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Rorem, Ned,
Keyboard - Piano
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Bryn-Julson, Phyllis
Chanler, Theodore (1902-1961)
Cocteau, Jean (1889-1963))
Copland, Aaron (1900-1990)
Curtin, Phyllis
Goodman, Paul (1911-1972))
Gramm, Donald
Ives, Charles (1874-1954)
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Oboe may be interchanged with English horn in the first movement
Rorem, Ned (1923-...)
Schein, Ann
Sprigge, Elizabeth (1900-1974)
Stevens, Wallace (1879-1955))
Strindberg, August (1849-1912)
Walters, Richard
Whitman, Walt (1819-1892))
Zank, Gerhard (1952-)
75 notes for Jerry
99 notes for the millennium
After reading Shakespeare
Air music
All glorious God
Am Rose (text: Gertrude Stein), I
American Oratorio: 1. The New Colossus, An
American Oratorio: 10. A New York Soldier, An
American Oratorio: 11. Here the Frailest Leaves, An
American Oratorio: 12. To Ned, An
American Oratorio: 2. To Helen, An
American Oratorio: 3. Snowflakes, An
American Oratorio: 4. Something Lost, An
American Oratorio: 5. Raven Days, An
American Oratorio: 6. Misgivings, An
American Oratorio: 7. I Saw a Man Passing, An
American Oratorio: 8. There was a Crimson Clash, An
American Oratorio: 9. War is Kind, An
Another little song without words
Are you the new person?
As Adam early in the morning
Auden poems
Autumn music
barcarolles Piano
Book of hours
Breathe on me, breath of God
Bright music
Calamus poems. Of him I love day and night
Canticle of the Lamb
Canticles. Benedictus es, Domine
Canticles. Phos hilaron
Cello Concerto: I. Curtain Raise
Cello Concerto: II. There and Back
Cello Concerto: III. Three Queries, One Response
Cello Concerto: IV. Competitive Chaos
Cello Concerto: V. A Single Tone, A Dozen Implications
Cello Concerto: VI. One Coin, Two Sides
Cello Concerto: VII. Valse Rappelée
Cello Concerto: VIII. Adrift
Childhood miracle
Choral music. Selections
Christ the Lord is ris'n today
Concerto in six movements. Whispers
Concertos, cello, orchestra
Concertos, English horn, orchestra
Concertos, flute, orchestra
Concertos, organ, orchestra
Concertos, piano, 1 hand, orchestra
Concertos, piano, orchestra, no. 2
Concertos Piano, orchestre No 3
Concertos, violin, orchestra
Cycle of holy songs. Praise ye the Lord
Dance suite
Dances, cello, piano
Day music
Dear heart ...
Doll's boy
Double concerto, violin, cello, orchestra
Early in the Morning (Text: Robert Hillyer)
Echo's song
End of summer
Episodes for four players
Etudes, piano
Evidence of things not seen
Exaltabo te, Domine
Fanfare and flourish
Fantasy and toccata, organ
Five Poems of Walt Whitman: I. Sometimes With One I Love
Five Poems of Walt Whitman: II. Look Down, Fair Moon
Flight for heaven. To the willow-tree
Flight for heaven. Upon Julia's clothes
For a perfect sister
For Poulenc
Four Poems of Tennyson: II. Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
Four Poems of Tennyson: III. Far - Far - Away
Four prayers
Four Songs: I. For Poulenc (text: Frank O'Hara)
Four Songs: IV. The Tulip Tree (text: Paul Goodman)
From an unknown past
from Whitman Cantata: That Shadow, My Likeness (text: Walt Whitman)
Full of life now
Give all to love
Goodbye my fancy. Lead, kindly light
Hearing (Opera)
Hearing (Song cycle). Let's take a walk
Hymn anthems. Sing, my soul, his wondrous love
Hymns. Come, pure hearts
In time of pestilence
Incantations from a marionette tale
Irish poems
Jack l'éventreur
Jail-bait blues
journey (text: Andrew Glaze), A
King Midas
Konzerte, Vl Orch (1984)
Last poems of Wallace Stevens
Later diaries of ned rorem 1961-1972
"Let's take a walk you ... "
Letters from Paris
Lieder (1953). Singst Kl
Lift up your heads
Little elegy
Little lamb, who made thee?
Little prayers. Selections
Look down, fair moon
Lordly Hudson (text: Paul Goodman), The
Love alone
Love divine, all loves excelling
Love (text: Thomas Lodge)
Lovers ; a narrative in ten scenes for harpsichord, oboe, cello and percussion
Madrigals, mixed voices
Mercy and truth are met
Miss Julie. Selections
Missa brevis
Mongolian idiot
Motets for the church year. While all things were in quiet silence
Motets on poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Thee, God--
Mourning scene
My papa's waltz
Nantucket songs. Dance
Nantucket songs. Dancer
Nantucket songs. Go, lovely rose
Nantucket Songs: IX. Ferry me across the water (text: Christina Rossetti), The
Nantucket songs. Nantucket
Night crow
Night music
Nocturne, double bass, piano
O Do Not Love Too Long (W. B. Yeats)
O God, my heart is ready
O You Whom I Often And Silently Come (text: Walt Whitman)
Oboe book
Ode to man
On a singing girl
Orchestra music. Selections
Organbook, no. 1. Fantasy
Organbook, no. 2. Eli, eli, lama sabachthani?
Organbook, no. 2. Magnificat
Organbook, no. 3
Our town
Paris diary & the new york diary 1951-1961
Piano Concerto No. 2: I. Somber and Steady
Piano Concerto No. 2: II. Quiet and Sad
Piano Concerto No. 2: III. Real Fast!
Piano music. Selections
Picnic on the Marne
Pieces, organ
Pilgrim Strangers: How few of life's days and hours ...
