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Margolis, J.
Margolis, Joseph
Margolis, Joseph Z.
Margolis, Joseph Zalman
マーゴリス, ジョーゼフ
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Burian, Richard M.
Canada Council
Cooper, David E. (1942-)
Cooper, David Edward (1942- ))
Cooper, David Edward (1942-)
Farías, Víctor (1940-)
Krausz, Michael (1942-...)
Rockmore, Tom (1942-)
Sartwell, Crispin (1958- ))
Shook, John R. (1966-)
Vijande Martínez, Amalia
Wilkoszewska, Krystyna
安西, 信一 (1960-2014)
Art and philosophy
art of freedom, 1954., The
arts and the definition of the human, The : toward a philosophical anthropology
arts and their philosophies, The
companion to aesthetics, A
companion to pragmatism, A
Contemporary ethical theory; a book of readings
cultural space of the arts and the infelicities of reductionism, The
Culture and cultural entities, c1983:
Culture and cultural entities : toward a new unity of science
Czym, w grucie rzeczy, jest dzieło sztuki? : wykłady z filozofii sztuki
Desarmando el cientificismo : la filosofía norteamericana a finales del siglo XX
Fact and existence, proceedings of the University of Western Ontario philosophy colloquium 1966. Edited by Joseph Margolis
flux of history and the flux of science, The
Heidegger and nazism
Heidegger case, The : on philosophy and politics
Heidegger et le nazisme.
Historied thought, constructed world a conceptual primer for the turn of the millennium
History, historicity and science
Interpretation radical but not unruly : the new puzzle of the arts and history
introduction to philosophical inquiry, An : contemporary and classical sources
introduction to philosophical inquiry, An : contemporary and classicalsources
Introduction to philosophical problems
Kekkyoku no tokoro geijutsu sakuhin towa nanika.
Knowledge and Existence : An Introduction to Philosophical Problems
language of art & art criticism, The : analytic questions in aesthetics
Ličnost' i soznanije : Perspektivy nereduktivnogo materializma
Life without principles ; Reconciling theory a. practice.
Life without principles : reconciling theory and practice
mode of existence of a work of art, The
Moral philosophy after 9/11
Moral philosophy after September 11th
Negativities, the limits of life
Neuerfindung des Pragmatismus, Die
On aesthetics: an unforgiving introduction
persistence of reality, The
Persons and minds : the prospects of nonreductive materialism
philosophical challenge of september 11 ed. by Tom Rockmore, Joseph Margolis and Armen T. Marsoobian, The
Philosophical monographs
Philosophy looks at the arts : contemporany readings in aesthetics
Philosophy looks at the arts : contemporary readings in aesthetics
philosophy of interpretation, The
Philosophy of psychology
Pragmatism ascendent a yard of narrative, a touch of prophecy
Pragmatism's advantage : American and European philosophy at the end of the twentieth century
Pragmatism without foundations : reconciling realism and relativism
Psychology, designing the discipline
Psychotherapy & morality; a study of two concepts
Public economics : an analysis of public production and consumption and their relations to the private sectors : proceedings of a conference held by the International Economic Association
quarrel between invariance and flux, The : a guide for philosophers and other players
quarrel between invariance and flux, The : a guide for philosphers and other players
Rationality, relativism and the human sciences
Reinventing pragmatism : American philosophy at the end of the twentieth century
Science without unity reconciling the human and natural sciences
Selves and other texts : the case for cultural realism
Texts without referents reconciling science and narrative
truth about relativism, 1991:, The
unraveling of scientism, The : american philosophy at the end of the twentieth century
Values and conduct
What, after all, is a work of art? : lectures in the philosophy of art
Worlds of art and the world, The
結局のところ, 芸術作品とは何か.