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George Rodger
Rodger, George
Rodger, George (English photographer, 1908-1995)
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Bernard, Bruce
Bondi, Inge
Holzherr, Andrea
Magnum photos
Marlow, Peter
Mauro, Alessandra
Naggar, Carole (1951-)
Osman, Colin
Siben, Isabel
Thomas, J. Yeo
Versicherungskammer Bayern München Kunstfoyer
African photographs
Afrique, 1947-1972], [
After the night-long raid. : ROG40009W00003/08]
After the night raid, spires of the cathedral can still be seen through the smoke. : ROG40009W00003/17]
Air-raid Warden phones from shattered booth. : ROG40002W00017/31]
All-nigth workers of the Rescue Squads welcome tea in the morning. : ROG40002W00014/04]
American businessmen in London formed their own Home Guard contingent. They used their own vehicles and whatever arms might be available and practiced at weekends in neighbouring countryside wearing uniforms and steel helmets supplied by British A
Arrivée du général de Gaulle, président de la République française. [cote : ROG65213W00001/20-20A]
Arrivée du général de Gaulle, président de la République française. [cote : ROG65213W00004/02-2A]
Au premier plan à droite : la reine Elizabeth II et le prince Philippe. Au centre, sur les marches : le général de Gaulle, président de la République française. [cote : ROG65213W00001/13]
Aviateur anglais en alerte, avant un raid. [cote : ROG4009CW00003/32]
Blitz, The : the photography of George Rodger
Bomb damage in Oxford Street. : ROG40002W00016/21]
Bombs fell in a quiet London residential square. Rescue Squad workers dig into the rubble to save those still able to cry for help.
Boys who were dug out of the rubble of their homes, battered but cheerful. : ROG40009W00001/04]
Canteen in public shelter. : ROG40002W00012/24]
Desert journey
Deuxième guerre mondiale en Grande Bretagne], [
Douvres. Journalistes et photographes attendent, le passage des bombardiers allemands. Au centre : le commentateur américain Eric Sevareid. [cote : ROG40006W00002/27]
Douvres. Journalistes et photographes attendent, le passage des bombardiers allemands. [cote : ROG40006W00002A/17]
Douvres. Journalistes et photographes attendent, le passage des bombardiers allemands. [cote : ROG40006W00X01/X01]
Douvres. Meat still plentiful in Dover shops. : ROG40006W00002/21]
Downing Street is barricaded and guarded by sand-bagged machinegun nest. : ROG40002W00003/34]
East End. After the issue of steel helmets, those who could get them wore them. : ROG40001W00003/23C]
East End evacuation centre. The elderly leave by mini-bus. : ROG40002W00010/08-09]
Far on the ringin plains : 75000 miles with a photo reporter
Far on the ringing plains, 1943:
Far on the ringing plains, 75.000 miles with a photo reporter, by George Rodger...
Funérailles de Winston Churchill
George Rodger en Afrique, c1984:
George Rodger, Magnum opus : fifty years in photojournalism
George Rodger, On the road 1940 - 1949 : from the diaries of a photographer and adventurer ; [in conjunction with the Exhibition George Rodger, Kunstfoyer, Versicherungskammer Bayern, Munich, June 3 - September 13, 2009]
George Rodger photographic voyager [exhibition], Barry Singer gallery, [Petaluma, December 4, 1999-January 15, 2000]
George Rodger : the African photographs
George Rodger : Unterwegs 1940-1949 : Tagebuchaufzeichnungen eines Fotografen und Abenteurers
Georges Rodger : photographies
householder finds a family picture amongst the rubble of his home and gathers a few salvaged belongings on the pavement, helped by his wife and son., A
Humanité et inhumanité : le voyage photographique de George Rodger
Humanity and inhumanity : the photographic journey of George Rodger
Hyde Park corner. A mendicant's humour. : ROG40002W00003A/28]
If night raids and gunfire was particularly heavy, clients at the Hungaria restaurant were able to sleep on the premises with breakfast solicitously served by the manager the next morning.
