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Abdullah, Mohammad
Abdullah, Mohammad (Sheikh)
Abdullah, Mohammed
Abdullah, Mohammed (Sheikh)
Abdullah, Sheikh
Abdullah, Sheikh Mohammad
ʻAbdullāh, Muḥammad (Shaikh)
Mohamad Abdullah (Shaikh)
Mohamed Abdullah (Shaikh)
Mohammad Abdullah (Shaikh)
Mohammed Abdullah
Mohammed Abdullah (Shaikh)
Muḥammad ´Abdullāh (shaik̲h̲)
Muḥammad 'Abdullāh (shaiḵẖ)
Muḥammad ʻAbdullāh (Shaikh)
Shaikh Abdullah
Sheikh Abdullah
Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah
Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah (Shaikh)
‏عبدالله، محمّد،‏ (‏شيخ،‏)
عبداللہ, محمد (شیخ)
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Amin, Mohammad (1942-)
Gockhami, Ab. Jabbar (1944-)
Gockhami, Abdul Jabbar (1944-)
Gundevia, Y.D. (1908-)
Gundevia, Yezdev Dinshaw (1908-)
Khushwant Singh, 1915 (2014)
Pṛthvī Nātha Kaula, 1924-
Sadiq, Ghulam Mohammed (1912- [from old catalog])
Sarabhai, Mridula ([from old catalog])
Shah, G. M.
Ātish-i cinār.
blazing chinar, The : an autobiography
Dict. of natl. biography
Encyclopaedia Indica
Interviews & speeches, after his release on 2nd January, 1968.
Jammūn̲ va Kashmīr, taʻ mīr va taraqqī ke cand sāl, 1980?:
Kashmir: a human problem and a moral issue; speech.
Kashmir and the people's voice Shaikh Abdullah's release and after : excerpts from Shaikh Abdullah's latest statements and Indian and foreign comments.
Kashmir speaks
Personality behind operation, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah : agreements, speeches, and statements
Replies to charges.
Shaik̲h̲ Muḥammad ʻAbdulláh, 2009:
Sheikh-Sadiq correspondence; Aug. to Oct. 1956
State vs. the rebel, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah answers for the people of Jammu & Kashmir. Why freedom? A narrative of the historic trial.
testament of Sheikh Abdullah, The ; with a monograph by Y. D. Gundevia.