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Mailman, Martin
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Notated music
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Capital University. Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Fine, Morton (1916-1991)
Fletcher, Richard
Friedkin, David
Sale, Richard (1930-)
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Suddendorf, Richard J. ([from old catalog])
Whitman, Walt (1819-1892)
brevard fanfare for brass, op. 24
Clastics 2 : op. 62 : four movements for euphonium and percussion
clastics 4: music for solo viola, op. 79
clastics: formations for solo cello, op. 61
[Clastics Nr. 2]. -
colleagues remembered for chorus, op. 94
commencement march for band, op. 14
concertino for clarinet and band, op. 83
concertino for trumpet & band, op. 31
Concerto for violin and orchestra (variations), op. 68
concerto for wind orchestra (variations), op. 89
dance in two moods for orchestra, op. 2
decorations (music for a celebration) for band, op. 54
elegy for orchestra, op. 6
elegy for string orchestra, op. 74
four divisions for percussion ensemble, op. 40
Four divisions op. 60, for percussion ensemble
four songs for soprano & piano, op. 28
Four variations in search of a theme
From the Leaves of grass for band, chorus, and speaker, op. 30
Gateway City overture
Gemetrics, no. 1 [Sound recording] [from old catalog]
generations 2 for 3 string orchestras & percussion, op. 47
Generations-- 2 for three string orchestras and percussion, opus no. 47
generations 3: messengers, op. 59
genesis resurrected for narrator, chorus & orchestra, op. 20
geometrics 5 for band, op. 58
geometrics in sound (geometrics no. 2) for band, op. 29
geometrics no. 1 for band, op. 22
geometrics no. 3 for band, op. 37
geometrics no. 4 for band, op. 43
holy, holy, holy for chorus & organ, op. 8
in memoriam frankie newton for lab band, op. 50
in memoriam silvio scionti, op. 55
jewel in the crown (a ceremonial march) for band, op. 78, the
[Konzerte, Vl Orch op. 68]. - c
leaves of grass for narrator, chorus & band, op. 30, #2
let us now praise famous men, op. 56
liturgical music for band, op. 33
love letters from margaret for soprano & orchestra, op. 85
mirror music for orchestra, op. 77
mirrors: a multimedia theater piece, op. 76
moby dick: music for the play, op. 35
nocturne for trumpet choir, op. 72
Notes, June 2001:
Overture for band
partita for band, op. 10
partita for string orchestra, op. 17
Partita no. 4 for nine players opus no. 42
petite partita for piano, op. 21
prelude and fugue no. 1 for orchestra, op. 13
Prelude and fugue no. 2
promenade for brass & percussion, op. 3
requiem, requiem for chorus, orchestra & soloists, op. 51
Requiem, requiem opus no. 51
rise and fall: a choral fable, op. 41, the
rise and fall a choral fable, opus no. 41, The
secular litanies for band, op. 90
Shakespearean serenade for chorus and four instruments, opus 44
shouts, hymns, and praises for band, op. 52
sinfonietta for orchestra, op. 34
Sinfonietta opus no. 34
six brief obituaries for piano, op. 81
soft sounds for a wordless night, op. 64
string quartet in one movement, op. 26
suite in three movements for orchestra, op. 23
surfaces for woodwind quintet, op. 86
symphony no. 1 for orchestra, op. 46
symphony no. 2 for orchestra, op. 63
symphony no. 3 (fantasies) for orchestra, op. 70
theme music for concepts, op. 38
this fragile day for chorus, op. 88
three choral praises, op. 84
to everything there is a season for chorus alone, op. 32
toward the second century for band/opt. strings, op. 82
trio for violin, cello, and piano, op. 73
two fanfares for brass choir, op. 92
two fanfares for brass, op. 49
Variations in search of a theme
variations on a short theme for piano, op. 39
vocalise for solo soprano (or solo tenor voice or alto saxophone) & piano, op. 99
Vocalise voice (alto saxophone) and piano
Vokalisen op. 99
west wind for soprano & piano, op. 7
whaleman’s chapel from moby dick, op. 41a, the
wind across the nations, op. 57