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Abbot, C. G.
Abbot, Charles G.
Abbot, Charles Greeley
Abbott, C. G.
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Aldrich, L. B.
Aldrich, Loyal Blain
Aldrich, Loyal Blaine (1884- [from old catalog])
Bishop, Carl Whiting (1881-1942)
Fowle, Frederick Eugene (1869-1940, [from old catalog])
Hrdlička, Aleš (1869-1943)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Physics
McCandlish, N. M.
Smithsonian institution. Hodgkins fund. [from old catalog]
Smithsonian institution. Roebling fund. [from old catalog]
Absorption lines of the infra-red solar spectrum...
Biographical memoir of Henry Larcom Abbot, 1831-1927
Concerning Smithsonian Pyrheliometry
determination of the electrolytic dissociation of inorganic acids from their effect on the solubility of organic acids, The
earth and the stars, The
Energy spectra of stars
fundamentals of astronomy, The
Great inventions
Important interferences with normals in weather records associated with sunspot frequency.
important weather element hitherto generally disregarded, An
Influences of sun rays on plants and animals
larger opportunities for research on the relations of solar and terrestrial radiation, The
long-range forecast of United States precipitation., A
Magnetic storms, solar radiation, and Washington temperature departures.
Man from the farthest past
Measurement of radiant energy
Mount St. Katherine : an excellent solar-radiation station...
new cœlostat and horizontal telescope of the Astrophysical observatory of the Smithsonian institution, The
Periodic influences on Washington and New York weather of 1949 and 1950.
Periodic solar variation.
Periodicities in ionospheric data.
Periodicities in the solar-constant measures.
periodometer, The : an instrument for finding and evaluating periodicities in long series of observations
Periods related to 273 months or 22 3/4 years.
Precipitation in five continents
prediction of Washington temperature, 1948, made January 1948., A
Provisional solar-constant values, August, 1920, to November, 1924
pyranometer--an instrument for measuring sky radiation, The
quantity of vaporous water in the atmosphere, The
Radiation of the sun
relations between the Smithsonian institution and the Wright brothers, The
Remarkable lightning photographs (with one plate)
Samuel Pierpont Langley
sensitive radiometer, A
silver disk pyrheliometer ..., The
Sixty-year weather forecasts.
Smithsonian series
Solar radiation and weather studies (with three plates)
standard scale of solar radiation, The
Studying the sun's heat on mountain peaks in desert lands.
Sun and the Welfare of Man
sun makes the weather., The
sun's short regular variation and its large effect on terrestrial temperatures, The
Sun spots and weather
Utilizing heat from the Sun
Volcanoes and climate
Weather dominated by solar changes
weekly period in Washington precipitation, The
Thesis (B.S.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Physics, 1894