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Mansfield, Michael
Mansfield, Michael J.
Mansfield, Michael Joseph
Mansfield, Michel J.
Mansfield, Mike
マンスフィールド, マイク
マンスフィールド, マイケル・J
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Forbis, William H.
Forbis, William Hunt
Lott, Trent (1941-)
Mexico-United States Interparliamentary Group. Delegation from the United States
Ozeki, Tetsuya (1933-)
Schoenbaum, Thomas John
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations
Valeo, Francis Ralph
Vorys, John Martin (1896-)
小関, 哲哉 (1933-)
1980nendai no nichibei kankei
Beikoku to ajia no kankei : Sono genjitsu to kadai
Berlin in a changing Europe;
Brazil and United States policies : report of Senator Mike Mansfield to the Foreign Relations Committeed United States Senate [on a study mission to several of the American Republics]
Charting a new course, 1976
Charting a new course : Mike Mansfield a. U. S. Asian policy : Four reports
Charting a new course : Mike Mansfield and U.S. Asian policy : four reports
Charting a new course : Southeast Asia in a time of change : a report
China : a quarter century after the founding of the People's Republic : a report
China enters the post-Mao era : a report
China: retrospect and prospect.
Chōsen ni mukatte
Congress : its contemporary role ; with an introduction by Senator Mike Mansfield, 1975
Democratic view of the State of the Union., A
Domestic politics and the U. S. foreign policy. [Sound recording]
end of the postwar era, The : time for a new partnership of equality with Japan : a report
Europe after the Geneva Conference; Report by Senator Mike Mansfield.
European reactions to the Soviet-United States détente; report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate.
Foreign Operations Administration. Report of Senator Mike Mansfield on a study mission to France, Italy, Nepal, and Indochina., The
Indochina; report of Mike Mansfield on a study mission to the associated states of Indochina: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos.
Inter-American Conference of Tlatelolco in Mexico City;, The
interview with Ambassador Michael J. Mansfield., An
interview with Mr. Michael J. Mansfield, An : American ambassador to Japan
Japan and The Unaited States
Japan today : people, places, power
Japanese international trade and investment law
John Fitzgerald Kennedy : eulogies to the late President : delivered in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol, November 24, 1963
Latin America and United States policies;
Leading the United States Senate.
Lloyd Cole and The Commotions
Man-ssu-fei-erh-te fang Hua pao kao.
Mansfīrudo repōto : Amerika no Ajia seisaku
Mansufīrudo 20seiki no shōgen
Mansufīrudo messēji
Meet the press.
Mexico, April 1973.
Mexico; report of Mike Mansfield on a study mission.
Mexico-United States Interparliamentary Group, The : a sixteen-year history : a report
Mirai wa taiheiyō ni ari
My recollections
Nichibei pātonāshippu to sōgo ison no kankei
Nihon hodo jūyōna kuni wa nai
Nihon to amerika
No country more important:trials in a maturing Japan-U.S.relationship.
Observations on the United Nations. Report
Panama bases; an inquiry into the circumstances and the effects of the rejection by the National Assembly of Panama of an agreement to extend United States occupancy of installations required for defense of the Canal Zone, report., The
Partnership and interdependence
Perspective on Asia: the new U.S. doctrine and Southeast Asia. Report
Portugal in transition : a report
Postscript to Reports on Czechoslovakia, NATO, and the Paris negotiations of September 1968; report of Mike Mansfield to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate.
Postwar Southeast Asia : a search for neutrality and independence; a report; September 1976
Prospects for Western unity; report of Mike Mansfield on a study mission to France, Western Germany, and Italy.
Report of the Senate Delegation on the meeting - Mexico-United States Interparliamentary Group.
Report on Indochina; report of Mike Mansfield on a study mission to Vietnam, Cambodia [and] Laos.
Report on the Far East; report of Mike Mansfield.
rim of Asia; report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, on a study mission to the Western Pacific., The
Saudi Arabia : a report
Senate committee staffing;
Sixth session of the General Assembly of the United Nations; report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs containing the report of Mike Mansfield and John M. Vorys pursuant to H. Res. 28, a resolution authorizing the Committee on Foreign Affairs to conduct thorough studies and investigations of all matters coming within the jurisdiction of such committee.
Small world: Mansfield, Servan-Schreiber, Hughes
Summary of the three-year Kennedy record, and digest of major accomplishments of the Eighty-seventh Congress, and the Eighty-eighth Congress, first session, January 3, 1961, to December 30, 1963; together, with a statement
survey of political and economic developments during 1950 in Western Germany, Austria, Trieste, Italy, Spain, and Portugal; report, A
United States technical assistance in Haiti; report of Mike Mansfield on a study mission to Haiti.
Viet Nam and Southeast Asia, report of Mike Mansfield, J. Caleb Boggs, Claiborne Pell [and] Benjamin A. Smith.
Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Laos;
Vietnam and the Paris negotiations. The situation in Czechoslovakia and U.S. forces in Europe. Czechoslovakia: confrontation and crisis. Reports of Mike Mansfield to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate.
Vietnam conflict: the substance and the shadow., The
Watakushi no nihon hōkoku
Western Europe and the new economic policy. Report of Mike Mansfield to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate.
Winds of change : evolving relations and interests in Southeast Asia : a report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate
挑戦に向かって : マンスフィールド大使の演說
日本とアメリカ : マンスフィールド大使との対談
日本ほど重要な国はない : 21世紀は太平洋の世紀
日本ほど重要な国はない : 成熟期の試練
日米パートナーシップと相互依存の関係 : マンスフィールド駐日米大使の演說
私の日本報告 : 日本の道・アメリカの道
米国とアジアの関係 : その現実と課題