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Brennan, G.
Brennan, Geoffey
Brennan, Geoffrey
Brennan, H. G.
Brennan, H. Geoffrey
ブレナン, G
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Australian National University / College of Business and Economics / Research School of Economics
Australian National University Affiliation (see also from)
Brennan, G
Brennan, G.
Brennan, Geoffrey
Brennan, Goeffrey
Brooks, Michael
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, James M.
Buchanan, James MacGill (1919-)
Buchanan, James McGill (1919-)
Chisholm, Anthony H.
Deissenberg, C.
Duke University Political Science Affiliation (see also from)
ebrary, Inc
Eusepi, Giuseppe
Güth, W.
González, Luis G.
Güth, Werner
Güth, Werner (1944-)
Hamlin, A.
Hamlin, Alan
Hamlin, Alan P.
Holler, M.
Kliemt, H.
Kliemt, Hartmut
Kliemt, Hartmut (1949-)
Lee, Dwight
Lee, Dwight R
Lomasky, Loren E.
McGuire, Thomas
Pettit, Philip
Pincus, J. J.
Pincus, Jonathan
Pincus, Jonathan J
School of Social Sciences Affiliation (see also from)
Teal, F.
Tollison, Robert D.
Tullock, Gordon
University of North Carolina Affiliation (see also from)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Affiliation (see also from)
Walsh, Cliff
Waterman, Anthony Michael C. (1951-....))
Academic Research Productivity: Are Economists Paid Their Marginal Product?
Approximate truth in economic modelling
Attitudes toward private and collective risk in individual and strategic choice situations
Attitudes toward private and collective risks in individual and strategic choice situations
Australia Reshaped 200 Years of Institutional Transformation
Begründung von Regeln konstitutionelle politische Ökonomie, Die
Besteuerung und Staatsgewalt analytische Grundlagen einer Finanzverfassung
Bicameralism and Majoritarian Equilibrium.
Book reviews
case against tax reform, The
Chaining Australia : church bureaucracies and political economy
Climate change: a rational choice politics view link rid="fn1"*/link
Coercive power and its allocation in the emergent Europe
Collective coherence?
Common minds : themes from the philosophy of Philip Pettit
Crime and punishment: an expressive voting view
Democracy and decision the pure theory of electoral preference
Democratic devices and desires
Distributional Implications of Public Goods., The
Economic of Politics and the Politics of Economics., The
economic theory of military tactics, An : Methodological individualism at war
Economics and religion : are they distinct?
Economics of ethics and the ethics of economics values, markets and the state
Economics of federalism, The
Economy of esteem an essay on civil and political society, The
Elements of a Fiscal Politics: Public Choice and Public Finance
Esteem-based contributions and optimality in public goods supply
esteem engine, The : a resource for institutional design
Explaining norms
Expressive voting and electoral equilibrium
Finite Lives and Social Institutions.
Five Rational Actor Accounts of the Welfare State.
Government Expenditure Growth and Resource Allocation: The Nebulous Connection.
Hobbes’s Samuel
Homo economicus and homo politicus: an introduction
Introduction to the Status Quo, An
Is Vertical Fiscal Imbalance so Inefficient? or, The Flypaper Effect is not an Anomaly
Kokyo sentaku no sozei riron.
Life in the Putty-Knife Factory!
Method and morals in constitutional economics essays in honor of James M. Buchanan
Methodological individualism under fire : A reply to Jackson
minimalist model of federal grants and flypaper effects, A
Monopolio en la emisión de dinero e inflación : los argumentos en favor de una constitución que discipline al estado
Monopoly in money and inflation : the case for a constitution to discipline government
Monopoly Model of Public Goods Provision: The Uniform Pricing Case., A
Morality of the market : religious and economic perspectives
Myth of Ownership” Liam Murphy and Thomas Nagel, “The
normative purpose of economic "science": Rediscovery of an eighteenth century method, The
On Monopoly Price: Reply.
Onwards and Upwards: James Buchanan at 80
Optimal policy choice under uncertainty
Optimal Provision of Public Goods: A Comment., The
Pareto-Desirable Redistribution in Kind: An Impossibility Theorem.
Pareto-Desirable Redistribution in Kind: Reply.
Pareto desirable redistribution: the case of malice and envy
Philosophy, politics, and economics : an anthology
Poder fiscal, El : fundamentos analíticos de una constitución fiscal
Politics and process new essays in democratic thought
Politics, selection and the public interest: Besley’s benevolent despot
Power Corrupts, but Can Office Ennoble?
Power to tax analytical foundations of a fiscal constitution
Power to Tax, The
Preconditions of democracy
Predictive Power and the Choice among Regimes.
Private Markets in (Excludable) Public Goods: A Reexamination [Private Markets in Public Goods (or Qualities)].
Problem in the Interpretation of the Contractarian Position: The Impossibility of a Paretian Paretian, A
Psychological dimensions in voter choice
Public Choice and Public Finance: the Place of 'Tax Reform Advocacy'
public choice approach to tax reform, The
Public economics: Where are we now?
Public Goods and Income Distribution: A Rejoinder to the Aaron-McGuire Reply.
Rational Actor Theory in Politics: A Critical Review of John Quiggin.
Rationality, individualism and public policy
Rationalizing parliamentary systems
Razón de las normas, La : economía política constitucional
Reason of rules constitutional political economy
Reason of Rules, The
Regulation and revenue
Revenue Implications of Money Creation under Leviathan.
revisionist view of the separation of powers, A
Rikkenteki seiji keizaigaku no hohoron.
Structure of Tertiary Education Fees, The
Tax instruments as constraints on the disposition of public revenues
Taxation and fiscal federalism : essays in honour of Russell Mathews
Taxation and Policy Change: A Median Voter Model for Australia 1968-69 to 1981-82
Towards a tax constitution for Leviathan
Trust in the shadow of the courts
Two theories of rational voting
Uniform All-Or-None Pricing of Public Goods
What should economists do?
公共選択の租税理論 : 課税権の制限
立憲的政治経済学の方法論 : ルールの根拠
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