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Hayes, Joe
Hayes, Joe ((author and storyteller))
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Ada, Alma Flor
Campoy, F. Isabel
Castro, Antonio (1941-)
Fiedler, Joseph Daniel
Franco, Sharon (1946-)
Hill, Vicki Trego
Jelinek, Lucy
Sayago, Mauricio Trenard
Silva, David (1975-)
Weiss, Mónica (1956-)
'antonio's lucky day
Baila, nana, baila
Celebra el Cinco de Mayo con un jarabe tapatio.
Celebra el Dia de Martin Luther King, Jr. con las clase de la Sra. Park.
Celebra Kwanzaa con Botitas y sus gatitos.
Celebra un powwow con Sandy Starbright.
Celebrate a powwow with Sandy Starbright
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the Mexican hat dance
Celebrate Kwanzaa with Boots and her kittens
Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with Mrs. Park's class
checker playing hound dog, The : tall tales from a Southwestern storyteller
'coyote and the butterflies : a pueblo indian tale
Coyote debajo de la mesa
Coyote & : native American folk tales
coyote under the table, The : folktales told in Spanish and English
cucuy a bogeyman cuento, 'el
Cucuy!, El : a bogeyman cuento
Cuéntame un story
Cuentos de cuanto hay
Cuidado con las mujeres astutas
'dance, nana, dance : cuban folktales in english and spanish
day it snowed tortillas, c1982:, The
day it snowed tortillas, The : folktales told in Spanish and English
day it snowed tortillas, 'the : tales from spanish new mexico
día que nevaron tortillas, El
Don't say a word, mamá
Everyone knows Gato Pinto : more tales from Spanish New Mexico
'ghost fever/mal de fantasma
Grandfather horned toad
Green bird
gum chewing rattler, 'the
heart full of turquoise, A : Pueblo Indian tales
heart full of turquoise [Pueblo Indian tales], A
Here comes the storyteller
Hombre que no sabía mentir
Joe Hayes tells New Mexico stories
Juan Verdades, the man who could not tell a lie
'juan verdades the man who couldn't tell a lie orchard
'[[la llorona]]/the weeping woman
'little gold star/estrellita de oro
llorona, La : an Hispanic legend
love-sick skunk, The
Mariposa, mariposa : a story in two languages
Modelo antiguo : a novel of Mexico City
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, oh! : a story in two languages
'monday, tuesday, wednesday, oh!/lunes, martes, miécoles, (o!
My pet rattlesnake
No digas nada, mamá
No way, José! : a story in two languages
'no way, josé!/(de ninguna manera, josé
Pájaro verde
Soft child, c1993:
Soft child : how rattlesnake got its fangs : a Native American folktale
Spanish folk-tales from New Mexico.
spoon for every bite, 'a
Tales from Spanish New Mexico
Tales of the southwest
'tell me a cuento/cuéntame un story
terrible tragadabas/el terrible tragadabas, 'the
terrible Tragadabas, The : a story in two languages
That is not fair
That's not fair! : earth friendly tales
'watch out for clever women/cuidado con las mujeres astutas
Weeping woman
'where there's a will, there's a way/donde hay ganas hay mañas
wise little burro, The : holiday tales from near and far