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Comaroff, J. L.
Comaroff, John
Comaroff, John L.,
Comaroff, John Lionel
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Comaroff, Jean
ebrary, Inc
James, Deborah
Krige, Eileen Jensen
Plaatje, Sol T. (1876-1932)
Plaatje, Solomon Tshekisho (1876-1932)
Roberts, Simon
Roberts, Simon (1941-)
Roberts, Simon Arthur (1941-)
Schapera, Isaac (1905-2003)
Stern, Paul C. (1944-)
University of London
Usakiewicz, Wojciech
African photographs of Isaac Schapera
Alien-nation: zombies, immigrants, and millennial capitalism
Boer war diary of Sol T. Plaatje an African at Mafeking, The
Bridewealth and the control of ambiguity in a Tswana chiefdom
chief's decision and the devolution of property in a Tswana chiefdom, A
Chiefship in South African homeland : a case study of the Tshidi Chiefdom of Bophuthatswana
Christianity, colonialism, and consciousness in South Africa
Civil society and the political imagination in Africa : critical perspectives
Class and culture in a peasant economy : the transformation of land tenure in Barolong
Competition for office and political processes among the Barolong Boo Ratshidi of the South Africa-Botswana borderland
Dialectical systems, history and anthropology : units of study and questions of theory
dialectics of modernity on a South African frontier, The
Discourse of Rights in Colonial South Africa, The : Subjectivity, Sovereignty, Modernity
Essays on African marriage in Southern Africa
Ethnicity, Inc.
Ethnicity incorporated
Ethnography and the historical imagination
Etnicidad S.A.
Etniczność sp. z o.o.
excursion into the criminal anthropology of the brave neo South Africa, An
Home-made hegemony: modernity, domesticity, and colonialism in South Africa
'How beasts lost their legs' : cattle in Tswana economy and society
How Euro-America is evolving toward Africa
Law and disorder in the postcolony
Mafeking diary : a black man's view of a white man's war
Mafeking diary of Sol T. Plaatje, The
management of marriage in a Tswana chiefdom, The
Marriage and extra-marital sexuality : The dialectics of legal change among the Kgatla
Meaning of marriage payments, The
Millennial capitalism and the culture of neoliberalism
Modernity and its malcontents ritual and power in postcolonial Africa
Of revelation and revolution : Christianity, colonialism, and consciousness in South Africa..
Of revelation and revolution . Jean Comaroff and John Comaroff
Perspectives on nationalism and war
Picturing a colonial past the african photographs of Isaac Schapera
Privatizing the millenium : new protestant ethics and the spirits of capitalism in Africa, and elsewhere
Rules and processes the cultural logic of dispute in an African context
Rules and roles : political processes in a Tswana chiefdom
structure of agricultural transformation in Barolong, The : towards an integrated development plan
Talking politics : oratory and authority in a Tswana chiefdom
Theory from the south, or, How Euro-America is evolving toward Africa
Tswana, The
Violence and the law in the postcolony
violència i la llei a la postcolònia, La : una reflexió sobre les complicitats entre el Nord i el Sud
Violencia y ley en la poscolonia una reflexión sobre las complicidades norte-sur : poscolonialismo, vigilancia policial y la metafísica del desorden
Zombies et frontières à l'ère néolibérale le cas de l'Afrique du Sud post-Apartheid
Part of illustrative matter in pocket
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of London