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Stalling, Carl
Stalling, Carl W.
Stallings, Carl
Stawwing, Cawl W.
born 1891-11-10 deceased 1972-11-29
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Projected medium
Related names: 
Blanc, Mel
Carey, John
Clampett, Bob -1984
Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
McCabe, Norman
Schlesinger, John (1926-2003)
Schlesinger, Leon (1884-1949)
Vitaphone Corp
Warner Bros. Pictures (1923-1967)
Warner home video France
Africa squeaks
Assault and peppered
Baby Buggy Bunny
Beep Beep et coyote
bird in a bonnet, A
Bugs and thugs
Bugs Bunny, The
Calling Dr. Porky
Carl Stalling project music from Warner Bros. cartoons, 1936-1958., The
Charlie le coq
chewin' bruin, The
Chicken jitters
Curtain razor
Daffy Duck
Dog collared
eggcited rooster, The
Eight ball Bunny
Elmer Fudd
Falling hare
Feather dusted
film fan, The
Fowl weather
Fresh hare
Hare lift
Holiday for drumsticks
Hyde and go tweet
Injun trouble
Jazz and jive.
Jeepers creepers
Kristopher Kolumbus, Jr.
lapin au frais, Un
lapin fuyant, Un
Little beau Porky
Lone Stranger and Porky, The
looney tunes video show, The
Meet John Doughboy
Merrie melodies
Mother was a rooster
Motion picture music.
Naughty neighbors
Notes to you
Patient Porky
pest that came to dinner, The
Petite peste, Une
Picador Porky
Pied piper Porky
Polar pals
Porky and Gabby
Porky & Daffy
Porky Pig
Porky's ant
Porky's badtime story
Porky's bear facts
Porky's cafe
Porky's duck hunt
Porky's five and ten
Porky's garden
Porky's hero agency
Porky's hired hand
Porky's hotel
Porky's movie mystery
Porky's moving day
Porky's naughty nephew
Porky's party
Porky's pooch
Porky's preview
Porky's romance
Porky's tire trouble
Porky the fireman
Porky the wrestler
Prehistoric Porky
Puss and booty
Puss n' booty
Quitte ou double
réalité dépasse la fiction, La
Red riding hoodwinked
Satan's waitin'
Scalp trouble
sérénade, La
Slick chick
Speedy Gonzalès
spy swatter, The
Timid toreador, The
Titi et Grosminet
Toréador timide, Le
Tortilla flaps
Tout le monde en scène
vieux lapin gris, Un
Wabbit twouble
We, the animals, squeak!
West of the pesos
What makes Daffy Duck
Wholly smoke
wild hare, The