
Embryogenesis in angiosperms : a developmental and experimental study ; foreword by M. S. Swaminathan, 1986
Enhancing our agricultural competitiveness
Environment and agriculture, 2006:
'environmental articles
Establishment of an international network for the conservation and sustainable utilisation of mangrove forest genetic resources : final report of the travelling workshops to mangrove forests in South and Southeast Asia, Oceania and West and Central Asia
Ethical dimensions
evergreen revolution, an
Evergreen revolution in agriculture : pathway to a green economy
Experience with the hydroxyquinoline smear method
Farmers' rights and plant genetic resources : recognition & reward : a dialogue
Food protein sources
forward: regional workshop on the conservation and sustainable management of coral reefs
From green to evergreen revolution : Indian agriculture : performance and emerging challenges
ganesan at., kinetics of mitosis in yeasts.
gender dimensions in biodiversity management
Genetic diversity and the Indian seed industry
Global aspects of food production
great agricultural challenge, The : veteran natural farmer, Bhaskar Save's open letters to M.S. Swaminathan, National Commission on Farmers
Groves of beauty and plenty : an atlas of major flowering trees in India
Hunger-free area programme
implementing the benefit sharing provisions of the convention on biological diversity: challenges and opportunities"
Key to food security in the Asia-Pacific region.
Life and work of M.S. Swaminathan, 2005:
managing extreme natural disasters in coastal areas.
Midori no kakumei to kokoro no kakumei
Mobilising technology for social and gender equity national lecture
murty br., aspects of asynapsis in plants. i. random and non random chromosome associations.
murty br., effect of x-radiation on pollen tube growth and seed setting in crosses between nicotiana tabacum and n. rustica.
mutagen-induced variability in protein characters in oryza sativa.
nature of polyploidy in some 48-chromosome species of the genus solanum, section, tuberarium.
Nearer heaven than earth the life and times of Boshi Sen and Gertrude Emerson Sen
New frontiers in technology application : integration of emerging and traditional technologies
ninan t, magoon ml. effects of virus infection on microsporogenesis and seed fertility in capsicum.
nutrition and agricultural development: new frontiers.
nutrition in the third millennium: countries in transition.
Our agricultural future
Partnerships for food and livelihood security : proceedings of the dialogue on building partnerships for sustainable food and livelihood security, 3-6 February, 1997 /[edited by V. Balaji and M.S. Swaminathan].
perspectives for crop protection in sustainable agriculture.
Plant genetic resources
Plants and society
Plenary symposia and symposia sessions : summaries of contributions
predict: a century of hope towards an era of harmony with nature and freedom from hunger, i
Proceedings of the Conference on weed control in rice, 31 August-4 September 1981
Proceedings of the second Dr. C. Chandrasekaran memorial lecture, 1 November 2002 on population growth and sustainable food and water security
Reforming Indian Agriculture : Towards Employment Generation and Poverty Reduction by Sankar Kumar Bhaumik
Remembering Sir J. C. Bose by D. P. Sen Gupta, M. H. Engineer and V. A. Shepherd
'research reports
", science. 2005 january 21;307(5708):357-9.* third author**raven p, fauquet c, swaminathan ms, borlaug n, samper c., "
Science and agriculture : M.S. Swaminathan and the movement for self-reliance
Science and integrated rural development
Science and sustainable food security : selected papers of M S Swaminathan
Science and the conquest of hunger
science in response to basic human needs.
Second Agricultural Science Congress : proceedings
staining the nucleus in yeasts.
sustainable agriculture: towards food security
Sustainable development systems for small farmers : issues and options
Sustainable management of coastal ecosystems
Sustainable nutrition security for Africa : lessons from India : first annual Arturo Tanco memorial lecture delivered on the occasion of the Twelfth Ministerial Session of the World Food Council, Rome, June 17, 1986
Sustaining our Food Security
Toward a hunger-free world
Towards a hunger-free world, the ethical dimensions
Towards hunger-free India : Count down to 2007
Towards hunger free India, from vision to action : proceedings of Consultation on Towards Hunger-Free India, Count Down from 2007, New Delhi, 4-5 April, 2003
Tribute to prof. M. S. Swaminathan on the occasion of his 85th birthday.
Tribute to professor M. S. Swaminathan on the occasion of his eightieth birthday
Uncommon opportunities : an agenda for peace and equitable development
Weed control in rice
Wheat revolution, a dialogue
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