[Kordofan] [photographie]
l'humain et de l'inhumain, De : le voyage photographique de George Rodger
Lists of the dead and wounded are posted on the walls of City Hall. : ROG40009W00002/19]
Living through the Blitz
Londres. [cote : ROG40010W00002A/29]
Londres. Le quartier général du général de Gaulle. [cote : ROG40010W00001A/09]
Londres. Un studio de la radio, BBC. [cote : ROG40010W00002A/07]
Londres. Whitehall. [cote : ROG40010W00002A/04]
Lune rouge se lève("Red moon rising"), par George Rodger. Traduit de l'anglais par J. Yeo Thomas, La
Magnum opus
MTB : Motor Torpedo Boat. Patrouille britannique sur la Manche. [cote : ROG4009BW00002/05]
MTB : Motor Torpedo Boat. Patrouille britannique sur la Manche. [cote : ROG4009BW00002/30]
N.Y. times, 7/26/1995
Oxford Street. An organ-grinder. : ROG40003W00005/29]
Oxford street. Boys carrying gasmask look into toy shops. They see models of soldiers, tanks, guns, dolls in nurses uniforms and ARP suits.
Oxford Street. Hairdresse's re-opens with reduced window space after bomb damage. : ROG40003W00003/08]
Oxford Street. Newsvender outside Selfridges. : ROG40003W00006/16]
Paddington station. School boys with gas masks evacuated by train as bombing raids intensify. : ROG40002W00
People at entrance of a public shelter watch enemy planes during a daytime raid. : ROG40002W00012/17]
Photographic voyager
Premier anniversaire de l'entrée en guerre de la Grande-Bretagne. Oxford Street. A diamond merchant gives up his shop to raise money to finance production of Spitfire fighting planes.
Premier anniversaire de l'entrée en guerre de la Grande-Bretagne. Picadilly Circus. Sandbagged statue of Eros protected against bomb blast. : ROG40004W00001/1
[Recueil. Oeuvre de George Rodger]
Red moon rising
Rescue Squad members in their underground operations room. : ROG40002W00016/33]
Rescue workers arrive to search through rubble and identify the dead. : ROG40009W00004/24]
Rescuing the wounded. : ROG40002W00015/21]
Rev. Paul Clifford of West Ham. [cote, The : ROG40002W00010/20]
Rev. Paul Clifford with steel helmet and gas mask visits the eldery who refuse to move from his badly bombed parish.
Shopkeeper sweeps up broken glass from his shattered show window. : ROG40002W00017/15]
Shopkeeper sweeps up broken glass from his window shatterd by bombs. : ROG40002W00017/05]
Slowly the city of Coventry comes to life again after the night's bombing. Postmen on their rounds find addresses gone.
Tea canteens are soon set up. : ROG40009W00005/11]
tea car already serving tea to rescue workers., A : ROG40009W00005/15]
Terre de guerre
Underground shelter at children's hospital during a raid. : ROG40002W00012A/23]
Victoria station. Evacuation of children. : ROG40001W00009/33]
Village des Noubas...[Texte et photographies de George Rodger.], Le
Village of the Nubas
Volonteer women workers at London engineering training centre. Lack of heating started the fad of side-coiled hair arrangements to keep ears warm.
Volunteer helpers arrive in their own vehicles with food and clothing for the destitute. : ROG40009W00005/26]
Volunteers of the London/American "Home Guard" on tactical exercise in and around London. : ROG40007W00003/27]
Voyage au désert("Desert journey"), par George Rodger, traduit de l'anglais par France Olnay
Voyage au désert. Desert journey. Tr. de l'anglais par France Olnay.
Whitehall. End of a working day. Businessmen son steel helmets and gasmasks, and start work as air-raid wardens or other volunteer services. Picture show employees at the Ministry of the defense.
Whitehall. Underground telephone exchange. : ROG40002W00018/08]
With sundown all London, not actually going home. Went underground. Cellar life became habitable. Bars and nightclubs were opened underground. Office parties were held in the boiler house. Anyone who could sing, dance, or play music did so just to
Women volunteers working in a casualty centre. Clothing donated by the public is given to those bombed out of their homes.