Pilgrim Strangers: I have noticed through most of the hospitals ...
Pilgrim Strangers: No sooner had our men surrendered ...
Pilgrim Strangers: Tonight as I was trying to keep cool ...
Poèmes pour la paix: II. Ode (text: Pierre de Ronsard)
Poems of Baudelaire
Poems of Demetrios Capetanakis
Poems of Edith Sitwell
Poems of love and the rain. Interlude
Poems of love and the rain. Love's stricken "why"
Poems of Love and the Rain: VI. Do I love you more than a day? (text: Jack Larson)
Poems of Paul Goodman. Clouds
Poems of Paul Goodman. For Susan
Poems of Paul Goodman. What sparks and wiry cries
Poems of Tennyson. Far-far-away
Poems of Tennyson. Now sleeps the crimson petal
Poems of Theodore Roethke. I strolled across an open field
Poems of Theodore Roethke. Orchids
Poems of Walt Whitman. Sometimes with one I love
Poems without words
poets' requiem
Present laughter
Psalms and a Proverb. Behold, how good and pleasant it is
Psalms and a Proverb. How long wilt Thou forget me, O Lord?
Psalms and a Proverb. Wounds without cause
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 2
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 3
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 4
Quartette, Vl 1 2 Va Vc (1994)
Quiet afternoon
Remembering Tommy
Root cellar
Sally's smile
Santa Fe Songs: II. Opus 101 (text: Witter Bynner), The
Santa Fe Songs: IV. Sonnet (text: Witter Bynner), The
Santa Fe Songs: VIII. The Wintry Mind (text: Witter Bynner), The
Santa Fe Songs: XII. The Sowers (text: Witter Bynner), The
Septet, piano, winds, strings
Serenade on five English poems
Serpent (text: Theodore Roethke), The
Seventieth psalm
Shakespearean songs
Siciliana, pianos (2)
Silver swan
Sinfonia, flutes (3), oboes (3), clarinets (4), bassoons (3), horns (2)
Six friends
Sixty notes for Judy
Sky music
Some trees
Sonata for Piano No. 1: I. Half-note
Sonata for Piano No. 1: II. Adagio
Sonata for Piano No. 1: III. Toccata. Clear, fast, and hard
Sonata for Piano No. 2: I. Overture. Allegretto
Sonata for Piano No. 2: II. Tarantella. Scherzando
Sonata for Piano No. 2: III. Nocturne. Moderato
Sonata for Piano No. 2: IV. Tocatta
Sonata for Piano No. 3: I. Quarter-note
Sonata for Piano No. 3: II. Slow
Sonata for Piano No. 3: III. Scherzando
Sonata for Piano No. 3: IV. Molto allegro
Sonatas, piano, no. 1. Mvt. 3
Sonatas, piano, no. 2
Sonatas, violin, piano
Song & dance
Song of David
Song without words
Songs of sadness
Songs, orchestra accompaniment. In a gondola
Songs, orchestra accompaniment. Pippa's song
Songs, orchestra accompaniment. Song for a girl
Songs. Selections
Spring music
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (text: Robert Frost)
String Quartet No. 4: Acrobat on a Ball
String Quartet No. 4: Basket of Flowers
String Quartet No. 4: Child Holding a Dove
String Quartet No. 4: Death of Harlequin
String Quartet No. 4: Head of a Boy
String Quartet No. 4: Minotaur
String Quartet No. 4: Seated Harlequin
String Quartet No. 4: Self Portrait
String Quartet No. 4: Still Life
String Quartet No. 4: Three Nudes
Studies, piano, flute, English horn, clarinet, trumpet, percussion, harp, violin, viola, cello
Such beauty as hurts to behold
Suite, guitar
Sunday morning
Surge, illuminare
Surly one
Symphonies, no. 1-3
Symphonies, no. 2
Symphonies, string orchestra
Te Deum
Three Poems of Paul Goodman: I. For Susan
Three Poems of Paul Goodman: II. Clouds
Three sisters who are not sisters. They say I did not kill them
To A Young Girl (text: W. B. Yeats)
Trios, Fl Vc Kl (1960)
Trios, piano, flute, cello
Tulip tree
Two Poems of Theodore Roethke: I. Orchids
Two Poems of Theodore Roethke: II. I Strolled Across An Open Field
Two Songs: I. Little Elegy (text: Elinor Wylie)
Unquestioned answer
Variations, pianos (2)
Views from the oldest house. Rain over the Quaker graveyard
Violin Concerto: I. Twilight: Free and Spacious - Attacca
Violin Concerto: II. Toccata - Chaconne: Very Fast
Violin Concerto: III. Romance Without Words: Hardly Moving
Violin Concerto: IV. Midnight: Slow
Violin Concerto: V. Toccata - Rondo: Very Fast
Violin Concerto: VI. Dawn: Wistful
Visits to St. Elizabeths
Vocal music. Selections
War scenes. Incident
What if some little pain
What is pink?
Where we came
Whitman cantata. That shadow, my likeness
will always love you (text: Frank O'Hara), I
Women's voices. Birthday
Women's voices. What inn is this
Works. Selections
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
You, the young rainbow
Contributed to or performed: 
Hear America Singing (disc 2: Ned Rorem Choral Works), I
Ned Rorem (The Louisville Orchestra feat. conductor: Jorge Mester conductor: Robert Whitney)
Piano Concerto No. 2
Songs Of Ned Rorem (mezzo-soprano: Susan Graham, piano: Malcom Martineau)
Songs of Ned Rorem (piano: Ned Rorem)
Three Piano Sonatas (feat. piano: Thomas Lanners), The
Winter Pages, Bright Music (Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival)
Oboe may be interchanged with English horn in the first movement