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Mandjes, M.
Mandjes, M. R. H.
Mandjes, Michael Robertus Hendrikus
Mandjes, Michel
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Boots, Nam Kyoo (1975-)
Borst, S.C.
Borst, Simon Catharina
Boxma, O.J. (1952-)
Boxma, Onno Johan (1952-)
Dȩbicki, K.
Dȩbicki, Krzysztof G.
Es-Saghouani, A. (1975-)
Es-Saghouani, Abdelghafour (1975-)
Kella, O.
Kella, Offer
Lieshout, P.M.D. (1981-)
Lieshout, Pascal Merijn Daniël (1981-)
Meent, Remco van de (1977-)
Uitert, M.J.G. van (1976-)
Uitert, Maria Johanna Gerarda (1976-)
Zwart, A.P. (1974-)
Zwart, Albertus Petrus (1974-)
Asymptotic analysis of Levy-driven tandem queues
Bandwidth-sharing networks under a diffusion scaling
Convexity properties of loss and overflow functions
Exact asymptotics for fluid queues fed by multiple heavy-tailed on-off flows
Exact overflow asymptotics for queues with many Gaussian inputs
Exponetial asymptotics in GI/G/1 queueing systems with finite capacity
Fast simulation of a queue fed by a superposition of many (heavy-tailed) sources
Fast simulation of Markov modulated fluid models
Finding the conjugate of Markov fluid processes
Finite-capacity G1/G/1 queueing systems with buffer overflows
First passage of time-reversible spectrally-negative Markov additive processes
fluid system with coupled input and output, and its application to bottlenecks in ad hoc networks, A
Generalized processor sharing : characterization of the admissible region and selection of optimal weights
Generalized processor sharing queues with heterogeneous traffic classes
Heavy-traffic approximations for linear networks operating under α-fair bandwidth-sharing policies
Importance sampling in rate-sharing networks
Importance sampling of buffer overflows in batch-arrival queues
Inferring traffic burstiness by sampling the buffer occupancy
Large deviations for Gaussian queues modelling communication networks
Large deviations of sojourn times in processor sharing queues
Large deviatios for Gaussian queues
Lévy process reflected at a poisson age process, A
Models of network access using feedback fluid queues
Nieuwe kansen
note on large-buffer asymptotics for generalized processor sharing with Gaussian inputs, A
note on the delay distribution in GPS, A
On a generic class of Lévy-driven vacation models
On a queueing model with service interruption
On a queueing model with service interruptions
On asymptotically efficient simulation of large deviation probabilities
On convergence to stationarity of fractional Brownian storage
On Levy-driven vacation models with correlated busy periods and service interruptions
On spectral simulation of fractional Brownian motion
On the correlation structure of a Lévy-driven queue
On the correlation structure of Gaussian queues
Overflow asymptotics for large communication systems with general Markov fluid sources
Overflow behavior in queues with many long-tailed inputs
Performance evaluation of strategies for integration of elastic and stream traffic
Rare event analysis of communication networks
Resource dimensioning through buffer sampling
Sample-path large deviations for generalized processor sharing queues with Gaussian inputs
Sample-path large deviations for tandem and priority queues with Gaussian inputs
shape of the loss curve and the impact of long-range dependence on network performance, The
Singularities of the generator of a Markov additive process with one-sided jumps
Smart dimensioning of IP network links
Sojourn time asymptotics in processor sharing queues with varying service rate
State-dependent importance sampling for a Jackson tandem network
State-dependent importance sampling for a slow-down tandem queue
Structural properties of reflected Lévy processes
Tandem Brownian queues
Traffic with an FBM limit: convergence of the workload process
Transient analysis of Brownian queues
Transient analysis of Markov-fluid-driven queues
Transient analysis of traffic generated by bursty sources, and its application to measurement-based admission control
Transient characteristics of Gaussian queues